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LP0***********99 not delivered in 48 days

Sir, my order was 16 Sep. 18 booked, no one of your contacts Do not tell me how to get my order Your given tracking number is not tracked any way India Post incorrectly tells (order day today 26 Oct.18 total 70 day) PRODUCTTOTAL5V 2.1A Power Bank Charger Module Circuit Board PCB Step Up DIY 18650 Battery For Xiaomi × 1Tracking LP00112004460199 (dharmendrads21#1848) (Order #7744 was placed on September 16, 2018 ) mobile no.9971006691

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LP0***********24 delivered in 70 days

I have received the package finally. It is late and untracked, but I received. From next time, I always opt for trackable shipping. Thanks.

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LP0***********36 not delivered in 66 days

Никакого уведомления я не получила. Жду эту посылку уже третий месяц. Наконец то появились данные отслеживания где указано что ее уже ктото получил только не я!!! Как этт понимать? Ни смс ни уведомления в почтовом ящике ничего! И пишут что уже неоднократно были уведомления хотя это не правда. И кто забрал мою посылку?? Написано что доставлено. Вопрос кому?I did not receive any notice. I'm waiting for this package for the third month. Finally, there were tracking data where it was stated that it had already been received by someone only I did not !!! How to understand this? Neither the SMS nor the notification in the mailbox is nothing! And they write that there have been several notifications, although this is not true. And who took my parcel ?? It is written that it is delivered. Question to whom?

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LP0***********78 not delivered in 44 days

I ordered this from ali express and this seller has been the poorest seller i have met till now. First he did fraud by uploading fake tracking number, after a month when i opened dispute he replied back that he forgot to upload tracking number. The order isnot update after march 13. He was not agreeing, it was due to deliver March 18, but today is April 22. However, after too much fight with seller. I got my refund back. The seller told me that i am never going to get it, which showed that he never shipped.

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LP0***********93 not delivered in 109 days

Estou esperando a mais de 100 dias pelo meu pacote. O mesmo chegou até próximo de minha cidade, saiu para entrega mas nunca chegou a seu destino. Ao solicitar ajuda do vendedor, o mesmo me informou que deveria abrir disputa no Aliexpress, o que eu fiz, mas para minha surpresa, me foi indeferido o pedido. Estou no prejuízo financeiro e emocional, pois efetuei a compra para que minha criança tivesse um estojo novo para o inicio das aulas, que aconteceram em fevereiro. Comprei em dezembro e estamos em abril... adivinhem? nada de entrega e nada de estojo novo.

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LP0***********69 delivered in 37 days

When I got my package the outer envelope was not harmed, the item I ordered was in a cardboard display box which was completely crushed on the top and side but after looking over the item, there was no damage at all

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LP0***********13 not delivered in 68 days

I wait for 68 days. The package was delivered in Netherlands at 02-02-2018 but untill now it is not send to me. Why I don't know.

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LP0***********49 delivered in 20 days

Arrived in good condition great packaging and labelling. Radar allowed for up-to-date package tracking overall an ok experience.

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LP0***********91 delivered in 58 days

Finally got my USB Audio dongles, cheap p.o.s, working but I understand why they were cheap - No stereo. Delivery was extremely slow: Ordered them 20:th of October, received them nearly 60 days after that! Insane, but then again it's Christmas time and all the shipping craze that goes with it. Also, the Swedish shipping company, PostNord, have had a lot of problems storing the mail from China, so they've let a lot of it outside in the wet cold weather. Still, no excuse for it taking a month once arrived to Sweden to get in my mailbox. It also took quite a long time for it to even being shipped from China, a few weeks in fact!

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LP0***********00 not delivered in 158 days

bom dia ainda não recebi o produto e não posso avaliar e não consigo ver o acompanhamento do produto pelo site do meu pais mais estou aguardando chega

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SYB********30 delivered in 16 days

Fast delivery considering my package was first sent from China to Malaysia and then to Central Europe.

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