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With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.
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RB6********SG not delivered in 41 days

Never got the package. 41 days ago the package was exported from the departure country. 4 hours later it arrived on the waypoint 'in transit', and after that it has disapeared. I have not any product .please help me

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RB6********SG not delivered in 52 days

Depuis plus de 52 jours maintenant que j'attends mon paquet et toujours rien reçu ! Le paiement lui parcontre à bien été prélevée sur mon compte ! C'est inadmissible ! Aucunes informations .putain

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UN4********CN not delivered in 64 days

Whatever is sent via Suzhou will be delivered very late. Post office in Suzhou works as in the Middle Ages.

, posted by

RB6********SG not delivered in 54 days

Hi. I have not found any products I've bought on the online market, I do not know what's upset, Please help me

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ZA3********LV delivered in 38 days

Достаточно долго, 37 дней, но все без внешних повреждений. Очень помогает сайт в отслеживании посылок. Спасибо.

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UN5********CN delivered in 41 days

the wings of the plane (toy) became bent during shipping because there was no rigid protective cardbox, neither bubble wrap. I was able to unbent it however the plane doesn't fly more than 1 or to meters because of curve path.

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UC9********CN not delivered in 63 days

I will not be ordering from this company again in the future. I have not received my package and the seller has no idea where it is either. There is no tracking information available.

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UG7********CN not delivered in 72 days

Depuis plus de 70 jours maintenant que j'attends mon paquet et toujours rien reçu ! Le paiement lui parcontre à bien été prélevée sur mon compte ! C'est inadmissible ! Aucunes informations de qui que ce soit (même si c'est que mon colis n'a pas passé la douane pour x ou y raison tampi pour moi mais au moins savoir le pourquoi ! Surtout que se n'est pas comme si je n'avais pas payée !!!) je ne recommande absolument pas (sauf si payer dans le vent vous passe au dessus)

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LF3********CN not delivered in 28 days

German Post lost the package and German Post communicate "sucessfully delivered" to the seller. Now i have no package and no refund.

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RO2********CN not delivered in 18 days

I touched the receiving button by mistake and I explained to the seller please find my item for me because I haven't received anything thank you

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RU1********HK delivered in 14 days

Тачскрин к Huawey G620s пришел за 14 дней, подошел идеально, жаль нет логотипа "Huawey" как на родном под динамиком. Поклейку на смартфон пока отложил из-за плохого качества скотча. Буду заказывать двухсторонний скотч или клей отдельно. Продавцу спасибо.

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ZA1********HK not delivered in 41 days

ZA130878276HK this package is the third who don't coming i,open dispure and the alliexpress don't protect me! protect the seller ! alliexpress is very bad to buy now have a big problems with delivery! and in the seller's is many bandit! like this seller <QueenFan Technology Co., Ltd> i'm very angry but i can't make nothing ! many packet's now in russia never coming! alliexpress now is DANGER !

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