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Holland is poetically called as a country of seafarers, caravelle and beautiful tulips. There were times when tulip bulbs were treated as currency and they were so valuable that you can buy a house using only a few of them. Currently the country is mostly famous for Delft ceramics and antiques. Products by Holland brands you can buy in a selected stores and pick Post NL delivery. All packages by Post NL has R-barcodes used for tracking. If your country is not far away from the Netherlands shipping cost won’t be too high. Since Post NL provides tracking of all packages you can order right from your home without a hurry and need to get a visa or get on a plane. It’s very easy and affordable.

As many postal services - tracking of Post NL packages are only available till the border of the Netherlands. Tracking all the way on the official website is only available till Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. But fear not! Russian, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukrainian users can track their Post NL package on PackageRadar website. This service is free of charge. Just type in tracking number in the special field and you will get all the info on the location of your package in seconds. If your register on PackageRadar website you can get updated information on your order to your email. Detailed tracking of Post NL packages that is more comfortable, doesn’t demand any time or money. You’ll be always up to date if there’s a delay or speedy delivery of your parcel.

If your business is connected with international e-commerce, you can use notifications. Tracking of Post NL get easier with it. You won’t even have to go to PackageRadar website again. Our service will notify you when the package goes through customs, when it’s is imported in the destination country and also will give the delivery address of your postal office. PackageRadar gives an opportunity to track as many packages by different transport and postal services as you need. It’s great to receive packages when there’s a thoughtful and caring guide. Happy shopping!

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With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.
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