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Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Russian Post» is a national postal operator that offers universal postal services as well as a list of financial and commercial services in the Russian Federation. Russian post includes 42000 postal offices all over the country and is one of the biggest workforce - 350 000 postal workers. In 2013 Russian post accepted, processed and delivered more than 1.6 billion letters, 54 million packages and 75.4 million money transfers. “Russian Post tracking” is a service that allows to subscribe and get all the updates on the location of your package to your email. You can track any packet sent via Russian Post or from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and other countries. There’s also tracking of AliExpress packages available. If you have any questions about finding packages, shipping rates or any other inquiries on the work of postal service, you can call hotline of Russian Post 8 800 2005888 (toll free)

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With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.
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RR1********RU delivered in 30 days

Generally I was very pleased with the package shipping updates but it did kind of get weak at the finally caught up with the Out For Delivery/Arrived information but was not in synchronization with the actual delivery day events. I did receive my package and it was in pristine condition when it arrived. I am using this tracking service; PackageRadar, again for another package this time shipping from the UK/GB. This package was sent via International Priority Shipping. Your tracking updates are seriously lagging and is showing the same information at the USPS in the USA stating the package shipping label is created and waiting for the package.....well another tracking service including eBay informed me the package had arrived in the USA with 4 updates you have failed to give me! First was the package had arrived for processing in the USA....Concord NH to be exact and had passed Customs and was in Transit with the Destination Carrier and the package had already passed through Monroe Township, NJ enroute to me! I have not seen any updates to this effect post in your tracking system.

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CL0********RU delivered in 38 days

Спасибо большое.Из России - Ирландию пришло на 39 ден, хочется чтобы всё работало быстрее. Но из-за этого Covit 👀 всё мире медленно происходит. Пришло ценнасти и сохранности . 👋

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CL0********RU delivered in 34 days

Thx for you But there is a problem that neither the address nor my phone number were placed in the shipment, but I am lucky that I linked it when it arrived and the order was successful.

, posted by

RB1********RU delivered in 34 days

The process from the Russian Post was quite quick, but after the package was released from Russia, it took a lot of time since I got another update about my package. But after receiving information again about my package, the process was quick from the Hungarian Post as well, just in between I've got almost no updates wich was a little bit frustrating

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CL0********RU delivered in 62 days

Посылка пришла. Россия - Ирландия за 62 дней. Не могла отслеживать посылку. Отправили 10.11.2020 стояла 10 дней (20.11.2020)на месте. Патом по Санкт-Петербургу гуляла до 25.11. Прошла посылка границу и пропала до 10.01.2021 пришла Ирландию10. 01 и 11 января уже получили. Спасибо. Целую не повреждений.

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CL0********RU delivered in 55 days

The package came after a lot of time. The tracking was very good, even before that I was got a message from the post office

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RR0********NO delivered in 39 days

Taking into account the recent restrictions due to COVID-19 a package delivery has been made in expected terms and provided the necessary safety.Thanks to all who participated.

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CJ0********RU delivered in 20 days

Great service from start to finish, package did take a while to be delivered, and at time appeared not to move for days , but russian post is renouned for being slow, but all previous packages have all been delivered.

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EL0********RU not delivered in 121 days

Ive been waiting on my package for 5-7months now.. And they cant tell me anything about my package that i paid $1500. I WANT MY CANDLEBOOM!! Tracking is. EL019329093RU. Get me my package please.. I dont wanna get a plane ticket to Thailand. But i will..

, posted by

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