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Posta Moldovei is a national postal representative who is a member of Universal Postal Union since November 1992. The main office is located in Moldovan capital - Chisinau.

Posta Moldovei offers services for general public and business partners. There are the following postal services: package shipping (local and international), letter shipping (local and international), Curier rapid service, express delivery EMS, newspaper and magazines subscriptions, emission and sale of stamps. Financial services include - money transfers, salary and pension transfers, payment acceptance, indexing transfers. Also Posta Moldovei offers business services: advertising distribution - Direct-Mail (advertising and marketing materials - leaflets, booklets, flyers). The additional information can be found on their official website.

There are Posta Moldovei postal offices all over the Moldova, they have their own transport park and they partner with many well-known postal services and major courier companies. They implement new technologies and experience that helps them to stay updated and provide high quality services.

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Moldavia Post (Posta Moldovei) Tracking

The national postal and delivery service of Moldavia is called Posta Moldovei. It was established in April 1993 as a result of the courier services' exemption from providing telecommunications and technology services. This run-estate business complies with Moldavian government regulations.

Posta Moldovei provides a wide range of services, all of which are naturally largely concerned with deliveries, shipments, and couriers as part of the core Posta Moldovei track tracing service. Additionally, they work with business solutions, financial services, and fintech, among other things. All of Moldavia is home to the company's several offices.

The official Moldavian stamps are printed by Posta Moldovei. The first set of stamps commemorating Moldavia's official independence was issued in the year 1991. Since 2005, the business has been run by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, which is in charge of overseeing all activities, offices, and deliveries both domestically and abroad. Worldwide, several nations assist with Posta Moldovei services. By implementing strong security and quality standards in their delivery, they guarantee the integrity of the package. From the time of arrival until the scheduled delivery time, packages are thoroughly watched, and Posta Moldovei guarantees the anonymity of every package's contents.

Depending on the circumstance, only the sender and receiver will be aware of what is inside the package. Additionally, the Posta Moldovei shipping costs include insurance for the package in case of mishaps, delays, theft, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Two days after delivery, Posta Moldovei keeps onto the box. The customer is then informed through SMS with a secret code that he may use to go pick up the package. Each package is delivered to the official postal office of the business.

How can I track a delivery from Posta Moldovei?

Workers set the Posta Moldovei tracking number for that package when the sender leaves it at the Posta Moldovei courier office. They go through this procedure for every single shipment since it enables them to record all the sender and recipient's information as well as other details like the travel route, expected delivery time, delivery address, costs, and the type of goods, among many other things.

The user must first register on the Posta Moldovei website before the tracking and shipping procedure can begin. Following registration, the recipient enters the origin of the package, specifying whether it came from an online store or specific shipping. The user must thus specify the post-terminal that the closest to them so they can easily get their package.

The consumer is then given the tracking number by the website, which he may enter in the track and trace Posta Moldovei part of the website. The platform will display the parcel's status in its entirety there.

Does Posta Moldovei provide shipping abroad?

Posta Moldovei's delivery service covers the entire country of Moldavia owing to its postal facilities and efficient transportation network. They exchange cargo from and to every city on the national territory. Naturally, Posta Moldovei has restrictions on the packages. Both domestic and foreign deliveries are subject to these terms.

Regarding deliveries to Europe and the continental United States, Posta Moldovei also provides international shipping. Everyone can send and receive parcels from the region of Moldova using International EMS services. Additionally, various alternative delivery methods guarantee goods abroad. All of the terms and conditions necessary to use outlander services are explained in full on the website for the Moldavian post.

How quickly does Posta Moldovei deliver packages?

The chances of a speedy delivery time for packages delivered by the Moldavia courier service are higher. Most of the time, the response time is quick and superior to that of other national courier services. Delivery times are, however, absolutely based on every component of the package. The cost of the shipment is determined by factors like weight, size, product type, destination region, and others.

Deliveries across the country don't take as long. The typical time frame is up to three working days, however, it can be shorter depending on the parcel's specifics. However, overseas services often take 8 to 21 days to arrive, regardless of the customer sending or receiving from Moldovia.

What are the shipping fees for Posta Moldovei?

The business estimates the shipment times in the same way that it calculates the Posta Moldovei shipping costs. The business takes into account every component of the bundle. As previously, they take into consideration factors like weight, size, the distance between sender and recipient, kind of service (EMS is more expensive than regular mail service), and a few other things.

National shipping will be less expensive due to distance and tax-related variables. These nationwide deliveries range in price from $1 or its equivalent in local currency up to $2.38, whichever is greater. These costs include a guarantee of insurance in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, such as accidents, thefts, natural disasters, and others.

International shipping costs a little bit more than domestic shipping. It's because sending something internationally necessitates paying import, export, and/or customs duties. Again, depending on the features of the package, the costs might easily surpass $200.One thing to keep in mind is that the international service separates into European shipments and overseas destinations, which also affects the delivery's ultimate cost.

What is Posta Moldovei's phone number?

All the necessary Posta Moldovei contact information is available on the company's official website. For further official letters of complaint, claims, doubts, and other things, the email address is provided.

About Moldavia Post

On April 1, 1993, State Enterprise "Posta Moldovei" was established as a result of the separation of the postal communications sector from the telecom sector. The Ministry of Information Technology and Communications is its representative, and it is the country's primary provider of postal services. The largest provider of its kind in Moldova, Posta Moldovei provides a comprehensive range of postal and financial services across the whole nation. With a geographical network made up of 1146 offices and postal agencies, 37 branches, and 1527 locations, the company offers postal services. We always work to stay on top of new technologies to provide our clients with cutting-edge services and sophisticated solutions. This will help us establish ourselves as a market leader in the supply of postal services.