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Bulgaria post is a national postal operator that offers services for individual and legal entities. They deliver packages, packets, letters and leaflets to any part of the country and worldwide. There are many shipping rate and shipping methods that include standard postal deliveries, express post and courier services.

Bulgaria Post has around 3 thousand postal offices that are located even in the most remote settlements of the country. The company has its own transport park.

Services that Bulgaria Post offers include:

Delivery of postal correspondence, packages, packets within country and abroad using

  • standard and express shipping methods;
  • Storage of packages and letters;
  • Emission and sale of stamps;
  • Financial operations for general public;
  • Postal office operation;
  • Newspapers and magazines sale.

Most of our users are happy with the work of Bulgaria Post and give it positive reviews complementing good delivery speed and great handling of fragile contents of packages. The motto of the company is in line with their work: “Traditions, quality and trust”.

To track a package sent by Bulgaria Post you can not only on the official website but also on our PackageRadar portal. Try out our free service and check out our work!

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