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Bosnia and Herzegovina Post Office (BH Pošta) is one of the three corporations responsible for postal services in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The other two are Pošte Srpske and Hrvatska pošta Mostar. The headquarters is located in Sarajevo. It provides all the basic postal services for the population: sending letters, parcels, and other items within the state and abroad. Collaborates with the postal services of different countries, which allows you to quickly and on the optimal route to deliver the departure to the addressee. In addition to postal services, the company also offers financial, trade, information, insurance services throughout the country.

The company's mail service includes:

  • delivery of parcels and letters by regular mail,
  • express courier delivery "from hand to hand" throughout the country,
  • logistics services,
  • subscription and delivery of periodicals for the population,
  • philately.

Parcels weighing up to 20 kg can be sent from Russia to Bosnia and Herzegovina by regular mail. Over 20 kg ship the EMS service - express unit. The package travel time will be from two weeks to two months, depending on the method chosen (ground, air, high-speed EMS).

On the official website of BH Pošta there is an opportunity to track the movement of mail from Bosnia and Herzegovina abroad, we suggest you use the universal package tracker - the service GdePosylka.

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