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Postnord Denmark is the largest postal service provider in Denmark. The head office is located in Copenhagen. The company has more than 21,000 employees at its headquarters. In 2009, the postal service merged with the Swedish postal operator Posten and formed PostNord AB holding.

The operator delivers parcels, documents, bulky goods both domestically and around the world. Collaborates with many local and international services to create the optimal transit route and achieve the best delivery results, for the comfort of the client. Postnord Denmark offers a wide range of communication and logistics solutions for individuals and companies.

Basic services to individuals:

  • reception, storage, and delivery of parcels and letters,
  • courier services,
  • tracking orders,
  • SMS notification.

Service for legal entities:

  • collection of goods from the customer’s warehouse,
  • warehousing and consolidation,
  • express delivery,
  • fulfillment,
  • return of goods.

To track mailings on the site GdePosylka is necessary to register on the site, enter all the parcel identification numbers, the system will notify you about every change of the status of your package via email.

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Postnord Denmark track packages by tracking number

With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.

Postnord Denmark Tracking

The organization in charge of overseeing all postal services in Denmark is known as PostNord Denmark. PostNord Denmark has handled this responsibility consistently and effectively since 1995.

Denmark has a long history of postal and correspondence services dating back to 1624 when Postvaesenet, the nation's first postal agency, was created. PostNord Denmark started carrying out these duties in 1995. The operational hub for the smooth running of PostNord customer service in Denmark is its head office, which is situated in Copenhagen.

PostNord Denmark converted to a joint-stock corporation in 2002, which was advantageous for the business. By 2005, the shares of the firms had greatly expanded to the point where a private member company had purchased 22% of the companies. More than 15,000 people are employed by PostNord Denmark today, and they operate in more than 700 post offices spread across Denmark's most significant cities and regions. A year's worth of more than 700 million mails and more than 45 million packages can now be handled by it.

Express deliveries, courier services, electronic mailboxes, and a broad range of other services are just a few of the numerous services that PostNord Denmark provides to its millions of clients, both public and private. In 2008, PostNord Denmark and Posten AB, a Swedish postal service, merged their businesses. The strategic decision was made to strengthen the concerned enterprises' financial and logistical capacities and, as a result, significantly raise the caliber of their postal services.

A significant and strong partnership exists between PostNord Denmark and Norway Post, a different significant postal service based in Norway. These alliances seek to offer the greatest postal services available in the Nordic nations of Europe, including Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Denmark. To provide the greatest postal services in Europe, PostNord Denmark is steadfastly devoted. Because of this, PostNord Denmark continues to provide services like addressed letters, daily, weekly, and monthly newspapers up to 2 kg, and addressed parcels up to 20 kg, among a wide range of other postal services. Also, it is significant to remember that PostNord Danish postal services send over 7 million shipments and letters straight to consumers' homes.

Due to its considerable corporate strength, PostNord Denmark has recently acquired significant transport businesses like Budstikken Transport A/S and Transportgruppen A/S to lessen its reliance on third parties like FedEx, DHL, and UPS. PostNord Denmark has won several accolades for the caliber and dependability of the postal services it provides as a result of its consistent efforts to improve every year.

How can I track a package sent by PostNord Denmark?

PostNord Denmark offers delivery and shipping services to a large number of nations. But, there is a small list of destinations where consumers may monitor their packages. The delivery and cargo information provided by PostNord Denmark's tracking service is always up-to-date and quite accurate. Just half of the nations in Europe, a few in North America, including the United States, and a few in Asia, Africa, and Latin America can be tracked, though.

It is crucial to note that the only way to use the track and trace PostNord Denmark service is with a tracking number, which must first be obtained once all payments for the shipping and delivery of the parcels or letters have been made.

Also, the crucial PostNord Denmark tracking number may be obtained via email, SMS, or by utilizing the cutting-edge mobile application created by the business, which makes tracking simpler and more effective.

Can PostNord Denmark deliver internationally?

More than 220 nations may be reached using PostNord Denmark's operational and logistical capabilities. PostNord Denmark also maintains tight connections with businesses like DHL, FedEx, or UPS for international deliveries, which facilitate and enhance PostNord Denmark's international postal service.

The business may send PostNord Denmark orders of any size, letters, papers, and much more for national delivery to any province or city in the nation. PostNord Denmark decided to acquire transport firms like Budstikken Transport A/S or Transportgruppen A/S for any type of national postal service. An excellent decision by PostNord Denmark to enhance services and save operational expenses.

How quickly does PostNord Denmark deliver packages?

The type of service that the customer has purchased will affect the shipping times for domestic deliveries. Delivery timeframes can be achieved with a conventional mail service within 48 to 72 hours. Deliveries may be made in less than 10 hours and sent straight to the customer's address with express and high-priority postal services.

The type of service selected by the user and the destination country may affect the PostNord Denmark delivery time for international deliveries and shipments:

  • The typical shipping time for nations on the European continent is seven working days.

  • The typical delivery period for nations outside of the European continent is typically between 8 and 14 working days.

Nonetheless, delivery times are typically significantly more productive with speedier postal services. For instance, it typically takes 3 to 4 working days to transport goods to the United States.

What are the shipping charges for PostNord Denmark?The typical shipping cost from PostNord Denmark for domestic deliveries is around $4. Depending on the customer's chosen postal service, this cost may change. The typical cost of international delivery on the European continent is $80. The typical cost, minus taxes, for delivery outside of Europe is $75.

How can I get a hold of PostNord Denmark?

On their main website, PostNord Denmark provides all contact information. Contact information, email addresses, and locations of the most significant PostNord Denmark offices. Also, visitors may send other sorts of requests, including complaints, ideas, and appeals of all kinds, using the website's virtual forms. Also, customers will have access to PostNord Denmark's significant offices' contact information in other Nordic nations.