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DPD Poland is the Polish division of the DPD courier service. DPDgroup (Dynamic Parcel Distribution) is an international company specializing in express delivery worldwide. Customers receive and send more than 5 million parcels daily. Works under the brands DPD, Chronopost, Seur, BRT. The company is located in France and is a subsidiary of the postal service La Poste. It operates in Europe, Brazil, and many other countries.

DPD Poland Service:

  • parcel delivery the same and next day,
  • receiving packages on weekends,
  • delivery through DPD Pickup,
  • easy return of purchases,
  • package packing services,
  • logistics services,
  • transportation.

DPD Poland - a leading provider of standard and express delivery services in Poland, works day by day for its customers. The company is part of the international DPD network, as well as professionals in the domestic market. You can track the goods sent by DPD Poland on the official website of the company. Portal GdePosylka offers tracking of any mail and freight, including tracking DPD Poland.

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