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With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.
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SF6**********76 not delivered in 22 days

Package never arrived. Their needs to be a better tracking system for product when it leaves customs in the United states

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SF6**********73 delivered in 15 days

Received package in great condition and the product was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! I wish I could have gotten more. Almost every package I have gotten through this shipper has been well taken care of.

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SF6**********52 delivered in 29 days

My package was in good condition as were the shorts and outfit for my wife. SF Express is one of the better shipping agents that I have had deliver to me my orders. Ability to track packages is good and correct. I wish I could let all my orders be shipped this way.

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SF1**********54 not delivered in 12 days

My package never reached me at my house. And it's saying it was delivered. But I haven't received it and I've been waiting for it everyday. Secondly this is the second one that was being sent. Because I contacted the website where I bought the item and told them that the first item never arrived. But in my notifications for this app says it was delivered to united states. But not delivered to me at home. And I triple checked to where the item is being delivered to on my order. And i made sure that the item I order is being sent to my address.

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SF6**********28 not delivered in 20 days

SF Express ужасная почта. Доставили кому попало. А в приложении Алиэкспресс показано что на мой адрес. Но в новой почте зафиксирован другой адрес. Не знаю кто виноват - отправитель или SF Express, но менеджеры новой почты сказали, что указан не мой адрес и фамилия в накладной. Сделал скриншоты сайта новой почты, где завязан международный трек, трек новой почты и адрес отделения, открыл спор

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SF6**********17 not delivered in 26 days

I did receive one order but the other never arrived. You gave me 1 tracking number, if you were to send separately you should give 2 tracking number. I would like my other order and not delivered in 26 days is wrong more like 40 days

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SF6**********63 not delivered in 28 days

They deliver somewhere they cant read i live in the in. Bronx not Manhattan stupid people go back school and learn how read

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