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Belarus Post is a transport company that guarantees fast, secure and affordable delivery. The main period of Belarus post started in 1995. That’s when they started developing and introducing new technologies and services. Today Belpochta includes more than 4000 postal offices and 11800 employees to monitor and handle packages, packets and documents. Postal network is rather wide and Belarus Post monitors every bit to make sure everything works flawlessly. Interesting fact: there’s over 1300 vehicles working on the transport roots of Belarus Post.

The main focus of Belarus post is on delivery and tracking of packages in agricultural towns. Currently there’s a services of money transfers with fast data exchange. There’s also Internet access and bank card payment options. There are 380 payment and information terminals in Belarus. For domestic and international packages there are automatic tracking provided by Belarus Post. It allows to get information on the location of the package or cargo real time. As a proof of the quality of the post are numerous quality certificates. Yet Belarus Post keeps working on improving the quality of delivery. They plan to expand their service spectre adding new technologies, develop the network of co-operative logistics, use new customer service practices for general public and business partners.

If you’re interested in tracking, Belarus Post allows to do it on their website. You can also do that on the PackageRadar website. This way you will automatically receive notifications when your package changes its status.

Belarus post tracks its packages with no problems. But in case you have any questions concerning your package you can contact Belarus Post by phone + 375 17 226 01 73. There you can also get information on tracking system, postal codes and zipcodes.

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With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.
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RA1********LV delivered in 27 days

Из Китая в Беларусь за 28 дней--это рекорд скорости среди полученных мной посылок. Доставка 10 долларов творит чудеса. Упаковка не повреждена, посылка отслеживалась весь путь!

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EU8********CN delivered in 64 days

Из Китая в Беларусь Брест пришло за 65 дней. Упаковка целая, не повреждена. Отслеживалось хорошо, очень долго экспортировалось /более 1.5 месяца/. После импорта вновь хорошо отслеживалась-- отобразилась даже сумма таможенной пошлины и почтовых сборов.

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