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Reviews about Hong Kong Post

LP0********HK not delivered in 46 days

This parcel has been purchased from Amazon through a supplier from Hong Kong and was addressed to a person in Hue Vietnam. The tracking number shows that it has been sitting with Vietnam Customs department for many weeks with no attempt by Customs to pass it on to Vietnam post. I have sent several emails to Vietnam Customs and have not received a reply

, posted by

LK6********HK delivered in 7 days

Excellent service as always. Package received in perfect condition, and in 6 days from Hong Kong to England

, posted by

RT4********HK not delivered in 53 days

RT40903xxxxxK «BST Dongle» "The package is in transit for 53 days".The last update on package location received on May 29. Until 19/07/2018 still waiting for this package hope it'll be still received. Mark

, posted by

RT4********HK delivered in 82 days

It was my first time to order from Singapore. I am pleased to have received my package. It however was not expected to take so many days.

, posted by

RT4********HK delivered in 17 days

I have received my package. Thank you Package Radar for this awesome app to track the item from node to node.

, posted by

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