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DHL Global Mail is an allied company that is part of Deutsche Post DHL (DP DHL) group and offers postal services worldwide as well as straight mail distribution.

DHL Global Mail is considered inexpensive delivery option. Business class delivery methods are provided by DHL Express.

DHL is the largest international German logistic company that has their authorized offices in all over the world (more than 5000), warehouses, their own transportation part (around 76000 vehicles to deliver cargo and mail). The main office is located in Bonn, Germany.

DHL Global Mail offers simple and affordable international services to European, America, Asian business customers for mail and small goods. Customer usually gets their packages sent via DHL Global Mail from some Chinese stores or online shops in the USA and Europe. Due to affordable shipping cost of DHL Global Mail there is a possibility to buy low-cost small items and not pay too much for the delivery.

Delivery times can be different, it all depends on origin country and the distance to the destination country.

In order to track all the packages, shipped by DHL Global Mail from all countries in the world, you can use our PackageRadar service.

DHL Global Mail track packages by tracking number

With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.
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Reviews about DHL Global Mail

CG0********DE delivered in 39 days

It took a while and we had to go to the post office in person because they couldn't deliver the package three blocks away, but we got it.

, posted by

UM2********US delivered in 36 days

Very slow, but the detailed frequent tracking notifications I received from Package Radar were informative and helpful in tracing the package.

, posted by

RX1********DE delivered in 35 days

No issues other than what I would assume to be covid-related delays along the way. Package arrived in perfect condition.

, posted by

ESU*******29 not delivered in 41 days

Item was sent by seller but went around his country then return back to him when it was ment to be sent over seas to Australia what a shit delivery service

, posted by

420*************************43 delivered in 15 days

I received the package but I wasn’t expecting a sticker. I paid for large christmas decorations for outdoor but I only received this sticker. And I keep receiving this email asking about if I received my package. Never again!!!

, posted by

420*************************89 not delivered in 14 days

Was not package I ordered.did not originate in china instead grandprarrie,tx got worthless piece of velcro instead of ultimate lift truck the whole thing was a scam and shipping companies play right along with them.brownbest,ingemarbuck,4PX,dhl,usp Y'all are nothing but thieves.

, posted by

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