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UG6********BE not delivered in 75 days

Hello! My name is Nicu. I'm from Bucharest, Romania, and I'm waiting for a package from China that should have arrived by now. I have been waiting for my package to arrive for 75 days but it has not arrived. The tracking number of the package is UG670322370BE. Since September 1, he has been stuck somewhere at the Belgian Post, for two months I have not had any information about this package. On November 2, the time allowed for transporting the package ends and I will be obliged to ask the seller to refund my money. And this only because of the poor transport service.

, posted by

LB9********BE not delivered in 47 days

LB924154108BE «Unnamed package» so here's the analysis: the delivery service and a lot of bullshit and it hasn't been here for over a month and nothing I even wondered if covid19 attacked the order my gentlemen have more respect for the cosomodor ok!

, posted by

UC9********YP not delivered in 77 days

Absolute terrible service I was really looking forward to my parcel really needed it but no parcel arrived disgusted

, posted by

LB9********BE delivered in 42 days

Das Paket war am 15.6. bereits in meinem Heimatland. Genauer gesagt in Duisburg, 6 autostunden von mir entfernt. Die belgische Schneckenpost benötigte dann noch weitere 16 Tage bis das Paket dann bei mir war. Einfach nur schlecht.

, posted by

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