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Pósturinn (Post of Iceland) Tracking

Iceland, the land of the four elements, is a beautiful country with a rich and diverse culture that defines the people there. Although Iceland is mostly known as a tourist destination, it has experienced significant growth in other areas and services. One of these dates back more than 250 years to the time when Christian VII, the King of Denmark, authorized the establishment of a postal service throughout the nation. Today, Pósturinn Shipping Service has a vast network of offices around the nation, always enhancing its offerings.

Is Pósturinn reliable?

The Icelandic postal service corporation has a long history of operation, and as a result of its dependable and guaranteed delivery of mail across the nation, it has gained the faith of the whole nation. Today, millions of people trust Pósturinn to deliver their domestic and international mail to the correct recipients.Pósturinn makes sure that all of its mail and shipments get to their destinations as quickly and carefully as possible, meeting the demands of businesses and organizations to continue communication and operations both inside and outside the nation.

How can I follow my Pósturinn delivery?

A very helpful service provided by the firm is Pósturinn track and trace, which enables you to know the exact position of your shipment or the status it is in from the time it leaves the office until it reaches its destination.

You only need to go to the company's website and search for the tracking area to perform the Pósturinn tracking. You must enter the tracking ID of your shipment in the search window that will appear on the screen for the system to find it right away.

Using the same platform, you may use this service to trace mail and parcels shipped both domestically and overseas. All you need is the package's Pósturinn tracking number, and the system will find it right away. You may track your shipment and continue tracking using our online platform if you have any issues with the platform on the official site.

Is Pósturinn limited to deliveries in Iceland?

With the help of Pósturinn's extensive nationwide network, you may transmit mail swiftly and securely across the whole nation. Additionally, it provides the option of sending postal mail and parcels to foreign nations. Because of its many years of expertise and high-quality service, Iceland is a member of the Universal Postal Union and offers delivery to more than 190 nations worldwide.

Additionally, they transport packages of all sizes and weights in addition to sending messages and postcards to every nation in Europe and the rest of the world. Pósturinn distribution is effective in numerous nations across all continents, including Germany, Argentina, Japan, South Africa, Israel, Moldova, Montenegro, and Turkey. Sustain and enhance the operation and communication between each of them, enabling people and organizations to efficiently interact with their families and other branches in other nations.

Is Pósturinn quick to deliver?

Depending on the location, national Pósturinn shipments are often delivered in 1-2 days. Iceland's postal system is divided into 4 zones, each of which defines a certain region and has an anticipated delivery time. The national average for post and package delivery is two days.

International goods take longer to arrive since they have to go through more borders, checks, and customs checks to get to their destination. Nevertheless, Pósturinn has defined delivery schedules according to the continent to which the items are heading and has taken into account all potential circumstances that might affect the arrival of a postcard:

  • Pósturinn shipping times for letters and packages going to other European nations might range from 5-7 business days.

  • Deliveries of packages heading to Africa typically take 7-9 working days.

  • Delivery times for mail and postal parcels heading to North America, Russia, and Asian nations including South Korea, Taiwan, and China range from 7 to 15 working days.

  • Package delivery to the rest of the world might take up to 20 days.

Is Pósturinn expensive?

It is not. Because Pósturinn shipping rates are among the most affordable on the continent, anyone in the nation can use it and send mail from anywhere at any time. The prices for Pósturinn services are broken down by the kind of service, home or office delivery, the geographic region to which it is sent, letters, packages, and more. Here are some examples of some of its services' typical prices:

  • Domestic packages: 1 kilogram costs 1,297 kr ($9.54), while 20 kg costs 3,635 kr ($26.74).

  • From 937 kr ($6.89) for 1 kilogram to 3.267 kr ($24) for 20 kg, the cost of parcels to the post office.

  • From 3.028 kr ($22.28) for 30kg to 19.891 kr ($146.33) for 300kg are the prices for heavy goods.

  • National letters cost between 195 kr ($1.43) and 720 kr ($5.30) for 50g to 2000g.

  • From 330 kr ($2.43) for 50g up to 2,855 kr ($21) for up to 2000g for international letters.

The area, weight, and dimensions of the box also affect each pricing differently. On the official Pósturinn website, you may find all of the tariffs in greater detail and receive a more accurate estimate.

How can I contact Pósturinn?

It is pretty easy and flexible to get in touch with Pósturinn. You can visit the company's headquarters if you're one of those people who prefer to go out and meet people. This may be found in Iceland in Höfabakki 9D, 110 Reykjavk. Call 825 1071 if you'd like to get in touch with them by phone, and they'll be pleased to handle any requests or grievances you may have.

Finally, we'll leave you with the email address [email protected] or the contact form on the company's website,, via which you may get in touch with the Icelandic postal service.