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With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.
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RF5********SG delivered in 41 days

Hi my name is prakash... My package was cleared at Chennai forgien post office and sent it to Mumbai customs it took lot of days ..it showed retained by customs for unspecified reason for some days and I was worried but thk god it cleared .once it cleared from customs and sent to Mumbai forgien post office and dispatched for there it took two days to reach me..... But patience is the key..... Thank you packagerader for updating the package

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RU2********NL delivered in 27 days

India Post is far more efficient than PostNL. PostNL has a bunch of lethargic people in it. Please don't use services of PostNL.

, posted by

RT4********HK delivered in 17 days

I have received my package. Thank you Package Radar for this awesome app to track the item from node to node.

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RU1********NL not delivered in 48 days

i have order drone from fron china. ..it is transit for 48 days still not yet delivered....my percel is stuck in kolkata custom office....i don't know what to do pleas help me.......my tracking number is RU182094968NL

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RY6********CN delivered in 63 days

almost ali xpreess seller order list not read carefully buyer wait for your order delivery & after 1, 2, or 3 month delivery & disappointed short parts delivered

, posted by

EW7********IN delivered in 17 days

Package was delivered in exactly a fortnight. Unfortunately the addressee was not home so he collected it from his post office 3 days later. India Post's website updated tracking status periodically, but the website was frequently unresponsive to tracking requests. PackageRadar sent instant updates once available and accessible via email.

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RB4********SG delivered in 52 days

Took awfully-long by Singapore post to get it received from 4PX & getting it delivered to destination country post.

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RY5********CN delivered in 55 days

Took too very long to deliver. Poor service China Post, took more than 1 month to dispatch the shipment outside the country from Beijing.

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RG6********CN delivered in 27 days

Shipment delivery status updated as delivered already, however, shipment not delivered yet. After making phone calls to the post office & talking directly with parcel department, it was found undelivered & finally got delivered. Be careful when you have to deal with IndiaPost, especially for "ChinaPost parcels".

, posted by

RS9********NL delivered in 30 days

Package was delivered on time, kudos to package radar for the useful tracking albeit the final delivery notification did take around 36 hours to come in, but it does give you some knowledge of where your package should be.

, posted by

EN7********IN not delivered in 50 days

50 days and still waiting for my package, this crazy system it's crazy company I called they have no idea were this package went. ENI*********IN

, posted by

RS5********CN delivered in 28 days

Package delivered. (Make sure to write your closest post office area name in address for faster delivery, or they'll keep sending to closer post offices)

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RF5********CN not delivered in 78 days

I don't know the problems I have not receive my parcel an I went to the knowledge Park delivery office more than 6times they always tell me that they have not receive an they are unable to help me

, posted by

RJ9********CN not delivered in 59 days

I ordered the item through Amazon India on 16 January 2017. Since it was international mail it was said that expecting date of delivery is 1 March 2017. It has not been delivered to me on that date. I waited for more days, than lodged complaint in Amazon.in. They did refund for this item. On my question: where is my order? They said that it is still hold by Customs Office of India Post. I tracked my package through India Post website and through PackageRadar, it says clearly that it was delivered to my local post office, but delivery didnt proceed to the end. Looks like it was stuck in the office and then sent back to the previous office from it had been dispatched. Sad story. What have they done with my embroidery kit which i had been expected?

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RB4********RU not delivered in 35 days

I didn't receive my parcel within 33 days they told me need only 3 days to deliver the parcel, I think Russia post & India post both are totally fake & lazy workers, my tracking no is RB483194775RU

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RQ0********MY not delivered in 80 days

didn't receive any call for my order delivery. And now i got update that delivery attempted but failed and my order exported from the departure country. I was waiting for my order from november 2015. I will be the most horrible experience for me.

, posted by

CM0********IN delivered in 25 days

The package was delivered in appropriate condition. The only issue was that it needed to be picked up from the destination post office as they did not deliver to the address.

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RB1********SG delivered in 24 days

Singapore post took longer than I had expected, but it finally got here. It was thanks to good tracking information that I could pick it up from the post office after it showed "delivery attempt failed" and was planned to be returned to sender address by post office.

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