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Russian Post COD is one of the state mail services. Cash on delivery is the amount of money that the addressee must pay upon receipt of a valuable letter or parcel. This method is often used by online stores and private sellers to deliver goods to the buyer and pay for them upon receipt.

The seller receives the money by postal money order. All parcels and letters sent by cash on delivery are tracked and are valuable. The recipient may not redeem the shipment, after some time it is returned to the addressee. This method is risky for the seller due to the possibility of non-purchase of goods by the buyer, while the seller incurs losses due to the payment of shipping. Yet it is convenient for the buyer who does not want to get a "pig in a poke", but there are pitfalls here too.

By paying for the parcel and signing all the forms, you may not receive exactly what you ordered, since according to the rules of the mail you can open the shipment only after payment, and it will not be possible to return it. Another disadvantage for the buyer is that goods sent by cash on delivery will cost more by the size of the postage (for sending money from the buyer by mail to the seller). Therefore, the buyer needs to think about whether to choose this type of delivery in which there is no 100% guarantee, and, in addition, you will have to pay more for the purchase.

Parcels and letters with cash on delivery are sent not only to the Russian Federation but also to some former republics of the Soviet Union: to Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania.

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