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Omniva (Eesti Post) is a national logistic and postal company that deals with local and international packages. They work with individual and corporate customers. National postal service is a part of «Omniva» corporate group as a main company. «Omniva» is major transport company in online market of Baltic countries. In Estonia Eesti Post name is mostly used, on international scale - «Omniva». The postal service company was created on 13 November 1918 and now contains more than 300 post offices all over Estonia. Since 2014 as an international company it has been using the name «Omniva».

You can use this company’s services when you order not only from Estonia. You can come across this shipping method on Chinese websites. Delivery time is considered quite fast by most customers - around 10-45 days on average. The most popular destinations are Baltic countries, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

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Estonia Post (Omniva) Tracking

The main postal firm in Estonia, Omniva, is in charge of overseeing all postal logistics as well as managing and delivering mail services to the rest of the globe and the Balkan countries. Omniva Estonia Post tracking service is one of the most cutting-edge and contemporary in Europe because of the intricate logistic network and postal infrastructure. Estonia's postal system was established in 1638 when it was still a part of the Swedish Empire.

Since then, the postal system in Estonia has seen a great deal of development that has left its imprint on history and laid the groundwork for Omniva's current framework. The business had been operating under the name Eesti Post from 1638, during the time the Swedish Empire was in existence until changing its name to Omniva. The newly established Republic of Estonia didn't decide to establish its postal services until 1918. To do this, the Estonian government decided to seize control of the German postal and telegraph offices in the city of Tellin.

The Republic of Estonia then decides to create and execute its postal services, which are driven by the demands of the populace, even under the name of Eesti Post. For more than 95 years, this postal system was in place, adding significant chapters to both the company's and the nation's histories. A new board of directors decided for the corporation to refurbish and fully reorganize the postal services infrastructure with the advent and installation of the contemporary age. All of these modifications were made official when the business decided to change its name from Eesti Post to Omniva.

Omniva provides a comprehensive range of postal services that may be sent both domestically and internationally. Additionally, Omniva has outstanding multilateral agreements and relationships with all of the Balkan Peninsula countries as well as with countries like China, the United Kingdom, and Germany. This is only one of the numerous factors that make Omniva one of the most reputable and appreciated foreign corporations in the area.

How can I trace an Omniva package?

The Omniva tracking service is accessible to both public users and private clients through a cutting-edge virtual system that can monitor and locate any kind of postal order, both domestically and abroad. All clients must use a tracking code or number that is 13 digits long, such as "CE800110714EE," to use the virtual platform for Omniva package tracking.

You may get any Omniva tracking number via email, text message, or through the company's mobile app. It is crucial to note that only after completing the payment process and the corporation has authorized the postal orders will consumers be able to acquire the pick-up or tracking number.

When will you receive the cargo from Estonia?

Omniva provides a variety of services. The delivery time may vary based on the service that the client has ordered. Regardless of the target country, the delivery period typically lasts 7 to 8 working days. The period may be cut down to, about, 3 to 4 working days with the use of expedited mail service, or EMS.

The business strives to complete domestic deliveries in less than 36 hours. The EMS postal service allows for faster delivery—less than 12 hours—and the option for consumers to pick up their packages at home. Due to this, Omniva's delivery time is the fastest.

Is Omniva available throughout Europe?

Unfortunately, Omniva cannot transmit and deliver postal orders to all of the European Union member states or all of the countries on other continents. The organization that makes the most of all of its efforts to ensure that the caliber of its services never falls short of perfection is the reason for this. Omniva employs a very minimal infrastructure to achieve this goal, enabling it to deploy a more selective postal network without compromising the company's objectives of dependability, security, efficiency, and timeliness. All countries on the Balkan Peninsula, as well as several countries in Africa, Asia, North America, Central America, and South America, can be reached via shipments and deliveries made by Omniva. Additionally, it enjoys strong ties with countries like China, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Is Omniva a pricey delivery service?

The number of postal orders, the location, and the kind of service the client has requested can all affect Omniva shipping prices. The average price across the nation is $9. The approximate cost for deliveries of items that are larger than the maximum allowable size is $12.

For shipping outside the U.S.:

  • The average price is $14 for the countries in the Balkan Peninsula.

  • The cost to European countries like Germany, Spain, or France is around $45. $53 are charged for bigger shipments.

  • The typical price for delivery to Americas countries like the United States, Mexico, or Argentina is 48 dollars; for larger goods, the price is 58 dollars.

  • The estimated cost for delivery to Asia-Pacific countries like China is $46.

  • And it costs, on average, 48 dollars to go to African countries.

How do I contact Omniva?

There are many parts on the company's official website where consumers may get helpful information about the business. The most crucial information about Omniva contacts, including phone numbers, emails, and official social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, will be available to all clients.

Additionally, customers may find the postal codes for Estonia as well as the residence addresses for the most significant Omniva post offices. The Omniva mobile application will also be accessible to clients, allowing them to not only follow postal orders or get essential notifications but also access vital corporate data.