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CTT Portugal Post is a national postal service provider that does all the necessary work for delivering packages and letters. They work with individuals and with business partners and there’s personal approach to each customer.

Service of Portugal Post includes: sorting and handling of local and international packages, courier delivery, fincancial operations with general public, emission and sale of stamps.

Portugal Post partners with major postal companies worldwide and well-known transport companies that give them an opportunity to delivery worldwide in short terms.

The main goals of Portugal Post are:

  • To be customer oriented: to satisfy the needs of customers and their interests;
  • Enthusiasm: working with passion and aiming for a victory, having great team;
  • Trust: to be a reliable and trustworthy partner;
  • Superiority: to provide high quality and effective services;
  • Innovations: trying out something new, new processes and solutions, working for the benefit of future.

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Phone number in Portugal:
707 26 26 26
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With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.

Portugal Post (CTT Correios de Portugal) Tracking

After being acquired from the Portuguese government in 2014, Correios de Portugal, or CTT, is a private postal service and logistics business with headquarters in Portugal. It continues to be one of the most popular postal services in Portugal and is a significant participant in both European postal and logistics services, particularly when it comes to final-leg deliveries in its home nation. The two biggest rivals of CTT are DHL and DPD.

What is the CTT's history?

King Manuel the First establishes Portugal's Correio Pblico, a public postal service, in the 1500s.

But the department didn't get independence until over 400 years later; it then changed its name to the General Administration of Posts, Telegraphs, and Telephones.This is when it began using the abbreviation CTT, which is still used today.It also adopted the emblem, which depicts a horse and its rider, fifty years later.When telecommunications and postal services were split off in 1992, the CTT became a public limited company. This status it had until it was entirely privatized in 2014 in a deal for an estimated 823 million euros.

At first, CTT exclusively handled shipments within the United States. This was due to the Correios de Portugal (CTT) postal service's commitment to serving Portugal's government and people. In actuality, throughout most of its early years, it was primarily engaged in conveying royal or governmental documents.

However, CTT expanded to accommodate the increased demand for cross-border postal services, particularly regarding parcels and goods from other European nations. Even though CTT was still under government control at the time, Portuguese citizens could now utilize this service to send and receive goods both domestically and abroad, a practice that is only continuing to spread.

Where can CTT deliver mail?

With delivery possibilities in more than 150 nations today, Correios de Portugal (CTT) ships and receives packages from all over the globe.

Customers based in Portugal should be aware that when ordering international delivery through the CTT, they will frequently be in charge of handling the pickup and/or dispatch of the item to the destination country but may not be involved in its transit through other countries or the final leg of the journey of a parcel to its overseas location. The same holds for 4PX or Yanwen.

As a result, CTT's foreign delivery customers are advised to use a free, all-purpose tracking website like PackageRadar as tracking might be challenging through CTT alone. PackageRadar searches the web for any tracking events linked to your CTT package in addition to CTT tracking events, so it may obtain the most recent CTT tracking data even if the package is no longer with CTT and is instead being delivered by another courier. PackageRadar offers tracking for all of those logistics providers in one spot, providing a solution for an increasingly complex shipping network that employs many companies to transport packages globally.

What city is CTT in?

The CTT corporate offices are still in Lisbon, the country's capital. Because this office serves several different purposes and is the headquarters, not all packages that enter the nation will necessarily be processed there. In actuality, the company's head office is primarily responsible for the management of the company's administrative and financial affairs, and packages shipped with CTT are more likely to go to one of its processing facilities or warehouses spread out around the nation.

Use PackageRadar to get the most recent, nearly real-time tracking information if you want to follow the progress of your CTT package to see which cities it has visited, where it is now, and it's status.

How can I follow my CTT shipment?

Although CTT has its network of operations and transportation system, it depends on partnerships with other couriers, shipping firms, postal agencies, and other organizations to serve the 150 countries it distributes mail. As a result, whereas CTT has complete control over shipments and deliveries on domestic routes, Correios de Portugal makes use of a variety of delivery planes and carrier vessels for international shipments.

Deliveries are received in the destination country by either CTT (if they have the delivery capability in the destination country) or the national post corporation of the destination country, depending on the package, the delivery timeline, and other factors. You have the option of either tracking your package directly with CTT or using PackageRadar to acquire CTT tracking if CTT does oversee the complete end-to-end delivery of your product.

However, the ideal thing to do is to aggregate all your package tracking in one location with the worldwide tracking platform, PackageRadar, rather than having to log on every time you require CTT tracking or you send parcels with several different parcel delivery providers.

To track multiple packages, you don't need to sign up for multiple websites. PackageRadar allows you to simultaneously enter up to 10 different parcel tracking numbers from 10 different parcel delivery services and receive instant results for each one of them.

All you need to submit a package through CTT is your tracking number, in this example, your Correios de Portugal tracking number.

To start tracking your package, PackageRadar doesn't require any additional information, such as private and personal details about the sender and the recipient, the place of departure and arrival, the weight, the type of product, the travel route, the estimated time, real-time location tracking, or any other information.

The handling business has locked away all of that information, and PackageRadar only updates you on the current status and location of your package as well as any changes to either of those events.

What drawbacks are there to CTT tracking?

It is always advisable to monitor with PackageRadar after you receive your CTT parcel tracking number, and sure, we will explain why! PackageRadar tracking, in contrast to CTT tracking, is universal, allowing it to provide end-to-end tracking capability regardless of who handles your package along the way. While CTT frequently handles packages on a route through Portugal, when they get to their target country (or leave Portugal, where the CTT is based), subcontracted or partner couriers will presumably be utilized for international deliveries.

