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RO3********EE delivered in 24 days

Meest Express - это нечто. Привезли посылку в отделение Укртелекома. На сайте экспресса указан только адрес, без указания отделения, т.е. на деревню дедушке. При том, что еще телеком работает аккурат с 8 до 17, с выходными в субботу и воскресенье. Если ты не пенсионер или безработный надо брать отпуск за свой счёт, чтобы получить посылку.

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RC9********DE delivered in 31 days

In 3 days parcel was arrived from Hong Kong to Frankfurt. But about a month kept in Frankfurt while ukrainian meest-express departed it to Odessa. Not recommend this service.

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CV9********CA delivered in 52 days

I use Meest services all the time, but this is my first review. I am a happy customer and will recommend them to all. My quite heavy parcel (30 kg) was sent from Edmonton To Ukraine without any issues. It was sent by sea on October 12 and was delivered on Dec 4. Price for shipping is very reasonable and I have no complaints. Our Edmonton office rep is a very nice man, who knows his job well and is always helping me. My family got their Christmas presents and nothing was damaged or removed. Very happy with this company. I wish they had same rates for sending parcels to Armenia as it's currently $8,50 per kg shipping by sea, and that is almost same as Canada post rates, otherwise it's all good.

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