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Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Russian Post» is a national postal operator that offers universal postal services as well as a list of financial and commercial services in the Russian Federation. Russian post includes 42000 postal offices all over the country and is one of the biggest workforce - 350 000 postal workers. In 2013 Russian post accepted, processed and delivered more than 1.6 billion letters, 54 million packages and 75.4 million money transfers. “Russian Post tracking” is a service that allows to subscribe and get all the updates on the location of your package to your email. You can track any packet sent via Russian Post or from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and other countries. There’s also tracking of AliExpress packages available. If you have any questions about finding packages, shipping rates or any other inquiries on the work of postal service, you can call hotline of Russian Post 8 800 2005888 (toll free)

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With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.
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Russian Post tracking

The official postal service of Russia is called Pochta Rossii, and it continues to be one of the most popular options for sending packages and parcels throughout the nation. It is currently renowned for its international EMS choices, which provide parcel delivery services in several nations across the world. Russian Post collaborates with foreign logistical firms and services to broaden its global reach.

The Russian Post: what is it?

The history of the Russian Post dates back to the tenth century, and by the sixteenth century, 1,600 places throughout western Europe and Russia had post offices that handled Russian mail, according to historians. In reality, the 1650s saw the establishment of one of the oldest documented international post routes—the conveyance of packages from Russia to Poland.

The Russian Post was formerly a state-owned organization, but it evolved through time from a more heavily subsidized postal service to what it is today—a self-sustaining postal enterprise. The relocation was made to update the company's logistical system and boost both local and international parcel delivery productivity.

Following the revamp, the Russian Post divided its offerings into eight major geographical divisions, and in 2016 it unveiled a new website. Since then, the Russian Post's dependability and delivery speed have both significantly increased. Given that Russia is so vast, including territory in both Europe and Asia, delivery times may still differ based on how far away a place is inside the country. However, Russian Post has introduced several parcel delivery solutions that may generally guarantee speedier arrival dates for both local and foreign consumers.

Presently, Russia Post employs over 390,000 individuals and sends millions of packages annually. To meet the growing demand for international parcel delivery, Russian Post has significantly increased its international parcel handling. This is similar to how eCommerce, online shopping, and online marketplaces have flourished over the past ten years, including AliExpress, Joom, Amazon, and Gearbest.

Use PackageRadar, the multi-courier, global tracking service, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, to monitor your package, whether it is being delivered by a courier inside or outside of Russia. Start by entering your tracking number on the PackageRadar website.

Where exactly is the Russian Post?

The main office of the Russian Post is situated in Moscow, and its location is Varshavskoye Shosse 37, Moscow, Russia.

Customers who use Russian Post should be aware that the company's headquarters does not sort or forward mail; as a result, it will not appear as a location through which your package passes when you are tracking a package handled by Russian Post.

Simply go to the PackageRadar website, enter your Russian Post tracking number into the search bar, and PackageRadar will instantly find the location and status of your package, in real-time. This method works for any package or parcel handled by the Russian Post.

What international shipping options does Russian Post provide?

The Russian Post specializes in freight forwarding, third-party logistics services, international EMS package delivery, conventional letter postage, and parcel, and package delivery services, and package delivery. It does, however, also provide financial services, such as debt repayments.

The following are typical worldwide costs for delivery of international mail, parcels, and packages from Russia. It can cost roughly 0.70 euros and take between 1-2 weeks to mail a postcard from Russia to the US or EU via Russian Post. A quicker, one-week service with a tracking number is available for 3 euros. A 1-kilogram package from Russia will cost roughly 10 euros to send domestically and about 20 euros to send internationally.

Additionally, Russian Post provides the speedier, more expensive EMS postal service, which may deliver packages worldwide in up to 5 working days. In comparison to other private courier firms operating in Russia, the prices for this service start at 20 euros and go up depending on the size, weight, and occasionally the final destination of your package.

A special tracking code will be given to you by the firm when you order parcel delivery through the Russian Post (typically of up to 14 digits when the parcels are to be delivered domestically and of up to 13 digits, with two preceding letters, when the parcel is being shipped to internationally). However, as the Russian Post's monopoly on postal services came to an end, the service is now up against more and more competition from domestic private couriers like DHL and TNT.

How can I trace a parcel sent by Russian Post globally?

If consumers desire full end-to-end tracking capabilities, they are advised to select a universal package tracking solution after they receive their Russian Post parcel tracking number. Despite handling millions of shipments delivered from within Russia, the Russian Post frequently subcontracts or transfers items to other courier services when they arrive at their ultimate destination so that they can complete the last leg of their journey. In this situation, monitoring your package may provide one of two challenges:

Information that is received by the Russian Post after transferring your package to a third-party courier may be delayed since it must go through many systems before reaching the original handler. This might indicate that using the Russian Post website to monitor your package post-handover may not be as effective as it formerly was. The good news is that when you search using PackageRadar, you will instantly receive all of the information on your package because PackageRadar tracks over 1200 couriers simultaneously when you enter your tracking number.

As the name implies, Russian Post focuses on domestic postal services within Russia. Although it provides fast-tracking global package delivery options, it lacks internal sorting stations worldwide and must rely on outside logistics to deliver its packages. Using the specialized worldwide tracking system from PackageRadar is an option if you want to monitor your package globally and as efficiently as possible. PackageRadar can track your Russian Post package's location and real-time status even if it is being handled by another courier because it scans multiple handlers around the world.

PackageRadar collaborates with thousands of different carriers and online retailers in addition to Russian Post to provide you with the best tracking capability possible. The PackageRadar universal tracking system allows you to follow up to 10 packages from up to 10 different carriers at once. The 24/7 service is without charge. Try PackageRadar right away for the best worldwide package tracking options.

Will Russia Post's shipping services for my package be secure?

