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Reviews about Deutsche Post

CM5********DE delivered in 4 days

Dream delivery.... fast 4 days.... nicely wrapped with bubble foil....nothing damaged ( ordered a ceiling lamp)... and enough updates to follow the package from China to Germany to the Netherlands 10+👍

, posted by

CY5********DE not delivered in 71 days

There is no tracking information since 18 June. It is unbelievable !!! I have paid so much for DHL, and suddenly I come to know that it was send by Deutsche Post. Now nobody knows where the package is. Today is 1. of September, and there is still no sign of the package...

, posted by

CY2********DE not delivered in 50 days

Why is this package taking too long to be delivered I don't understand this is the only update since July 10 no update,The shipment will be transported to the destination country/destination area and, from there, handed over to the delivery organization IPZ Frankfurt

, posted by

CY2********DE not delivered in 13 days

Horrible horrible horrible , first the service is slow , package got stuck in rodgau for many days then when it arrived to export center it got RETURNED TO SENDER for no reason, simply DHL took my money and did not want to ship the item to my country. they told me there is battery and there is no battery but the device shipped does not work without cord and does not contain battery. they do not investigate items they just do whatever they want. they do not communicate with you or tell you anything . very slow, irresponsible and incompetent. shame for country like Germany to have this mediocre postal service. I WLL NEVER USE AGAIN. THIEVES.

, posted by

CA1********DE delivered in 4 days

The package was delivered to England fine, the problem was with DHL in UK. But got my package a day l8er... But I got it.

, posted by

ESU*******09 delivered in 23 days

The package was delivered but not to me in Canada ! It was delivered to some place in Germany !!! I have called and emailed over and over with no response, nothing . Crap .. extremely poor customer service. I would never recommend DHL to anyone . GB

, posted by

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