By using PackageRadar for tracking, you may prevent receiving inaccurate tracking updates. Once a shipment has changed hands, CTT tracking updates won't come directly from CTT, thus if you keep following a CTT package directly, you risk receiving it later than expected.

Since PackageRadar was created to address this problem, it simultaneously searches numerous courier websites from across the world to learn not only who is holding your package but also its location and current status. Once you've entered your CTT code, you may complete all of this with a single button click.

PackageRadar's CTT shipment tracking eliminates the possibility of not being able to locate a package should the CTT tracking number change as the handler, which can occasionally happen (especially for international parcels). Because of its integrated auto-detect technology, PackageRadar can still locate your CTT tracking data even if the tracking number was altered during the handover. This is because our global tracking system has intelligent AI machine learning built in. You can sit back, relax, and know that we have your parcel covered, no matter where it is going, since we stay on top of things so you don't have to.

PackageRadar collaborates with hundreds of other freight forwarding and logistics firms, as well as other marketplaces and online stores, in addition to tracking CTT cargo, to provide the best possible service. That's why a lot of keeps prefer using PackageRadar's one-stop service.

Which delivery options does CTT provide?

Numerous domestic and international mail and package delivery options are provided by CTT, including ordinary (standard) shipping, expedited services, and internal tracking. The following CTT postal services allow you to send both papers (standard letter sizes) and packages weighing up to 2 kg (which have been split into domestic and international).

Delivery of mail by the national post:

  • Within three working days, CTT Regular Post provides deliveries throughout the Portuguese mainland.

  • Express deliveries are available through CTT Blue Post within one working day on the Portuguese mainland and two working days to neighboring island regions.

  • Deliveries with a tracking number are available via CTT Registered Post within one working day on the Portuguese mainland and two working days to the nearby islands. (Where needed, additional services such as pay-on-delivery, insurance, and SMS alerts can be added to this shipment option.)

  • For parcels of any size or weight, CTT Green Post provides set pricing, no stamp requirements, and delivery to the mainland in three working days.

Postal delivery services abroad:

  • Delivery times of 5 working days or less in Europe and 7 working days or less internationally are provided by CTT Regular Post.

  • In Europe, CTT Blue Post delivers express delivery in fewer than 3 working days, while worldwide, it takes 5 working days.

  • With up to 3 working days of delivery time in Europe and fewer than 5 working days internationally, CTT Registered International also offers the option of extra services for a fee. This service also includes a tracking number.

  • For whatever size and weight of the package, CTT Green Post delivery implies set pricing without the need for a stamp delivered internationally in 5 to 7 working days.

  • For orders weighing up to and including 30 kg for domestic shipping and 10 kg for international shipment, CTT also offers package delivery alternatives.

How much does CTT international shipping cost, and when will it arrive?

Below is a guide to typical shipment cost rates for a variety of CTT postal services, along with their anticipated arrival timeframes. Prices will vary based on the precise size, weight, and location to which your item is destined, but these rates should serve as a general guide.

Domestic Mainland shipping costs start at 13 euros and take up to 3 working days.Sender fees start at 22 euros, and domestic islands can take up to 15 working days.International shipping to Europe normally takes 5 working days and costs 45 euros.Starting at around 110 euros in fewer than 7 working days, worldwide.

These are the particular services offered by Eurosender:

With pricing starting at 5 euros, Eurosender Standard Domestic promises deliveries within 1 to 2 working days.Eurosender International Standard Starting at 20.00 euros and higher, up to 7 business days.Delivery timeframes fluctuate depending on the many factors involved in the shipping process, just as with other delivery services. The primary determinants are the weight, size, distance between the sender and recipient, and the required turnaround for delivery (as per the service purchased). Additionally, quicker delivery will result in greater costs.

The typical delivery period for national deliveries is significantly under a week. Portugal is a small country, which accounts for this. The turnaround time for foreign shipments, however, varies greatly. It could also rely on unforeseeable weather circumstances, shipment delays caused by restricted transportation, or other variables that CTT has no control over.

The complete transit time for a CTT item is included in the projected delivery timings, which buyers should be aware of. The estimated delivery time should only be used as a guide and should never be guaranteed. Please use your best judgment based on the date, destination, and postal circumstances.

The sole purpose of this data is to offer prospective CTT clients information regarding the effectiveness of CTT shipping. Users are urged to contact CTT with their parcel details for an exact delivery quotation to receive accurate shipping estimates.

On the PackageRadar website, all CTT monitoring is available for free, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

What are shipping costs for Correios de Portugal?

When compared to other national postal systems in Europe, the Correios de Portugal shipping costs are often inexpensive. The price of a shipment will depend on the item itself, of course, but a package weighing between 500g and 2kg can be as cheap as 3.50 euros.

How can I reach CTT?

To handle any complaints, messages, or general inquiries and concerns, Correios de Portugal operates its contact center. On the CTT website, you can discover the phone number and hours of operation. If you are outside of the nation, it is suggested that you use the CTT's numerous social media platforms rather than its website, email, or social network profiles (to avoid potentially higher call rates).

Before calling CTT about a specific package that you suspect may be lost, still in transit, or otherwise, look up the most recent CTT tracking data on PackageRadar so you are completely aware of the status and position of your package.