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Emirates Post is a national postal company of United Arab Emirates. The company was founded in 1909. They joined the Universal Postal Union in March 1973. The main office is located in Dubai. Emirates Post works towards improving postal services that correspond to latest technologies. Emirates Post offers quality services for postal and non-postal categories. Postal services are: local and international express post, ordinary shipments, local and international courier services, money transfers, emission and sale of stamps, subscriptions. There are also non-postal services such as governmental services, billing, financial and tourist services. Emirates Post also offers unique service of marketing solutions for developing business - advertisements and leaflets. Emirates Post is also known as the shipping option for delivery of orders from Chinese store. Chinese sellers ship their packages no only via Chinese transport companies but also by postal services from all over the world. You can track your package on the official website as well as on PackageRadar portal. It’s easy, fast and free. Please join!

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With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.