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Australia Post track packages by tracking number

With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.

Australia Post Tracking

Entering your tracking number into the search box at the top of the website and clicking "Monitor Package" will allow you to track international mail in Australia.

Australian Postal Tracking

Simply input the consignment number or barcode number in the online tracking tool to start tracking your products.

What is the location of my tracking number?

Depending on the provider used to deliver your item and how it was mailed, you may be able to locate your tracking number, also known as an article ID.

For senders: Your tracking number, or article ID, may often be found on the issued receipt if your item was posted over the counter at a post office.Your tracking number may be found on the barcode of your item or the detachable sticker if it was shipped using one of our monitored services, such as prepaid satchels.

For recipients: If you're anticipating delivery of an item and the sender has provided us with your email address, Aussie Post will contact you as part of their free Track Advice service to provide you with your tracking number and the status of your item.The sender may have provided the tracking number, or article ID, on your order confirmation or invoice if you ordered the item online.

What does "product not trackable" or "item cannot be monitored" imply when tracking my item?

For things shipped via one of Aussie Post's overseas services without tracking as a normal feature, the tracking status "product not trackable" or the statement "Unfortunately, this item can't be monitored" may be shown.

These consist of:

International Economy Registered Post (Air and Sea)For these goods, no track events will be displayed. When the item is delivered, a signature will be required if it was sent using Registered Post International.

For additional information on which domestic and international services are trackable, please visit our tracking service.

Does Aussie Post tracking indicate that the track ID number is invalid?

The status of "invalid tracking ID" might indicate that you've entered the wrong number; please check it again; the number isn't being recognized by our system; please wait 24 hours, or the item you're monitoring is more than two months old; all of which need you to try again.

International Standard shipping from Australia with tracking is best for trackable, non-urgent packages and includes email alerts.

Tracking of AU standard delivery

With our service, you can easily monitor anything shipped from eBay to Australia using the tracking codes that look like XVQ0008851 and 33FJV575245201000930302.

Tracking for AU International lEconomy Shipping

Delivery method used by eBay to deliver packages to Australia is called AU Intl Economy Shipping from GC tracking. Our service makes it simple to monitor packages using tracking numbers that look like LVS2016933306512837N1.

Tracking for AU International Economy Tracked No Signature

A shipping method from eBay to Australia called AU Intl Economy Monitored No Signature monitoring is completely tracked and doesn't call for a signature upon arrival.

How do I track my international package?

Enter your tracking number and click Monitor Package to track any domestic or foreign package in Australia.

What does "potential delay" imply when tracking my goods mean?

The item has been deposited into the Aussie Post network and has been delivered to Aussie Post, but there is a chance of a delay due to one of the following factors.

The distribution or transportation network has been interfered with.

  • Something like a flood or a traffic accident might be the cause of this.

  • The "to" or "from" address is beyond the specified network of the product. For instance, things being transported as quickly as possible to or from a place outside the Express Post network. They'll only take a little bit longer if they're shipped using Express Post.

  • The sender has not signed the dangerous goods declaration to attest that the package does not contain hazardous items and can be transported safely.

  • The sender may have overestimated the item's weight or size, necessitating the payment of additional postage.

  • Customs or quarantine officials may need to conduct further inspections of the contents of overseas merchandise.

  • The item has not been correctly filed. Suppose, for instance, that a red street postal box receives an Express Post package.

If you see this tracking status, try monitoring your item once more in a day or so, or get in touch with the sender for further information.

What does "processing" in a tracking package mean?

The tracking status "processing" indicates that Australia Mail has accepted the shipment details that the sender submitted into the system online, but that the item has not yet been scanned.

What does "product not trackable" or "item cannot be monitored" imply when tracking my item?

For things that don't have tracking as a normal feature, the tracking status "product not trackable" or the phrase "unfortunately, this item can't be tracked" may be displayed.

These include International Economy; Registered Post; and (Air and Sea). For these goods, no track events will be displayed. When the item is delivered, a signature will be required if it was sent using Registered Post International.

What does "in transit" mean when monitoring my package?

When your item has the tracking status "in transit," it is currently being delivered. It has been sent, processed by delivery operator, and is currently traveling to its recipient.

The tracking phrase you should see after "in transit" is either "delivered" or "awaiting pickup."

What does "processing" imply while tracking my item mean?

Australia Mail has received and authorized the shipment information that the sender put into their online system, according to the tracking status "processing," but they haven't yet scanned the item.

Australia Post monitoring program

You can use PackageRadar tracking app, which is linked with over 300 postal and express nations worldwide and enables you to track any shipment smoothly.

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