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Australia Post Global Tracking

The largest postal service in the nation, Australia Post, is fully owned by the government and offers a wide range of delivery options, allowing you to pick the one that best meets your transaction or shipment needs. When exporting internationally, you have four alternative delivery choices with a variety of factors to take into account.

These are what they are:

Economy - Use this option when the cost isn't a concern and the package's contents are low value, such as non-urgent letters and documents. If you're sending a parcel, it must weigh 2kg or less to be eligible for this method of delivery. You'll need to fill out a CN22 or CN23 customs form; you can download them online. Prices for letters and documents start at $2.50, while those for parcels start at $8.90.

International Standard Delivery is the most cost-effective option available. It is for non-urgent packages and is trackable, and it allows you to send up to a 20 kg package. You must fill out a CN23 customs form before using this method; you can download it from the Australia Post website at Prices for this start at $15.20 without any add-ons like a Signature on Delivery or Registered Mail.

One of the first tiers of "priority delivery," international express includes tracking and additional capabilities. This is ideal for sending urgent letters, parcels, and papers, and it costs as little as $28.50 for letters and documents and $30.20 for parcels. You may send up to 20kg of goods and 500g of letters and documents with this service.

International Courier - This is the quickest method of delivery and typically takes 2 business days. However, because it is the most expensive method of package delivery, it is only offered at a few retail locations. You must complete the "International Courier Declaration" and "Courier airway bill" forms to utilize this service, which has a starting fee of $90.20 and may ship packages up to 20 kg and letters up to 500 g in weight.

With all of these options, you can use the Australia Post tracking service, but keep in mind that this service might not give you the most recent information on the whereabouts of your packages. For instance, if your international package is going from Australia to Canada, it will eventually arrive in Canada; however, tracking the package from that point on may be challenging because it may change hands several times. You can keep track of every step using PackageRadar's free, easy-to-use worldwide tracking system, and you'll know precisely which courier is handling your cargo.

What alternatives do I have for packing with Australia Post?

You have a wide selection of alternatives for how to package your packages, including padded mailer envelopes, parcel boxes, tubes, and bubble wrap. Here is a list of the six package types that may be supplied, both inside Australia and internationally:

A parcel box is ideal for sending several items or an oddly shaped thing since it is lightweight, strong, and easy to put together. These products range from a tiny box at $2 to what is known as a BX20, which costs $6.95 a box. You may buy them in bulk or separately.

A PM0 costs $1.10, and the biggest padded mailer costs $2. Padded Mailers are the greatest packaging choice if you need to keep anything especially protected because they include bubble padding on the interior of the item and are entirely water-resistant.

Recycled Padded Bags - These are versatile alternatives that combine excellent protection and stiffness with comfort. The cushioned bag is entirely recyclable, making this choice the greenest for transporting packages containing papers, certifications, and/or images. Large will run you $2.60 and Small $1.70.

Tough Bags - A tough bag is the most affordable way to deliver your package and is perfect for transporting non-fragile materials. Priced at $1.25 for the TB1 Tough Bag and $2.15 for the Extra-Large Tough Bag.

Mailers are used for critical papers, whereas wine boxes are self-explanatory delivery packing. Tubes are typically used for conveying significant plans or artwork. A rigid mailer costs $1.40, a TU1 Mailing tube starts at $2.70, and a wine box costs $3.85.

Gift Bags & Boxes - If you're sending a gift but don't want to deal with the inconvenience of wrapping it yourself, this packaging choice is ideal. Medium-padded gift bags start at $3.80, while a big gift box costs $5.

You may purchase items like bubble wrap and satchel liners on the website. You may utilize your tracking numbers (up to 10) at PackageRadar's free, specialized parcel tracker where you will receive updates along the route for all shipping choices and packing.

How can I track Australia Post worldwide?

You can find your tracking numbers on items you have purchased online that use a courier for delivery or when you take an item to the post office and send it from there, they will provide you with a tracking number on your receipt or confirmation. You can track Australia Post globally via our free-to-use PackageRadar global tracking system, which you can find at Follow the onscreen instructions and you will be able to track up to 10 different tracking numbers. You may be confident that PackageRadar will take care of your courier-related needs if you have merchandise because we work with over 1200 different couriers.