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Reviews about Turkey Post

RH1********TR delivered in 37 days

The parcel arrived after 37 days; During 31 DAYS the package war "blocked" in Turkey, then, the mape of site Tracktry shows the parcel can be in Marocco or Tunis. Finally the package arrived with a brocken cornel of the box. Extremely bad SERVICES of Turkish POST, concerning this shipping...!!!

, posted by

RR3********TR not delivered in 7 days

Turkish post do not understand their own policies and rules. Not to mention they are extremely slow. Expect a 50/50 chance to receive post from Turkey if at all and even if it eventually does it will take 1 to as much as 3 months.

, posted by

RR1********TR delivered in 77 days

Was deliver at original destination, no one ever signed for it, so it got returned back. I have it now it was very fast and in great condition.

, posted by

RR1********TR delivered in 29 days

Although this did not update after it left origin country. It did arrive in the time frame that I had expected.

, posted by

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