Status of delivery service handlers

PackageRadar team is aspiring to highest quality and maximum transparency of package tracking.
That is why we publish reports on statuses of our delivery service handlers. We conduct monitoring and evaluation of the systems, that's why we can immediatly react to any problem situations!

Russian Post Works
China Post Works
Aliexpress Standard Shipping Works
China Post Small Packet Plus Works
YANWEN international express Works
China EMS ePacket Works
Cainiao (безтрек) Works
SF Express Works
Posti Finland Post Works
Singapore Post Works
SDEK Logistics Solutions Works
Belarus Post Works
Ukraine Post Works
KazPost Works
Yun Express Works
Нова Пошта (международные) Works
Estonia Post Works
Почта Монголии Works
Sweden Post Works
USPS Works
Почта Малайзии (безтрек) Works
Deutsche Post Works
4PX Express Works
PostNL Works
Eshun Works
SPSR Express Works
SunYou Works
Почта Турции Works
Enterprise des Poste Lao (безтрек) Works
DHL Global Mail Works
007EX Works
Flyt Express Works
IML Works
Meest Express Works
Pony Express Works
Winit Works
Hong Kong Post Works
ETS Express Works
Почта Лаоса Works
J-NET Works
Correos Spain Works
Israel Post Works
Почта России - наложенный платеж Works
PEK Works
DelLin Works
Malaysia Post Works
ТК Энергия Works
Royal Mail Works
Direct Link Works
Japan Post Works
Boxberry Works
Shiptor Works
Poste Italiane Works
PTT Posta Works
India Post Works
DPD Russia Works
Uzbekiston Post Works
Korea Post Works
Sky56 Works
UPS Works
DHL Express Works
OTX Logistics Works
Thailand Post Works
Почта Азербайджана Works
Latvijas Pasts Works
Poczta Polska Works
Swiss Post Works
Chukou1 Logistics Works
Belgium Post Works
Wish Post Works
Почта Бразилии Works
Vietnam Post Works
Новая Почта Works
Lietuvos paštas Works
ТК КИТ Works
Ruston Works
SFC Send From China Works
FedEx Works
Parcel Force Works
Czech Post Works
Почта Армении Works
TNT Works
Почта Франции La Poste Works
TEA Post Works
Заказы ASOS Works
Omniva WorkTrace Works
bPost China Works
Greece Post Works
Почта Франции Colissimo Works
JelDor Expedizia Works
France Post Works
Israel EMS Works
Почта Португалии Works
Bulgarian Post Works
Austrian Post Works
BAB Works
Canada Post Works
JSH Works
139express Works
CNE Express Works
Australia Post Works
Taiwan Post Works
EWS Works
Landmark Global Works
Pitney Bowes Works
UPS i-parcel Works
Ali Business Logistics Works
Magyar Posta Works
KWT56 Works
Почта Индонезии Works
Qwintry Logistics Works
wnDirect Works
Galaxy Ex Works
UTEC Works
Почта Молдавии Works
Asendia USA Works
CJAH Works
Southern China Express Works
Почта ОАЭ Works
Taiwan EMS Works
TrakPak Works
DHT Works
Почта Словении Works
Cross-Border Works
Rosan Express Works
ZDL Works
Почта Ирландии Works
Yodel Works
BONA Works
Почта Черногории Works
Anjun Works
Почта Грузии Works
Почта Вануату Works
Почта Чили Works
YJI Works
Почта Морокко Works
Почта Словакии Works
Почта Сербии Works
Почта Пакистана Works
BEL Problem
WeDo Express Works
Почта Кипра Works
Почта Румынии Works
Access Worldwide Works
OCourier Works
Philippine Post Works
EQuick Works
EspeedPost Works
EMPS Express Works
WHT Express Works
118 Карго Works
Taiwan Post (Parcel) Works
Почта Шри-Ланки Works
One World Express Works
Air Cargo Works
Почта Сейшелов Works
Почта Сингапура (безтрек) Works
Sai Cheng Logistics Works
ESTAR56 Works
TaipeiForever Works
Asia Africa Sky Express Temporary problem
Почта Колумбии Works
WSGD Logistics Works
Почта Ливана Works
XFL Express Works
RuEXP Works
Glavdostavka Works
EKT RuCdek Works
GPS Express Works
Post Suda Works
Cacesa Postal Works
GLS Works
HH-EXP Express Service Company Works
JY-Express Works
Maochong International logistics Works
RF Express Rueyu Works
ZHY Express Works

Stability — percent of successful tests within the last 24 hours.
Usually decrease of this value means that delivery service is not available but it also might indicate any mulfunctions in our service. We react to all problems and immediatly solve them, in case something went wrong with our service.