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UF1********SG not delivered in 88 days

After 3 months I can not find where is my package , when I track it , the last status update is from 07 April and now is already July . Unbelievable!

, posted by

302*******11 delivered in 2 days

Was very helpful when ask wear my parcel was they kept me up to date with everything first time using and couldn’t be happier. Can in brilliant condition considering it had been two two airports two planes and from the other side of the country. Thank will definitely be using again...

, posted by

302*******55 delivered in 35 days

I understand package was shipped by vendor on April 15, and I received it on May 20. Considering the package was shipped from China to an address in Ohio USA, I feel timeframe was good considering delays due to an increase in the shipping/mail industry. Extreme care was taken by 4PX Express and USPS in handling this package. No damage whatsoever to the outside of the package, and contents were in excellent condition. Outstanding service provided by shipping providers.

, posted by

302*******99 not delivered in 116 days

I ordered this before Christmas and still haven’t receive it. I have, not long managed to, find that it was delivered to the UK 11/12/19.

, posted by

431*******51 not delivered in 78 days

I order my package November 30,2019 and here I am still waiting how much longer does it take ? Today is February 18,2020 and I haven’t received a message an update nothing what is going on! Can On my way! refund me my money! I know it doesn’t take 78 days to go around the world,what do you ship in Paddleboats let get a move and give me some kind of information

, posted by

302*******03 delivered in 11 days

It was a surprising track for my package but i been kept updated about the parcel constantly which is a very good thing. I was expecting to appear next month but came lots earlier again thanks for the 4PX courier. I dont know how is the product inside the package because im abroad for 2 weeks but i received infos as the package is in a good condition so i dont expect the item to be damaged. It was a exciting experience... Thank you 4PX Express

, posted by

302*******42 delivered in 32 days

I’m completely disappointed with the service. I was home all day and no one knocked with the parcel. It was found outside in a flower bed in the rain. Im really angry because of how much it has cost me and it is dumped outside and not delivered. It was raining and everything was soaked through. I was expecting the delivery to need a signature. I don’t expect an electrical product to work for very long after being wet😡

, posted by

411*******36 delivered in 30 days

The package has been received in good condition and according to the product description. PACKAGERADAR is very helpful in tracking product shipments. Website recommended product tracking, thank you

, posted by

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