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LaserShip is the largest US regional provider of e-commerce and shipping. The history of its formation begins in 1986 when several friends organized business for the rapid delivery of documents (15 minutes after the call!) In the Washington area. They called the company LaserCourier. Speed ​​and unprecedented service have contributed to its success for many years. In 1999, the company renamed LaserShip, decided to focus on the development of electronic commerce. Expanding its service offerings, the company has opened a new Global Critical Delivery (GCD) division for air transportation of express flights. LaserShip provides electronic commerce and delivery in the United States, and GCD delivers urgent shipments worldwide.

As a result of the expansion, by 2014, the operator’s ground delivery network consisted of more than 60 distribution points and four sorting centers, which served more than 140 million US consumers. In 2018, the GCD team delivered over 2,500 urgent deliveries of vital goods. E-commerce requires reliable delivery options. LaserShip offers customized logistics solutions for individuals and enterprises in various industries. Flexibility, speed, reliability, accuracy, professionalism - these are the main components of a successful company.

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