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Hermes Russia (Hermes Russia) is part of the largest delivery network in Europe - Hermes Europe, which has about 40,000 representative offices in Germany, Spain, the UK, Austria, Belgium, France. The company was founded in 1972. The headquarters is in Hamburg.

The logistics operator Hermes came to Russia in 2009 and has since expanded its geography in our country and introduced new services. The main focus is cooperation with representatives of electronic commerce. It offers online stores and their customers a range of services for the delivery of parcels, returns and payments. It works both with large distance trading companies and with small online stores. There are more than 1600 distribution points in Russia in 264 cities of the Russian Federation.

The main advantages for the end user:

  • a large number of distribution points located near residential buildings, shops, public transport stops;
  • daily delivery of goods, distribution points work, including on weekends;
  • lack of queues;
  • timely system of SMS notification of the recipient of the arrival of the parcel;
  • electronic tracking on the official website;
  • a competent and friendly support service that is ready to answer any questions around the clock.

Track your orders on the official website of Hermes Russia or using the universal tracker of packages, letters, cargo from any senders.

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