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UR2********CN delivered in 59 days

Ordinato da Aliexpress il 01/04 e ricevuto il 29/05.Tempi un po' meno brevi,ma accettabili. Considerando anche che nella pagina d'ordine era stimato questo tempo.Grazie China Post

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RX4********CN not delivered in 23 days

I have not received my order, I hope this is not scam... Please send the contact phone number of the store here in Nigeria to enable me contact and know how my order could be delivered

, posted by

UN8********CN not delivered in 95 days

I didn’t get my order yet. I am sorry but I am upset with your service. I ordered 4 watches but no one I received.

, posted by

RP1********CN not delivered in 102 days

not delivered, not contacted, terrible experience, will not be using Aliexpress or their stores for anything

, posted by

RN6********CN not delivered in 61 days

Benim paket 61 gündür teslim edilmedi.türkiye gümrükten iade edilip Romanya/ Bükreş e gitmiş ve oradan Çin'de bir yere teslim edilmiş.

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LT1********CN not delivered in 21 days

looks like this company is not a real company we never receive the package, please don't buy anything to this people it is an scam.

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RB6********SG not delivered in 41 days

Never got the package. 41 days ago the package was exported from the departure country. 4 hours later it arrived on the waypoint 'in transit', and after that it has disapeared. I have not any product .please help me

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RB6********SG not delivered in 52 days

Depuis plus de 52 jours maintenant que j'attends mon paquet et toujours rien reçu ! Le paiement lui parcontre à bien été prélevée sur mon compte ! C'est inadmissible ! Aucunes informations .putain

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UN4********CN not delivered in 64 days

Whatever is sent via Suzhou will be delivered very late. Post office in Suzhou works as in the Middle Ages.

, posted by

RB6********SG not delivered in 54 days

Hi. I have not found any products I've bought on the online market, I do not know what's upset, Please help me

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ZA3********LV delivered in 38 days

Достаточно долго, 37 дней, но все без внешних повреждений. Очень помогает сайт в отслеживании посылок. Спасибо.

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UN5********CN delivered in 41 days

the wings of the plane (toy) became bent during shipping because there was no rigid protective cardbox, neither bubble wrap. I was able to unbent it however the plane doesn't fly more than 1 or to meters because of curve path.

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