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With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.
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SYB********65 not delivered in 30 days

My package only made it 'so far...' at this point, this particular delivery servive states that it can no longer 'track' past this point (United States). My problem is...what is the point in having a 'tracking' capability, if the package can NOT be tracked from beginning to end?! I now have to just WAIT & HOPE that I get my package at all...

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SYB********22 delivered in 51 days


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SYB********99 delivered in 32 days

C'est un des plus long envoi(32 jours) Vraiment très mauvais transporteur ---------------------- This is one of the longest postings(32 days) Really very bad carrier

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GEG********69 delivered in 46 days

Finally received package. It took 46 days, I might think twice before choosing free shipping! You get what you pay for. I'm just glad it's here. The time it took doesn't bother me, just the uncertainty of will it arrive at all. If I had to do it over I would get tracking in addition to insurance.

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SYB********22 not delivered in 70 days

To this day 03/20/2017 I still have not received my product I am waiting for more than 70 days and it has not yet been delivered I was in contact with the seller and everything he said was to wait for the deadline of 7 days plus If it does not arrive and for me to enter I find it with Dinovo I do not even know where my product is since the code that the seller gave me can not trace with the app of the post here of Brazil até o dia de hoje 20/03/2017 eu ainda não recebi o meu produto eu estou aguardand a mais de 70 dias e ainda não foi entregue entrei encontato com o vendedor e tudo que ele disse foi pra aguardar o prazo de mai 7 dias e se caso não chegue e pra eu entrar encontato com ele dinovo eu não sei nem por onde anda o meu produto já que o codigo que o vendedor me passou não dá pra rastrear com o app dos correios aqui do brasil

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SYB********30 delivered in 16 days

Fast delivery considering my package was first sent from China to Malaysia and then to Central Europe.

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SYB********95 not delivered in 138 days

Not deliverd. No information about this package. And it's not possible to get any information. The package was shipped from China to the Netherlands and when it arrived at NLAMSA it disapeared. I've called, written, emailde and textiel but nobody could tell me where it was or wat happend. Best regards, HM

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