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GV5********GB not delivered in 30 days

This parcel said it was delivered but I didn’t receive it I was shielding at the time so in all week on that date. How can they say it was delivered

, posted by

LG3********GB not delivered in 16 days

this says its been deliovered but its has not when I contacted Australia post they said the tracking number I was given was not my name and a small item when what I was getting is large, and all I'm getting is oh its on the way etc, just wait after 4 months Im done waiting I calling payment and getting money back not at all happy with this

, posted by

LG3********GB delivered in 6 days

Shipped from the Seller on 8/19/19 in England by Royal Post International Package and Received at my home in the USA on 8/24/19. Very Fast Shipping and Arrived in Great Condition.

, posted by

UF3********YP not delivered in 45 days

This package was not even delivered and had been written down as signed for. No refund has been given.

, posted by

VR3********YP not delivered in 13 days

I was informed on the tracking web site that my parcel was delivered on 21/07/2020 at 13.12 PACKAGE WAS NOT DELIVERED I was at home all day as I was shielding (covid virus) The package should have contained a spa pool which is no small object I think I would have seen it if it had been delivered

, posted by

RN6********GB delivered in 15 days

the package was delivered i very short time even there are all that hard situation with corona so all depands in the most about the seller. I got real good seller so everithing went perfectlly!

, posted by

YT2*************73 not delivered in 41 days

my items has not been delivered I have not received them but it saying it has I paid my money and everything I contacted the post office they told me it's not the right tracking number it was bad for to me

, posted by

LG4********GB delivered in 37 days

received it and its smaller than i thought it would be, but after looking at it for while, we actually love the size and it is perfect on lapel of coat. Love it, and colors are perfect. Would not hesitate to purchase other items from Fruugo Australia, delivery was on time even whilst we are still in a covid pandemic in Australia

, posted by

RN5********GB delivered in 35 days

Package delivered in good condition. Was meant to be signed for but no signature was requessted, no doubt due to Covid-19 situation. The tracking said "lost" but it was delivered on that same day. I presume that because there was no signature the automated system for tracking had been broken and couldn't say "delivered". Good service.

, posted by

UG2********GB delivered in 105 days

The product took a total of 105 days between China and Brazil. Of these 105, only 19 days were spent to separate the product, pack it, post it in the mail and cross half the planet (even with the planetary "lock down" caused by the COVID-19 pandemic). The other 86 are due to the poor service provided by the Correio do Brasil.

, posted by

GV2********GB not delivered in 55 days

Never received my package, it was sent back to the sender for whatever reason, the seller said he had re-shipped it but the tracking number is invalid so i cannot even track it. Seller keeps asking me to wait, that was 2 months ago. The English tracking number provided is not even on the UK system. I have contacted seller and he advises the tracking number is not invalid however Ali Express say differently and although i was promised a refund he is still expecting me to wait - now 62 days in transit

, posted by

RN6********GB delivered in 36 days

I imagine due to COVID-19 it wasn't delivered at the time stated. Nonetheless it reached in one peace!

, posted by

UF1********YP delivered in 17 days

After the longest time for the product to be delivered, it is with great miss fortune that the product doesn't work and is faulty I would like a fully refund but the company seems not to be willing to do this

, posted by

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