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Slovenian Post (Pošta Slovenije) is the country's national postal service that has its headquarters in Maribor. It provides delivery of international and domestic mail, offers express mail services, and delivers EMS items. In addition, it provides financial, insurance, commercial, informational, electronic services for the population and business. Slovenian Post enters a new level, transforming from a traditional postal service provider into a modern, development-oriented postal and logistics operator. The emphasis is on new services and on the modernization of an existing service - delivery of parcels and letters, morning delivery of newspapers and magazines, logistics and electronic services for individuals and companies.

Additional departments of Slovenian Post:

  • EPPS (printing services, electronic invoices, secure data storage, remote printer service),
  • PS Logistika (a complex of logistics services),
  • PS Moj Paket (postal online store),
  • IPPS (cooperation with companies where people with disabilities work),
  • APS Plus (digital services for business).

Letters and parcels sent by Pošta Slovenije service can be tracked on the official website of the operator or on our portal GdePosylka.

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Slovenia Post (Pošta Slovenije) Tracking

Slomek Square is home to the offices of Pota Slovenije, a state-owned enterprise. To oversee all postal services in Slovenia, Pota Slovenije was established. The tracking Pota Slovenije service, which is renowned for its dependability and effectiveness, is one of the most notable offerings. Nowadays, Pota Slovenije offers a variety of services, including bank transfer services.

Slovenia's postal history dates back to the 19th century, which is a very long time ago. Nonetheless, the Slovenian Post Company's establishment in 1994 marked the start of the postal services' impact and significance. When it was established, it did so in conjunction with the telecom firm Telekom Slovenije. By 1995, both businesses had been combined, and the government of Slovenia had passed several legislations to assist in controlling Pota Slovenije's postal services.

After its unification, Pota Slovenije sets out on a new course to create and put into use the most cutting-edge technology to enhance the nation's logistics, postal system, and communication infrastructure. Pota Slovenije also began work on developing a subsidiary firm with the name Potna soon after its consolidation.

This business was established to administer and provide several banking and financial service alternatives to millions of people. Both businesses grow to be the biggest and most significant publicly traded businesses in Slovenia. Pota Slovenije has advanced quickly since its founding and has created a name for itself as one of the top postal services in Eastern Europe. Every year, Pota Slovenije starts renovations and current technology implementations to enhance the quality of services and the complete logistical network of the nation's postal operations, with the operational assistance of Telekom Slovenije. This is one of the reasons Pota Slovenije provides a wide range of services to the country's millions of clients and citizens.

It was verified in 2019 that the corporation operated more than 150 post offices spread across the nation's regions. To distribute and deliver all postal orders, including registered letters, money orders, documents, or parcels of various sizes, it also has a sizable, up-to-date, and diverse network of transport vehicles. It's also vital to remember that Pota Slovenije is a dynamic proponent of creating employment possibilities for individuals with disabilities in addition to providing first-rate banking services.

One of the first companies in the world to offer jobs for individuals with disabilities is Pota Slovenije, which uses electric cars to deliver mail. The business is likewise firmly committed to helping to bring about a more ecological and environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

How can I follow my Pota Slovenije shipment?

A cutting-edge Pota Slovenije tracking system allows users to find their postal orders. The company's official website has a link to this virtual tracking system. Also, users will have access to a helpful manual that will explain how to utilize the tracking system. Users must input the Pota Slovenije tracking number, which must contain 13 digits, into the computerized system. Users will additionally need to input a security code.Users will be able to acquire the tracking and security codes once all payment processes have been completed and the firm has approved the orders for domestic and international traffic. There is a need to emphasize that these codes are assigned automatically to every package. This helps to make the process of tracking more efficient.

Does Pota Slovenije provide shipping abroad?

The business not only has the infrastructure and logistical ability to distribute packages internationally to more than 200 nations, but it is also capable of doing so within the boundaries of the country. All of the company's postal services, from the least expensive to the most expensive, may be utilized for overseas delivery.It is significant to highlight that DHL and the enterprise Pota Slovenije have a close working connection. By doing this, Pota Slovenije makes sure that its clients have another mode of transportation available for sending their postal orders.

How long does Pota Slovenije typically take to deliver?

Several variables can affect how quickly Pota Slovenije is delivered. The expected delivery time for deliveries that need to be delivered nationally is 3 to 4 business days. The predicted delivery time for the EMS service is 24 hours.

Shipping times for overseas deliveries are typically excellent:

  • For nations in Europe, Asia, and North America, the expected delivery time using conventional services is 6 to 10 working days.

  • The predicted delivery period when using EMS services is 2 to 4 business days.

  • The anticipated travel duration is two weeks to destinations in South America and Africa.

Pota Slovenije: Is it pricey?

The national shipping costs for Pota Slovenije are the lowest on the market. The average price for mail delivery is less than a dollar. The cost rises when shipments are delivered. A rough estimate for the cost of package shipping is $5, including insurance. The estimated cost to pay might be more than $3000 for deliveries of items weighing more than 10 kg.

The cost is around $6 for shipping outside of the United States. The cost to send items to the United States or other American nations is around $50. The price is around $60 for nations throughout Europe. The average cost is 98 dollars for the remaining nations.

How can I get in touch with Pota Slovenije?

Customers may get Pota Slovenije's contact information on the official website. Users will be able to access these details, such as Pota Slovenije's phone numbers and official email addresses. Also, they have the option of filling out a form to submit inquiries, requests, complaints, and ideas.Consumers will have the chance to find solutions for a wide range of issues or issues with the delivery of their postal orders. The company's official mobile application, which can be downloaded from the Pota Slovenije website, also contains all of this information.