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Chile Post (Correos de Chile) is a national postal autonomous enterprise. The head office is in Santiago. Founded in 1750, the global restructuring of the company took place in 1981.

Basic services for the general public:

  1. Forwarding of documents. Sending documents by registered mail, regular sending within the country and abroad.
  2. Transportation of parcels. Sending ordinary and express parcels nationally and internationally.
  3. Money transfers. Sending funds to anywhere in the country and the world using ServiPag, CorreosChile, MoneyGram.
  4. Providing a personal mailbox. Characteristics: the service is available in all branches and representative offices of the post office; convenient, safe, and inexpensive; receipt of any types of items, including purchases from online stores; SMS notifications of receipt.
  5. Assistance in electronic commerce.

From Russia to Chile, you can send parcels weighing up to 20 kg by regular or expedited mail and over 20 kg - by EMS shipment. The speed of the package will be from two weeks to 2 months, depending on the method chosen.

On the official website of Correos de Chile, there is an opportunity to track the movement of a parcel from Chile to another country, we offer you to use a more convenient and universal resource for tracking any parcels and goods - the GdePosylka service.

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Chile Post track packages by tracking number

With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.

Correos de Chile (Chile Post) tracking

All national and international mail services, letters, and packages are handled by the public firm Correos de Chile. The policies and procedures established by the Universal Postal Service govern services provided by the corporation, including international tracking provided by Correos de Chile and others.

On December 24, 1981, Correos de Chile was established following the division of several commercial and state businesses that had previously provided postal services for the nation. One organization, Correos de Chile, which operates under the direction of the Chilean Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, now handles all postal services and duties following the separation of the businesses Servicio de Correos y Telégrafos and Telex.

It's vital to note that the desire to provide communication services across the nation began in 1747, a time when Spain and the Spanish aristocracy ruled over the rural areas of Chile.

Chile's mail and correspondence services have not undergone any form of modification or change for more than a century. A general postal administration was not established by postal legislation until 1852 when a postal law was adopted. The postal and telegraph services were combined under this statute to form the Servicio de Correos y Telégrafos. In 1984, the nation's postal system and laws underwent a comprehensive transformation. The Correos de Chile firm was established, and the first post office in the nation opened its doors in the former postal classification facility. The world's southernmost post office was established and opened in Villa Las Estrellas in the Chilean Antarctic Territory during the same year.

The firm began to exponentially expand the scope of its services as the years passed. The first postal technology center in Chile was established by Correos de Chile in 1999, and it is equipped with all the materials and equipment required to distribute the majority of the nation's mail. A new CEP facility is not established to support the courier, express, and other postal services until 2009.

The expansion of Correos de Chile does not end here though; in 2012, an advanced network of automatic parcel terminals known as the APT network was established, and it currently serves Latin America as well as Chile. A cutting-edge technology dubbed CityBox, which now has 46 terminals dispersed around the nation, will be used to launch this service.The following delivery services are currently provided by Correos de Chile:

  • worldwide courier service

  • using express mail

  • International and domestic packages

  • registered mail

  • International and domestic money orders

  • post office box service

How can you track your package from Chile Post?

Customers may trace any products or letters delivered domestically or abroad by Correos de Chile through the company's official website. Users may look for information about their parcels using a contemporary tracking system and track them using the Correos de Chile tracking number.

Once all relevant shipping procedures have been carried out, a tracking code is made available to all users. Each parcel has a different tracking number issued by Correos de Chile. Additionally, users may follow their parcels at the numerous post offices located around the nation, or once again by utilizing the PackageRadar website.

Is international shipping available with Correos de Chile?

To more than 129 nations worldwide, Correos de Chile provides international parcel and mail delivery services. All continents of the world are eligible for package shipping with a 30 kg maximum weight limit.

Aside from the fact that the distribution of deliveries is limited to 35 countries, it is also crucial to note that international deliveries are governed by the policies and legislation of the Universal Postal Union. Additionally, consumers may utilize Chile Post tracking services, which will provide them with up-to-date details on the progress of their products' delivery.

How much does Correos de Chile cost?

Correos de Chile provides one of Latin America's most affordable postal services. The value of the international shipping tax, which customers must pay when items pass through customs, is determined on the business's official website. Additionally, the sum that must be paid only applies to items that weigh more than what Correos de Chile specifies as the limit.

Which Correos de Chile delivery method is the quickest?

The express delivery service is without a doubt the fastest choice available among the alternatives and services provided by Correos de Chile. Users may swiftly and safely mail all of their shipments and communications both domestically and abroad with this option.Given that countrywide deliveries are delivered within one or two business days, the Correos de Chile delivery time is outstanding.

The delivery period for overseas orders is 8 to 12 days. Correos de Chile collaborates with delivery services including ServiExpress, FedEx, DHL, and UPS. Additionally, it's crucial to note that customers of this service can send products weighing up to 50 kg at a time and can plan the shipping process on the official website of the company.

How can I get in touch with Correos de Chile?

Users have several ways to get in touch with the business. Social networks like Twitter and Facebook allow users to contact customer support. Additionally, customers may handle any requests they choose using the Virtual Office service provided by the official website. The company's official emails are also listed on the website, along with a list of all the offices spread out around the nation.

On the company's official website, you can also find Chile's Post Office phone numbers. Additionally, the website offers an electronic contact form where consumers may submit any of their inquiries and grievances. Finally, it's crucial to note that the business offers these contact services, independently, to both people and other businesses.