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Post of Romania ( Poşta Română) is a national postal service provider in Romania. They perform postal and logistics services. The main office is located in Bucharest. The company was founded in 1991 and is one of the founders and a member of Universal Postal Union.

Postal offices are working to provide services both for general public as well as business customers. There’s an individual approach to each customer.

Romanian national postal company offers quality services that include:

  • Delivery of packages and letters (local and international shipping);
  • Express delivery EMS;
  • Courier services;
  • Stamps emission;
  • Logistics services;
  • Finacial operations (currency exchange, postal transfers);
  • Software development;
  • Consulting services;
  • Subscriptions ;
  • Book sale.

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Romanian Post (Poșta Română) Tracking

There is a system in place in Romania to manage all postal services. The sole supplier of postal services in Romania is Posta Romana. Posta Romana, the sole provider of universal services in Romania, was established in 1862 and provides a wide range of services throughout the nation.

What is Posta Romana?

The sole national provider of postal services in Romania is Posta Romana. All postcards, money transfers, and other payments must be sent and received through it. This business provides postal and press services in a free market. In addition, it engages in various operations including international trade, supply, healthcare, socio-cultural services, etc.

Since the Middle Ages, Romania has been familiar with this service. It was developed as a result of the sovereigns' desire to expand their commands to cover more area. The mail sent by the citizens of the country's towns and villages was delivered by horses to the sovereigns. A well-known postcard from 1993 called "The Charter" made it possible for the postal services in Romania to be recognized. Sovereign Mircea the Elder wrote this letter. The letter demanded that the communities set up effective postal delivery systems. They were talking about the horse-drawn, two-wheeled carts at the time.

The postal stations in the nation's major cities were transformed into post offices in 1850, a few centuries later. There were only 30 postal routes at the time, with various stations serving as the primary office. The private postal service was started in 1852 and was under the control of the Ministry of Finance. Since that time, Romania's postal system has significantly developed and is now the sole one in the nation. Today, it offers postal services to all people living on both domestic and foreign land.

How can I trace a package from Posta Romana?

Almost all mail and package deliveries made by Posta Romana may be tracked. You can monitor a postcard from its processing until it arrives at its destination with the help of Posta Romana.

You simply need to input the tracking number found on the post office invoice to start the Posta Romana track and trace procedure in the tracking box on the site's main page. The first two and last two characters of this 13-character number are letters.

The algorithm can determine where the postcard originated thanks to the letters at the beginning of the Posta Romana tracking number. Similarly to this, the destination office or location is indicated by the letters at the end of the tracking number.

Posta Romana's website contains all available information. There, among other things, is information on all the services offered by the business. You may learn how to locate the Posta Romana tracking code of your package there if you want to know what it is. You may have the option to have the receipt delivered to your email at various Posta Romana locations. You may copy and paste the tracking number from the mail and use it to track a package on the official website.

Is La Posta Romana a global shipping company?

It does. The greatest international postal solutions have been adopted by Posta Romana, one of the oldest postal organizations in the world.

Additionally, because the Universal Postal Union was established in 1874, it is one of the founder nations of that organization. Between 2004 to 2008, Romania also served as the UPU Council of Administration's president. As a result, it was able to support the decision-making process about the postal systems' future.

More than 190 nations are now served by Posta Romana's mail service. There are offices of the same corporation in several of them, while in others, they are only affiliates. One of the greatest possibilities for mailing postcards internationally is Posta Romana's rates.

How long does it take Posta Romania to deliver?

The priority and destination will affect how quickly a package is delivered. Deliveries of domestic packages might take up to two days. If received at the office, priority shipments with the term Priority will be dispatched the next day.

Delivery times for international shipments range from 5 to more days. This delivery period is determined using business days and any additional services, such as declarations and suggested values. Shipments may take several weeks to reach some nations. Please be aware that only business days are used for shipping.

By monitoring the Posta Romana track and trace on the official website, you may have better control over your domestic shipments. You may also check the international track and trace in the case of foreign shipments to find out the status of the product. Shipping from Posta Romana has the advantage of being a quick and effective service.

How much does Posta Romana cost?

Shipping costs through Posta Romana depend on several variables, namely weight, size, and whether the package is domestic or international. Prices for domestic deliveries range from RON 1.90 ($0.44) for regular deliveries to RON 10.51 ($2.44) for payment on delivery.

Standard international shipments cost RON 4.32 ($1), whereas extraordinary shipments with notification of receipt cost RON 58.06 ($13.48). Packages shipped through Posta Romana can be insured for more protection or higher payment in the event of a loss.

What is Posta Romana's phone number?

The Posta Romana can be reached in several ways. Among the most important are the phone numbers 021 9393 for domestic calls and 021 9393 111 for international calls. Send an email to [email protected] if you'd like to contact La Posta Romana online. Another way to get in touch with Posta Romana is to fill out a form on their website, Additionally, you may discover all the information you need regarding Posta's offerings on that website.

About Romanian Post

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has 75% of the shares of the Romanian Post, which is the country's postal operator, while the Property Fund holds 25% of the shares, on behalf of the Romanian government. The Romanian Post is the single national provider of universal service in any location on Romanian territory, offering rates that are affordable for all customers and at a high level of quality.

The Romanian Post is a player in the postal communication sector, with its primary activities being the management, expansion, and operation of postal services as well as joint ventures with foreign counterparts to provide these services internationally by the rules and regulations of the Ordinance no. 31/2002 approved by the Law no. 642/2002 regarding the postal services and the licenses or authorizations granted.