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POST Luxembourg (Luxembourg Post) is the postal and telecommunication state company of Luxembourg, organized in 1992. Previously, mail service existed under the name Entreprise des Postes et Télécommunications. The history of the postal company in the territory of modern Luxembourg dates back to the Middle Ages, it is conditionally divided into the home-made period and the stage associated with the start of the production of own postage stamps in 1852.

In addition to the classic mail service, the corporation provides financial, telecommunications, provider services, business mail services. It also promotes the development of electronic commerce. POST Luxembourg has a monopoly on the issue of postage stamps in the Grand Duchy.

Parcels weighing up to 31.5 kg can be sent by mail from the Russian Federation to Luxembourg (up to 20 kg with standard services and up to 31.5 kg with EMS courier). Russian Post employees offer three types of departure: regular (by land), expedited (by air), or EMS. Airmail is a faster and more reliable method of service, but it will cost more. Shipping time will be from two weeks to two months, it all depends on the delivery method.

On the official POST Luxembourg website, there is an opportunity to track the movement of parcels or letters sent by this operator to another country, we suggest you use the more convenient way, with a number of additional advantages - the GdePosylka service.

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LL5********LU not delivered in 117 days

Hello, it's been 117 days since my parcel is in trasit I paid dearly for this parcel I do not understand why its taking so long to come

, posted by

LL6********LU not delivered in 47 days

Colis jamais reçu ..Entré à la poste le Bourget dans le département 93 le 18/02/2021 et n'en est jamais ressorti pour m'être livré .. Colis certainement volé , après renseignement auprès de la poste de mon domicile , il est courant que les colis passant par la poste du bourget (l'étape après Roissy) ne soient pas livrés .. Produit commandé en Chine , aucun problème avec la Chine , commande arrivée au Luxembourg , en 1 semaine .. Ensuite colis bien arrivé à Roissy pour passage à la douane .. Expédié ensuite via le Bourget , colis que j'aurais du recevoir d'après les prévisions le 26 février au plus tard .. Nous sommes le 24 mars et rien ... Mauvaise expérience !!

, posted by

LL7********LU delivered in 41 days

Pakage received OK and not damaged at all. Using International flight, luxembourg postal service and spanish postal service.

, posted by

UF6********YP not delivered in 14 days

I received a message that the item was delivered. The item had 2 tracking numbers, obviously the first one from China to EU and the second one from EU entry point (Luxembourg) to it's final destination (Ljubljana, Slovenia) - LL864782942LU. The 17track platform and Slovenian Post both show that the item was delivered successfully, just not to me and not to Ljubljana (the capital), but to someone else in a town called Kranj. I contacted the Post Office, national Post and the post office from Kranj - I was not the receiver of this package, my name was not on the envelope and the address was not my address in Ljubljana. Everything was fine with the delivery. Now it's not clear what happened - where is the item I ordered, why I was given a false tracking number, why ... the post office said they recently had a case where THE SAME tracking number was used for 2 different packages, both were delivered OK, just the notification at the time of the first delivery upset the other customer.

, posted by

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