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CJ0********RU delivered in 20 days

Great service from start to finish, package did take a while to be delivered, and at time appeared not to move for days , but russian post is renouned for being slow, but all previous packages have all been delivered.

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EL0********RU not delivered in 121 days

Ive been waiting on my package for 5-7months now.. And they cant tell me anything about my package that i paid $1500. I WANT MY CANDLEBOOM!! Tracking is. EL019329093RU. Get me my package please.. I dont wanna get a plane ticket to Thailand. But i will..

, posted by

RR0********RU delivered in 32 days

We received the package. Thank for your effort. We found the same seriousness and respect for the client. Good luck further.

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RR0********RU not delivered in 93 days

Apparently they covered the address with some sticker along the route so once the package reached my city, the post service was unable to deliver it because there was no readable address to deliver to.

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RO0********RU delivered in 21 days

Посылка пришла из России в Латвию за 21 день . С 2020.07.10 по 2020.07.31 . Без повреждений . Полностью доволен службой, особенно во время пандемии , когда доставка работала с дополнительными затруднениями.

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CB0********RU not delivered in 145 days

I purchased an item from Russia and including postage I have paid $784 U.S. and the package has never been delivered. I am very upset and distraught over this issue and the sender says she has filed with the postal service 3 times to find the package but she tells me that the Russian Postal Service has said that the package is not lost that it is in export and can't be tracked when in export. She did not add additional insurance so my package is insured for only $100 and she identified it with Paypal as a "gift" so Paypal won't help me with it either. Can anyone help me? Is my package lost, stolen or is it really in transit this long? What can be done about this? I really want my package and I don't know what else to do. HELP!!

, posted by

CA0********RU not delivered in 71 days

Package never came. Tracking stopped updating after a short time and the package never entered my country. Am seeking full refund.

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LC1********CN delivered in 20 days

Действительно данный пакет был доставлен без повреждений и в короткий срок что говорит о позитивной работе служб доставки.

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EA3********RU not delivered in 103 days

What can you do? Missing package that the sender blames on the destination. Truth is, it never really made it out of Russia. Russia post is having some sort of problem. Perhaps stolen by a worker or left in a shelf somewhere. Do you order from Russia any products. It’s a big risk now.

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RO0********RU not delivered in 158 days

5 months and not delivered. My package goods in the pocket of an unscrupulous worker at Russia Post. They can use all the excuse about the pandemic but 5 months?

, posted by

RO2********RU not delivered in 91 days

Good day Trying to get delivery update on RO274312828RU This is for NEW ZEALAND delivery Please advise? thanks Ingrid

, posted by

EE0********RU not delivered in 58 days

Still waiting. Last update May 17. Status...package exported or waiting for export depending on what website I use to track package. I’m going to give it till July 17 before contacting sender again. Parcel is insured.

, posted by

RO2********RU not delivered in 85 days

Not impressed with Russian Post. Never had an issue in the past and now I have two packages still not moving.

, posted by

RO2********RU delivered in 40 days

We received the package. We are delighted that we have found in you a serious partner to whom we will turn in case of need. Wish you continued success and thank you.

, posted by

RO2********RU not delivered in 55 days

RO274313426RU - didn't receive my package, its been 55 days ' last update from May 4th , when I will receive it ?

, posted by

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