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707 26 26 26
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 0-14 days
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Reviews about Postal Services of Portugal

LP0***********66 delivered in 15 days

very fast, although tha 16 inch fan had no rigid box, it was carefully handled and the fan didn't crack or wrap. It was merely packed inside a bubble box. Thank you to the delivery company.

, posted by

LX8********NL delivered in 18 days

the bottle was safely packed inside a rigid cardboard box and the delivery company handled it safely as well. The shipping time is normal.

, posted by

LO1********CN delivered in 8 days

The item arrived in time and in perfect conditions. The carrier was very careful and didn't brake the thin and long frame. This merit is remarkable because the long carbon fiber beam is 75cm long, 3mm diameter and no protection was provided by the seller. It was in a simple plastic bag. Thank you carrier.

, posted by

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