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Magyar Posta started its history in 1867 when Austria-Hungary was founded and it celebrates its 150 year anniversary in 2017.

Hungary post has a big network of well-located post offices (some of which work 24/7) and provides a wide variety of services to general public and businesses.

Lately the sellers from China and Hong Kong started using the services of Magyar Posta. In Hong Kong accredited postal services of many countries and senders have an option to pick an optimal delivery method: inexpensive, secure and fast if possible.

On the official website of Magyar Posta there is an interface for package tracking where you can pick information to be shown in English and German languages.

According to the reviews of the recipients Magyar Posta has a high rating. It usually takes on average around 20 days to deliver a package. Sometimes you have to wait longer. Using our service PackageRadar you can easily track any of your packages sent by Magyar Posta. Welcome!

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Magyar Posta (Post of Hungary) Tracking

The majority of the postal services in Hungary are run by Magyar Posta, a state-owned business. In addition to managing domestic and international postal services, the corporation provides public and private businesses with banking and marketing services. One of the biggest and most significant businesses in the country is Magyar Posta.

About 30,000 people work for this organization, which has over 2,600 service locations across the nation. Likewise, Magyar Posta provides a wide range of postal services in addition to having a significant logistical network. Users will have the option to access additional services in addition to having access to a wide range of Magyar Posta rates.

In the entire nation's postal market, Magyar Posta is regarded as the top business. Magyar Posta is the industry leader in the delivery of packages, couriers, and postal mail. It provides a sophisticated, round-the-clock postal delivery and distribution service for shipments. Customers may pick up these packages from any point-of-sale location or gas station. To become the most effective postal service in Hungary, Magyar Posta had to be the first business to create this sophisticated logistical network.

Magyar Posta delivers superior newspaper distribution and delivery services in addition to offering other significant businesses in the country exceptional banking and marketing services. The business is well-known in the advertising industry for controlling the advertising market.

The vast array of payment options that Magyar Posta provides to its millions of customers is one of the key factors in its dominance of the Hungarian postal sector. Users of Magyar Posta have access to a variety of tools, including the iCsekk mobile payment service, which enables customers to pay their service bills from anywhere in the country, securely, and dependably, to swiftly and conveniently pay for their postal services.

Users may access all of Magyar Posta's services from any location in Hungary thanks to the company's more than 2700 post offices that are dispersed throughout the country. Users often have access to the financial services provided by Magyar Posta because of this vast network of locations. Magyar Posta has created banking, investing, insurance, cash/securities in transit, and other financial services to modernize conventional financial services and meet a variety of client demands.

To fulfill its obligations as a service provider for the organization and ensure that millions of residents and customers receive outstanding postal service, it is crucial to emphasize that in 2013 it started to participate in the liberalized postal market of the European Union.

How can I track my Magyar Posta shipment?

One of the most advanced tracking systems in the world is provided by Magyar Posta. In addition to having a top-notch postal logistics network, the organization also boasts a diverse fleet of more than 3,000 cars. These trucks feature cutting-edge GPS tracking technology that allows them to follow and monitor mail or parcels across the country.

The company's official website has a functional virtual system that can be used to trace international mail from Magyar Posta as well.

Users may only use the tracking service through a Magyar Posta tracking number, which is exclusive and specific for each package, letter, or correspondence, whether for domestic or foreign postal services. The virtual system provides real-time access to a variety of package information. Last but not least, it is crucial to note that only once a shipment reaches its final destination can it be tracked internationally.

Does Magyar Post deliver internationally?

More than 220 nations may be reached by international shipments sent by Magyar Posta. The corporation has great agreements and direct ties with countries of the European Union and nations on other continents since it is a part of the liberalized postal market in the European Union. These connections make it easier for Magyar Posta to do its job while providing a dependable and efficient service.

For packages shipped to European countries, Magyar Posta offers special services. In terms of sending and distributing parcels internationally, Magyar Posta offers fast delivery to more than 545 cities.

How long does it take Magyar Posta to deliver packages from Hungary to the UK?

Before shipping a package to the UK, it is important to choose the appropriate postal service. Depending on the type of service that the customer has purchased, the delivery time may change. However, it often takes 2 to 4 working days for Magyar Posta to deliver packages.

Magyar Post: is it pricey?

Utilizing Magyar Posta's postal services might be expensive for a variety of reasons. Price lists might vary depending on factors including weight, destination, package size, postal service choice, and use of various extra services. Users may send items with a maximum weight of 50 kg for national shipments, and the typical cost of delivery is $7.

Users may send items with a maximum weight of 30 kg for international shipments, and the typical payment fee is around $40. Depending on the country where the package will be delivered, this price may change. Users may also ship packages to other nations that weigh more than 30 kg, but only if they are prepared to pay an extra luxury tax.

Magyar Posta Tracking International in English

If you have a domestic package, you may learn more about transit developments as well as the basic or supplemental services for the postal item by entering the first 13 characters of the parcel identification. If you have a domestic letter-mail item, you must input 16 characters to inquire about the item's past. Only numbers and symbols without accents, as well as no special characters, are permitted in the identifier.

The most recent status of the requested postal items will show up when the tracking number has been supplied. The timings of transactions and occurrences may vary from the Hungarian time zone when sending mail internationally.

Why am I unable to see my international item?

After they enter the country, commodities from abroad can be traced. If you are unable to locate your overseas goods in the system, it is most likely that they have not yet arrived in the country.

The allocated product identity linked with orders placed on foreign websites is typically a non-standard postal identifier, therefore it is absent from the tracking. Since the IDs are often obtained from the sender's system, the things bearing such identification are not registered mail.

How can I contact the Magyar Posta?

One of the best and most recognizable services offered by Magyar Posta is its customer service. Users can submit their inquiries to customer care through a variety of methods. Users can first reach Magyar Posta by calling their toll-free lines, sending emails, or connecting on social media.

Additionally, consumers may fill out a variety of online forms to submit inquiries, grievances, ideas, and even requests for the Magyar Posta tracking package service. Additionally, the business provides its fax information and office addresses in Hungary's major cities and regions. The aforementioned Magyar Posta postal outlets allow users to submit any kind of request or inquiry.