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With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.
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RX8********CN delivered in 19 days

Товар доставлен в Пермский край за 19 дней. Сумка соответствует описанию. Заказывал цвет кофе. В натуре цвет соответствует картинке. Смотрится отлично, качество на высоте, кожа натуральная. Запах естественный - крашеной кожи. Единственный маленький нюанс: было бы идеально, если бы длина была поменьше сантиметра на 4-5. Но это не является недостатком. Я осознавал размеры сумки, когда делал заказ. Рекомендую продавца. переписки не вел, не было актуально.

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EA0********RU delivered in 13 days

I am very pleased and thankful! Everything was fine and i got the package on time. Thank you Russian Post!

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RA6********RU delivered in 14 days

My package was delivered form russia to new york. And only took 14 days, the tracking always updates.

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EY4********US delivered in 9 days

Быстрее чем обычно. Но сначала перепутали и отсортировали на Мясницкую, а не Керамический. Из-за этого +3 дня к сроку доставки.

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CH0********US delivered in 19 days

I shipped a package from the Midwest in the USA to Moscow, Russia using USPS Priority International with my own box. While the tracking info from the USPS could have been better, my package did arrive within a reasonable amount of time and I have no complaints there. The USPS said it would be 10-14 days and it made it there in 19. To track my package, I used three sites: USPS.com PackageRadar https://www.pochta.ru/en/tracking When the package was handed over to Customs in Russia, they used the same tracking number I received from the USPS. With that Russian tracking site above, I was even able to follow it through Russia using that tracking number to the destination in Moscow. So a very positive result for me. I will be doing another package like this soon and hopefully it will have the same outcome.

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CA0********RU not delivered in 67 days

It's very disappointing until now my package weren't received.,it's been 67 days ,more than 2months,.and I don't even know where to ask or call on what happened about my package.

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RR2********AE not delivered in 54 days

Good day,pls. Follow up my package its been 54 days already and the package was not trace already,what happen?how many days,weeks and months before it deliver the package.it the last trace was onjanuary 25, pls. Update it,your system was not updated.thanks and do action of this.

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RB9********RU not delivered in 42 days

Very disappointing!!My parcel has not arrived yet after 42 days and the tracking on the package location was not updated since 25 jan(one month ago).Horrible service!!

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RU1********HK delivered in 14 days

Тачскрин к Huawey G620s пришел за 14 дней, подошел идеально, жаль нет логотипа "Huawey" как на родном под динамиком. Поклейку на смартфон пока отложил из-за плохого качества скотча. Буду заказывать двухсторонний скотч или клей отдельно. Продавцу спасибо.

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RA7********RU not delivered in 43 days

My package was supposed to have left New York on June 30th. I still have not received my package, and it is August 2nd.

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RF7********CN delivered in 20 days

The order was delivered long enough if you compare with others.The compact disc was not working, there was no manual.But otherwise happy with the order.

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RB4********RU not delivered in 35 days

I didn't receive my parcel within 33 days they told me need only 3 days to deliver the parcel, I think Russia post & India post both are totally fake & lazy workers, my tracking no is RB483194775RU

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CM0********IN delivered in 25 days

The package was delivered in appropriate condition. The only issue was that it needed to be picked up from the destination post office as they did not deliver to the address.

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CB0********RU delivered in 51 days

Patiently waited the 60 days suggested for my package to arrive, and it came a little early! Didn't get a lot of package updates, but it let me know when my package was departed and when it got in town out for delivery. Great service. Thanks.

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RP3********SG delivered in 14 days

Очень быстро доставили.Больше всего переживал что украдут телефон из отправления. Когда забирал на почте, взвешивал и открывал с замом начальника почты, которая рассказала что в тот же день два отправления пришли с деревяшками вместо телефов.. Считаю что сильно повезло.

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