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Azerpost is a national Azerbaijani postal service and a member of Universal Postal Union. The main services are transit of domestic and international shipments, bank and financial services, subscriptions, issue of stamps.

Along with other transport and logistic companies, Azerpost works worldwide with national and international online-market representatives, offering different kinds of shipping methods from economy to express. So there should be no surprise if you ordered something from Gearbest and your package is delivered by Azerpost.

Delivery time is usually no more than 30 days but sometimes it can take longer. Most customers are happy with service and delivery speed and Azerpost is working towards increasing quality and reliability of mail delivery.

To track your package sent via Azerpost you can use our PackageRadar website. You will be automatically notified when your packet changes its location.

Azerbaijan post track packages by tracking number

With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.

Azerbaijan Post Tracking

Azerbaijan is a nation that is situated between the European and Asian continents. In comparison to many of its neighbors, this nation has a long history and has progressed significantly throughout the years, continuing to rank among the most developed nations. Azerpost, the nation's postal service provider, is one of the elements that have helped it develop into what it is today. The organization in charge of overseeing all aspects of the postal system in Azerbaijan is called Azerpost. It allows for the tracking of any kind of parcel, anywhere in the globe, via Azerbaijan Post.

About Azerpost

The Azerbaijani postal system dates back to the Safavid dynasty's era in the 16th century when communication services first emerged. Subsequently, the first post office could be established in Ganja thanks to the development of new media and communication tools in the 19th century.

The need for postal services grew as the nation's economy and culture evolved. To cover the majority of the nation, new postal networks and offices had to be set up. Demand kept rising by 1940, and until the Soviet Union fell apart at the turn of the 20th century when Azerbaijan gained independence and postal services started a new phase of growth.

It was challenging for the country to resume providing the same quality of service it had been providing as an independent republic, but in 1997, the postal service was split from the telecommunications department and started working as an independent agency. The National Postal Service Regulations, which governed the procedures for rendering postal services, were approved in 2002.

Azerpost has been in charge of running the nation's entire postal system ever since. Its network extends over the whole country, offering various postal and banking services to the entire Azerbaijani populace. It has offices with cutting-edge technology and highly qualified staff ready to ensure the dependability and quality of each of its services.

How can I track a shipment coming from Azerbaijan?

The ideal tool for the business to know the actual position or status of every parcel shipped via the organization is Azerpost tracking. On their website, you can locate the tracking part, where it is quite apparent where to enter the package's tracking number to display the related information.

All Azerpost AZ tracking numbers adhere to UPU guidelines and are easily distinguished by the letters "AZ" at the end, which designates the nation. The remaining letters in the tracking number are made up of distinct symbols that enable each shipment to be recognized as unique and recorded in the database.

If you need to monitor an Azerpost Express shipment, you can do so by immediately entering the number written beneath the mandatory barcode found on all parcels and tickets distributed by any post office.

Does Azerpost offer international shipping?

Azerpost shipments have been delivered internationally to several nations thanks to the company's more than 200 years of operation and history. Azerpost may send packages, letters, and postcards to more than 180 nations after joining the Universal Postal Union and other international postal organizations.

We cordially encourage you to visit the company's official website to view the extensive list of all the nations it ships to. You will also there find any relevant information.

How quickly does Azerpost mail packages?

Azerpost shipping, like the majority of universal postal providers, allows for variable delivery timeframes based on the end destination. Nonetheless, it is the company's responsibility to divide the world into zones and determine the typical delivery timeframes for each continent or zone:

  • The majority of shipments that are delivered to Europe and Asia can arrive at their destination in 4–7 business days.

  • Africa and Oceania need 7 to 14 working days to receive shipments.

  • Sending packages to the Americas may need 20 days or longer.

The kind of service, the item's size, and its weight all affect how quickly Azerpost can deliver a product. We urge you to contact us if you'd want additional information regarding delivery schedules for particular nations.

Is Azerpost costly?

Azerpost rates for each of them will vary depending on the kind of service, weight, size, and destination, in addition to the delivery periods. We have created a list according to each postal service to determine typical rates between the many types of service and the nations to which they are sent:

  • Nationwide postal rates for letters and telegrams are 0.20 AZN ($0.12), while international rates are 2.24 AZN ($1.32).

  • International: 4.10 AZN ($2.41); National: 1.20 AZN ($0.71) for EMS.

  • From 2.05 AZN ($1.21) to 20.29 AZN ($12.00), in parcels.

All pricing might change depending on the location and weight, as was already indicated. Azerpost is one of the organizations that maintain the lowest pricing for postal services when compared to other global postal providers. Check it out for yourself by downloading the table on their website and then comparing rates.

How do I get a hold of Azerpost?

Visit the postal service's official website at to learn more about the organization as a whole, its offerings, services, and goods. This website provides a user-friendly layout and comprehensive information on everything the business offers.

You can get in touch with Azerpost via phone, email, or using the form on the same official website if you have a more in-depth or specialized question. Their primary phone number, which connects directly to their call center, is 169. You can send faxes at (012) 493-00-37 if you'd want to.

If you choose to travel to the main office, you can find it in Baku City, Uzeyir Hajibeyli, 72, AZ1000. You may also opt to establish more direct contact and visit some of the offices that are situated in different parts of the nation. The company's employees would be happy to take care of any needs, claims, or suggestions you may have.