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Holland is poetically called as a country of seafarers, caravelle and beautiful tulips. There were times when tulip bulbs were treated as currency and they were so valuable that you can buy a house using only a few of them. Currently the country is mostly famous for Delft ceramics and antiques. Products by Holland brands you can buy in a selected stores and pick Post NL delivery. All packages by Post NL has R-barcodes used for tracking. If your country is not far away from the Netherlands shipping cost won’t be too high. Since Post NL provides tracking of all packages you can order right from your home without a hurry and need to get a visa or get on a plane. It’s very easy and affordable.

As many postal services - tracking of Post NL packages are only available till the border of the Netherlands. Tracking all the way on the official website is only available till Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. But fear not! Russian, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukrainian users can track their Post NL package on PackageRadar website. This service is free of charge. Just type in tracking number in the special field and you will get all the info on the location of your package in seconds. If your register on PackageRadar website you can get updated information on your order to your email. Detailed tracking of Post NL packages that is more comfortable, doesn’t demand any time or money. You’ll be always up to date if there’s a delay or speedy delivery of your parcel.

If your business is connected with international e-commerce, you can use notifications. Tracking of Post NL get easier with it. You won’t even have to go to PackageRadar website again. Our service will notify you when the package goes through customs, when it’s is imported in the destination country and also will give the delivery address of your postal office. PackageRadar gives an opportunity to track as many packages by different transport and postal services as you need. It’s great to receive packages when there’s a thoughtful and caring guide. Happy shopping!

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PostNL (Netherland Post) tracking packages

PostNL was the only postal service in the Netherlands for a very long period. The two major TNT divisions under PostNL, Mail, and Express became more and more separate, each with its strategies.

TNT Express split out in 2011, and the mail service carried on as PostNL. We are a business that deals with letters, packages, and everything else that has to do with letters and packages. Additionally, we operate in Belgium, Luxembourg, the UK, Germany, and Italy.

PostNL Tracking International Mail

With PostNL Track & Trace, you may use our online system for global tracking to follow a registered postal item or package to its final destination. Utilizing your exclusive barcode, you can simply track the status of your packages while they are on their way. You can quickly determine if your item is in transit or has already arrived at its destination.

Amsterdam Foreign Mail Center receives all inbound international mail for the Netherlands.

International registered air mail shipments by PostNL are identified by RU NL tracking numbers that resemble RU179726789NL and RU222005314NL.

These tracking ids are in the format required by the Universal Postal Union, and you may monitor them using our postal tracker or at

By entering your package barcode in the space at the top of this page, you may trace an internationally registered mail item or packet.

NLPost monitoring

By sending parcels to the PostNL sorting facility in Hong Kong, Chinese internet retailers frequently employ the services of Holland Post. Delivering parcels throughout the world, Holland Post transfers products to its sorting facility on the continent of Europe.

Tracking for Holland Post Air Mail

Holland Post is another name for PostNL. Similar to PostNL monitoring, Holland Post Air Mail tracking also functions. simply click the top of this page, input your tracking number or parcel barcode, and then Package tracking PostNL tracking for AliExpressThe Netherlands is where PostNL is active.

There are several parcel collection stations in China. The courier picks up the package instead of the seller sending it to PostNL. All packages are then delivered to the parcel collecting facility, where they are put onto an airplane and flown to the sorting facility in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands-based PostNL is a mail and delivery service. To provide consumers with a dependable delivery network, the business collaborates with private delivery partners and national postal agencies. They provide these services not just within the nation but also through other nations worldwide.

With PackageRadar, you can track your PostNL packages and receive tracking information like the predicted arrival date and time and the current status. Up to 10 packages may be tracked simultaneously, and you can see the results instantly!

To monitor your package, simply type your tracking number into the search box at the top of this page.

What is PostNL?

PostNL, previously TNT NV, is a postal service that provides e-commerce logistics solutions as well as parcel and mail delivery throughout several European nations. It is based in the Netherlands and has activities there as well as in Germany, Italy, Belgium, and the UK. It is a publicly traded corporation on Euronext Amsterdam.

With approximately 46,000 PostNL base employees globally, PostNL shipping and tracking is currently the largest shipping enterprise. The post-purchase experience that PostNL provides to its clients, which includes merchants, logistical firms, eCommerce sites, and online marketplaces in addition to normal consumers, is another area of concentration for PostNL. The top rivals of PostNL in Europe are GEODIS, TNT, and DHL.

PostNL tracking is one of several post-purchase PostNL international shipment options. A package's and/or mail's live tracing and tracking are available through PostNL tracking. Although this service has been well-received by consumers, many are discovering that PackageRadar is a superior option for monitoring overseas.

Every month, millions of people use PackageRadar to track their packages thanks to its ability to monitor several international couriers. This is especially crucial for businesses that rely on other carriers from the parcel delivery network since they lack comprehensive end-to-end delivery capabilities.

While PostNL handles end-to-end delivery in the Netherlands, an overseas delivery will very certainly require at least one additional courier, such as a local courier in the destination country, who will handle the handling. As a result, consumers choose to use PackageRadar to access all of their PostNL monitoring in one location. To begin, just type in your PostNL tracking number.

