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Reviews about 4PX Express

P00********99 not delivered in 103 days

Llevo esperando mi pedido tres meses,escribo correos y no tengo respuesta ninguna,me parece vergonzoso,quiero una solución ya.

, posted by

P00********13 not delivered in 84 days

The item was shipped for me vide tracking No P000025353313 in November,2017. The item not yet received after elapse of more than 75 days

, posted by

P00********61 not delivered in 86 days

Now a days it has become routine as to ship articles through cheap courier post service. The sellers the web stores are very little bothered about our money and inconvenience caused to buyers. And 4px is one of them. Do not leave any status update for more than 60 days. No body knows where is the parcel how it is lost. And in noway you can contact them. They don't reply mails and talking to them on international phone calls will just add up to your loss further. Be wise.

, posted by

P00********48 delivered in 44 days

Package was severely damaged, crushed and even inner packaging for product was heavily damaged, product was not and works.

, posted by

P00********89 not delivered in 131 days

Hi my package never arrive to my address .and i have no international track number to track it from my country . please do me a favor

, posted by

M10********52 not delivered in 71 days

Hey my name is Abigail, and I haven't received my package it's been over more then 2 months and still haven't got it. The last update was Jan 29 2017 saying it was imported in country. I ordered the item from amazon on December 22 of 2016 and I have email the seller on amazon many times saying I never received my package please let me know if it's still on its way. Ive paid for it and not happy that my package is taking this long to get delivered thank you.

, posted by

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