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Reviews about 4PX Express

UF1********SG not delivered in 86 days

Stil waiting to delivered my item. UF178989863SG Address to delivered. 5 park manor dr Daly city california 94015

, posted by

411*******46 not delivered in 74 days

tengo 74 dias esperando mi pauqte y nada que llega con la siguiente guia LF047758629SG, se estanco, y solo aparece esto Despatched to overseas (Country code: GB)

, posted by

LF0********SG not delivered in 78 days

Never order from Wish. They take your money instantly but you don’t get your product until 3-6 months later. I ordered air pods back in the beginning of April 2020, it is now mid July 2020 and I still don’t have them. I’m tracking the package and it states headed for JFK international since May. Really your company is the worst.

, posted by

UF1********SG not delivered in 100 days

I never received my package at all the vendor finally refunded me after 2 months the was my only and now my last alli express order,I'll stick with ebay

, posted by

UF1********SG not delivered in 88 days

After 3 months I can not find where is my package , when I track it , the last status update is from 07 April and now is already July . Unbelievable!

, posted by

302*******11 delivered in 2 days

Was very helpful when ask wear my parcel was they kept me up to date with everything first time using and couldn’t be happier. Can in brilliant condition considering it had been two two airports two planes and from the other side of the country. Thank will definitely be using again...

, posted by

302*******55 delivered in 35 days

I understand package was shipped by vendor on April 15, and I received it on May 20. Considering the package was shipped from China to an address in Ohio USA, I feel timeframe was good considering delays due to an increase in the shipping/mail industry. Extreme care was taken by 4PX Express and USPS in handling this package. No damage whatsoever to the outside of the package, and contents were in excellent condition. Outstanding service provided by shipping providers.

, posted by

302*******99 not delivered in 116 days

I ordered this before Christmas and still haven’t receive it. I have, not long managed to, find that it was delivered to the UK 11/12/19.

, posted by

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