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RN0********JP not delivered in 9 days

This is the second time I'm using Japan post because I needed to. Both the experiences have been horrible and not once have the package been delivered. My money has been wasted, not only of the post but the things inside the courier. Try to avoid it if you're in India.

, posted by

RB6********SG delivered in 10 days

Quickly delivery and updates are usually available after 3 days of dispatch and did take a couple of days @ Indian Customs and I am given to understand that this is normal.

, posted by

CK0********IN delivered in 40 days

Many thanks for package radar for delivering our parcel, as the parcel was hanging in mumbai for 15 days without any further information.

, posted by

RU3********NL delivered in 61 days

WOWM cheated me not send my mobile only one small cover in that one ear phone which no use for me. Kindly refund my amount immediately, it seems fake web site looting customer I request other people be careful not to order anything from WOWM.

, posted by

RY4********CN delivered in 41 days

The package was delivered on normal speed from aliexpress. The packaging was satisfactory, there was a chance item could have been broken. A bit more responsibility in packing services is needed other than that the shipping and delivery was quite normal.

, posted by

CL0********JP delivered in 56 days

Seamail was supposed to take 2 to 3 months according to Japan Post. Received it earlier. There was an expected lull after dispatch from outward office of exchange. It was a pleasant surprise to receive notification that my package not only had landed in India, but arrived at my city's Foreign Post Office in 52 days!

, posted by

RF5********SG delivered in 41 days

Hi my name is prakash... My package was cleared at Chennai forgien post office and sent it to Mumbai customs it took lot of days ..it showed retained by customs for unspecified reason for some days and I was worried but thk god it cleared .once it cleared from customs and sent to Mumbai forgien post office and dispatched for there it took two days to reach me..... But patience is the key..... Thank you packagerader for updating the package

, posted by

RU2********NL delivered in 27 days

India Post is far more efficient than PostNL. PostNL has a bunch of lethargic people in it. Please don't use services of PostNL.

, posted by

RT4********HK delivered in 17 days

I have received my package. Thank you Package Radar for this awesome app to track the item from node to node.

, posted by

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