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Reviews about Bulgarian Post

EA0********RU delivered in 13 days

I am very pleased and thankful! Everything was fine and i got the package on time. Thank you Russian Post!

, posted by

RI2********BG not delivered in 63 days

Très très mauvaise gestion du suivi du colis. Pour une livraison prévue en 10 jours, à 63 jours rien reçu!! Quelqu'un n'a pas fait son travail correctement! Ma colère s'empire!

, posted by

RI2********BG delivered in 44 days

Very bad service. No update for over 5 weeks, and even after it was delivered there is no updates. The package came finally without any phisycal harm. This post service provider was unresponsive and did nothing to help locating the shipment.

, posted by

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