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APC Postal Logistics was founded in 2001. The head office is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA. It is a leading consolidator and distributor of international parcels and correspondence, provides a full range of delivery and mailing services. It offers a range of solutions for mass mailings and e-commerce customers. The company provides cross-border transportation and postal services at competitive prices in more than 200 countries.

Features of APC Postal Logistics:

  • convenient location near JFK, ORD and LAX International airports,
  • leading positions in the delivery market,
  • possesses a TSA certificate.

Key strategic partners APC Postal Logistics founded:

  1. U-PIC;
  2. USPS;
  3. Epicomm.

The logistics company APC Postal Logistics cooperates with local delivery services that operate in the domestic and foreign transportation market. You can track the movement of parcels and goods sent using APC Postal Logistics on their official website, we also suggest you use our universal package tracker. You can track any shipments using our mobile application or directly on the site GdePosylka.

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With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.