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Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Russian Post» is a national postal operator that offers universal postal services as well as a list of financial and commercial services in the Russian Federation. Russian post includes 42000 postal offices all over the country and is one of the biggest workforce - 350 000 postal workers. In 2013 Russian post accepted, processed and delivered more than 1.6 billion letters, 54 million packages and 75.4 million money transfers. “Russian Post tracking” is a service that allows to subscribe and get all the updates on the location of your package to your email. You can track any packet sent via Russian Post or from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and other countries. There’s also tracking of AliExpress packages available. If you have any questions about finding packages, shipping rates or any other inquiries on the work of postal service, you can call hotline of Russian Post 8 800 2005888 (toll free)

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With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.
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RR1********RU delivered in 45 days

Package was delivered late. Item was lost and order was reissued. Happy with service. I give four star ⭐️out of five.

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RO1********RU delivered in 10 days

Russian Post was great. Very quick to reach the us. USPS usually end up filing a lost package report, to get things moving, as they seem to get stuck somewhere in transit, or "in transit to next facility" which just means sitting. Arrived undamaged, as the seller always packs well. USPS needs to work on scanning correctly, organization, and keeping things moving. No reason it should take 10days from New York to Pennsylvania, 3 hours away.

, posted by

RR1********RU delivered in 40 days

Consegna integra, avvenuta in tempi lunghi ma accettabili, supplemento di quasi 5 euro non previsto alla consegna del pacco

, posted by

801*********46 not delivered in 89 days

Please help to find my package its almost 3months 😭😭i need my parcel to recieved... please...please....please....

, posted by

CL0********RU delivered in 36 days

Package was delivered surprisingly quickly. Box was intact if a little rough around the edges. Contents inside shifted and became loose but nothing was damaged.

, posted by

JNT************YQ delivered in 66 days

JNTCU0102963852YQ was delivered to wrong address, this parcel must go to south africa but it is delivered somewhere in russia

, posted by

RR1********RU not delivered in 106 days

The package is in transit for 106 days. Please find my package!!! Посылка в дороге 106 дней. Пожалуйста, найдите мою посылку!!!

, posted by

RR0********RU not delivered in 67 days

I would very much appreciate if someone responsible PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE locate my package and send it to me! I’m very disappointed with the delivery service, I can’t file a claim because I don’t speak or read Russian. Please someone help with my package! # RR098735162RU

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EE0********RU not delivered in 149 days

I just received (after 149 days) an email notice that my package from Russia being sent to California has been archived. I do not understand why or how to get it out of archive and continue to make its way to California. Any help would be very much appreciated. What can I do....Please help me. I am the recipient. the Seller is in Russian [email protected]

, posted by

CL0********RU delivered in 14 days

My package was delivered before the expected date. The box itself was completely in tact and in perfect condition. My items were in tact and perfect condition. Tracking was simple and updated the whole way through Russia to the United States.

, posted by

RR1********RU delivered in 30 days

Generally I was very pleased with the package shipping updates but it did kind of get weak at the finally caught up with the Out For Delivery/Arrived information but was not in synchronization with the actual delivery day events. I did receive my package and it was in pristine condition when it arrived. I am using this tracking service; PackageRadar, again for another package this time shipping from the UK/GB. This package was sent via International Priority Shipping. Your tracking updates are seriously lagging and is showing the same information at the USPS in the USA stating the package shipping label is created and waiting for the package.....well another tracking service including eBay informed me the package had arrived in the USA with 4 updates you have failed to give me! First was the package had arrived for processing in the USA....Concord NH to be exact and had passed Customs and was in Transit with the Destination Carrier and the package had already passed through Monroe Township, NJ enroute to me! I have not seen any updates to this effect post in your tracking system.

, posted by

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