Track and trace BAB BAB Tracking Package  

BAB is a shipping method that you can sometimes come across on Aliexpress. We are used seeing some exotic delivery services that specializes on deliveries from Chinese online store. BAB is one of those.

Customer reviews are mostly positive that tells a lot about the good quality of service. Delivery times are no longer than 30 days. The subpartners in Russia are such courier services with good reputation as SDEK and Pony Express. When the package has arrived a courier will contact you and arrange delivery time and date. But be careful - keep an eye on delivery times. If the time is running out you need to open a dispute with the seller and get your money back.

All cargo, packages and correspondence, shipped by BAB and other services can be tracked on our website. You will have status updates for your packages in your account. Also we send package status updates to your email, Telegram, and via Chrome plug-in. Check it out!

BAB track packages by tracking number

With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.