As a result of modernization and efficiency initiatives, the Russian Post's primary services—domestic and international package delivery—are now more dependable and swift than they ever were.

Russian Post collaborates with several third-party couriers and logistics firms with reputable names in the business and manages millions of deliveries both domestically and abroad. Additionally, Russia Post has recently modernized itself through several improvements to its operating capabilities. While a few of these service upgrades are detailed below, clients utilizing:

  • Potomac: Russia now has more choices for dropping off and picking up packages because of the installation of Potomac automated machines. These devices enable clients to safely drop off their packages at an unattended drop-off location for later pickup by a courier. The devices were originally used in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Saransk before becoming widely used for parcel delivery throughout Europe and Russia in the past ten years.

  • Postal machines: In 2011, Russian Post introduced what it dubbed "postal kiosks," which could handle parcel-sending services and package delivery alternatives in addition to providing loans, mobile phones, internet, and utilities, as well as insurance and credit card services. At these specialist counters, customers could also buy tickets for trains and airplanes. Recently, kiosks have become so popular that many of them are also selling food and drinks, and more kiosks are being planned for other parts of the nation.

  • Portable post: The Russian Post has a feature called Mobile Post that was created to serve areas where Post Offices were shut down because of low usage or financial inefficiency. A Mobile Post Van, which operates in place of a permanent Post Office, makes scheduled trips to more rural Russian towns and villages to pick up and distribute parcels to the locals.

  • Local sorting facilities: Regional sorting facilities are now an essential component of the Russian Post's modernization, enabling it to handle and send packages more quickly and shorten delivery times overall. In Podolsk, close to Moscow, the country's first automated regional sorting facility opened its doors in late 2009.

  • Checkpoints for clearing customs: The Russian Post keeps opening additional international postal exchange stations to meet demand and shorten the time it takes for overseas packages to be delivered. For instance, the recently opened international postal exchange point in Yekaterinburg, Russia, is said to be able to process up to 20,000 parcels and small packets per day, with the ever-expanding parcel processing, points greatly reducing the amount of time it takes for international packages to arrive.

If you need to trace your package, you may do so by visiting the PackageRadar website and inputting your tracking number. This is especially useful if your package is presently being processed at a Russian international exchange facility. By searching through hundreds of carriers and online retailers to discover the most recent information about your purchase, PackageRadar's universal package tracking technology makes monitoring your item straightforward. With just your tracking number and nothing else, you may use our robust, all-purpose tracking tool to find your package right away.

Does Amazon use the Russian Post to deliver packages?

Russian Post can handle some orders that Amazon does offer limited delivery for. If this is a concern, it is best to speak with the seller in advance. You should also always use PackageRadar's global tracking system to keep track of who is handling your package.

When ordering items from Amazon for delivery to Russia, customers should take into account any possible delivery restrictions (if they exist) as well as any potential difficulties with import duty/tax and customs clearance.

You may use PackageRadar to monitor a package that you have purchased from Amazon or any other online store or marketplace. It is a global platform for parcel tracking that provides real-time event updates on your Russian Post shipment or parcels around-the-clock, seven days a week. The same holds true if your package is being handled by a different courier, as PackageRadar collaborates with over 1200 companies that handle shipments through its extensive, global tracking system.

What is the most efficient approach to tracking my Russian Post cargo globally?

The greatest global tracking alternatives are offered by independent companies like PackageRadar. This is because they provide a one-stop shop for clients' tracking needs as well as multi-courier, international package tracking capacity. This is especially helpful when utilizing a handler like the Russian Post, which forwards packages sent with them to overseas destinations via several couriers and logistical firms.

You may start worldwide end-to-end tracking of your shipment as soon as you enter the tracking number you receive from the Russian Post on the PackageRadar website. Different tracking numbers are used for overseas mail; these numbers are 13 characters long and include both numbers and capital letters from Latin. such as CA123456789RU.

While the Russian Post tracking service may read foreign tracking numbers, consumers are best served using PackageRadar's all-encompassing tracking system.

What do the various statuses on the Russian Post mean?

Before it is delivered, your Russian Post package or ePacket will have several separate tracking statuses. Below are descriptions of a few of the states you could run into. (Note that you will receive the same status updates from the Russian Post while using the PackageRadar global tracking app.)

  • Your Russian Post package has been freed from Russian customs, and it will now be sent to its destination.

  • Your Russian Post shipment has been handed over to customs, where it is now being processed. Visit PackageRadar to find out as quickly as possible whether there is a problem with your cargo or if it has cleared customs and been released.

  • Your Russian Post package has reached a forwarding center near its destination. It has arrived at the neighborhood distribution center.

  • Your Russian Post parcel has left the facility close to you and will be delivered shortly. Departed from the local distribution center.

  • The package you ordered from Russian Post has been delivered. Congratulations!

Can Russian customs delay the arrival of my package by Russian Post?

Due to the customs procedure, packages dispatched by Russian Post may encounter delays. This may occur for a variety of reasons, including an abnormally high volume of things to be processed and examined at customs or a problem with the shipment itself.

However, PackageRadar's global tracking tool can obtain the most recent information on the status of your item with only a click of a button, enabling you to know where your cargo is about its customs clearance. PackageRadar is the best option for international shipping with the Russian Post.

You may then choose whether you need to get in touch with your courier or package handler to learn more about why your cargo is delayed using the information PackageRadar offers. By providing PackageRadar with the most recent details about your package when you contact them, you may turn them into an ally in negotiations with your courier. You may rely on our global tracking tool.

Russian Post: is it running?

Many courier delivery firms have stopped providing their services to various regions of Russia as political unrest both within and outside of the country is on the increase. Due to the sanctions in Russia, various businesses have ceased their operations, including UPS, USPS, and FedEx.