This page seeks to provide answers to queries like how much it costs to send a box using PostNL, how I can monitor a PostNL item from anywhere in the globe, and how long PostNL delivery takes.

What is the PostNL history?

After completing a takeover, KPN, the government-owned postal service of the Netherlands, moved to acquire TNT Limited in January 1997. The TNT Post Group was created the year after a merger between KPN and PTT Post. The group was later listed on the stock markets in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, and New York.

Following the merger, TPG created a road hub in the Netherlands and a European Express Center in Belgium, and it bought the French firm Jet Services. Before TNT NV split out as an independent business and adopted the name PostNL, TNT Post Group changed its name to TNT in 2005.

Because of this, PostNL has a solid experience in logistics and has shown its worth as a provider of independent logistics solutions via several mergers and stock exchange flotations. The business now provides a wide range of services, including PostNL expedited shipping services as well as PostNL conventional shipping services.

These postal choices have among the quickest turnaround times for deliveries in all of Europe, and the service is especially popular in the Netherlands, where its operations are concentrated. As part of its activities, it also serves as a third-party logistics solution, handling final-leg delivery of the package from outside of Europe.

Your cargo will likely be handled by TNT or PostNL for the last leg of the journey if it was delivered from the US to the Netherlands (such as from the airport to the addressee). If this is the case, you may follow everything from the PackageRadar website rather than switching your tracking from the courier you initially delivered the goods with (such as UPS or USPS).

Through its built-in auto courier recognition tools, which are free, PackageRadar follows hundreds of different private couriers and national postal services to assist you with your PostNL package tracking — or any other, for that matter — globally.

Where is PostNL located?

The Netherlands is home to PostNL's corporate headquarters. In the Netherlands, there are more than 5,700 PostNL service locations, including offices, processing facilities, depots, parcel forwarding locations, and facilities for managing package deliveries.

Customers can enter their present location into the PostNL website finder to identify the closest PostNL service locations nearby. People can place their PostNL order by delivering their PostNL delivery at any service location, according to their convenience and needs. From here, all PostNL express and registered mail.

Delivery time for PostNL shipment

The typical transit and delivery time for Postnl's international services are 15 to 25 days. Track your PostNL cargo using our global postal tracker, and we'll utilize data on PostNL transit times to predict the day your parcel will arrive. Domestic packages are typically delivered by PostNL within one working day. For secure delivery across Europe, PostNL International Parcel and PostNL International Express shipment takes one to three business days. Deliveries typically take five to seven days in other areas.

Several things, such as restrictions on cargo handling, bad weather, and other things, might cause something to be delayed. Please be aware that foreign limitations might also create delays, so if you're sending something outside of the Netherlands, double-verify that it doesn't include any of the forbidden products mentioned on the PostNL website and abides by the tax and import regulations of the recipient nation.

Standard and rapid shipping, including next-day delivery to select places, are all offered by PostNL, particularly domestically. However, the speed at which PostNL items are delivered if they are shipped outside will rely on the postal systems of other nations and regions that take over last-mile delivery services. As a result, PostNL shipping times may vary between areas and nations.

You don't have to switch your tracking each time your PostNL package changes hands if you want to maintain track of it worldwide and with many handlers. On the PackageRadar website, you may access global shipment tracking for all PostNL parcels as well as those of their network delivery partners everywhere.

PostNL runs a reputable and well-established postal network that it successfully uses for its deliveries. Fast processing, quick logistics, and integrated information systems promise some of the most affordable prices and quickest response times in Europe. PostNL provides end-to-end and third-party logistics services for the delivery of packages, mail, and parcels to your desired destination, with the former, primarily falling within its domestic postal services and the latter falling under the wider international postal network.

Where can I locate the tracking number for PostNL?

There are several places where the PostNL tracking number may be retrieved. The tracking number may be printed on the shipping label, the actual product, or the receipt. If you misplace your receipt, you may still monitor your package using the phone number or email address you gave the post office.

A 13-digit number with two capital letters in front, a 9-digit number, and the letters NL should complete PostNL's tracking number (Netherlands ISO Code).

About PostNL

Digital apps are becoming a bigger part of daily life in the world we live in. These services grow quickly. We employ our creativity to always come up with new ways to link senders and recipients. For more than 200 years, both inside the Netherlands and overseas, we have been delivering your mail. We are a crucial connection connecting the offline and online worlds.

In the Benelux nations, our network for letters, packages, and online sales is the largest. We can provide our clients with practical solutions thanks to our integration of smart networks and digital applications.

How can I contact PostNL?

Visit PostNL Customer Service if you have any inquiries, comments, or worries about your packages. There are auto-generated responses to your inquiries on their website, which you may check. Otherwise, you can get in touch with them: if you continue to have problems or concerns.

Phone: 088-2255555

Phone: +31 900 0990

Twitter: @PostNL

You may anticipate a response from Twitter's customer support within an hour, and it is available around the clock. The phone services, on the other hand, are accessible Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm and on Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.