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Just as many major online platforms, Wish has its own delivery service from China - Wish Post. It unites key Chinese logistics companies for international delivery, to offer Wish sellers handling, packing, consolidation, shipping and tracking, and other services. The store is popular in the USA, Chile, Brazil, and Malasia. Wish Post offers simple and easy solutions for cross-border trade: easy registration online payments for services worldwide delivery warehouses in major cities special delivery plans professional handling, etc. There is economic delivery and express delivery. Depending on the selected shipping method, tracking of orders from Wish can be full or partial (only while the package is in China). All tracking events are available for express shipping. You can track Wish order on the official website of Wish Post and on our website for tracking as well as app GdePosylka. After you’ve received your order from Wish - you can return it within 30 days. You’ll have to contact the customer service of Wish and within 2 days your return will be submitted, and afterward, the money for your order will be returned to the bank card that you’ve used to pay for your goods.

Wish Post track packages by tracking number

With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.
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WI0************PL not delivered in 73 days

This package was not delivered. It went to Abbotsford,USA.......and not to Abbotsford, B.C. CANADA. Why? How can i get back my expenses? Would there be any compensation for my lost package,frustration and pained excitement?

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WI0************PL delivered in 45 days

The package was tracked using Package Radar on Jan 29, it said the package was in Campbell River and was to be delivered by Feb 02. When the package did not arrive, I tried to check the tracking again; all domestic tracking had disappeared. Wish sent me a message saying there was a shipping problem. On Feb 17 I received a package with one item instead of the two ordered. It was not even what I ordered??? If the package was damaged at the local post office, why not tell me? Things happen, why Trump it up?

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WI0************PL not delivered in 60 days

Don't live in D.C. so I never revived t. Don't know why it went there I never put anything about D.C. in me shipping details or order info. Don't even know what package it was because wish changed the tracking numbers.

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WI0************PL not delivered in 120 days

I had 9 items in my order that never arrived. The order was placed in October , the last tracking information was on Nov. 10. At a warehouse in ChinA. In December Wish said they could only refund me the shipping costs. Then if my packages still had not arrived in 2 weeks I could request a full refund. Each Item is listed separately so that was 9 requests for partial refund. Then in 2 more weeks when they still had not arrived that meant 9more refund requests. 18 SEPARATE REFUND REQUESTS. Before I could complete entering all of this . WISH DECIDED that I Must be trying to SCAM THEM. So they shut me down and refused to accept anymore return requests from me. I had to file an appeal and wait for their decision. They said they could see why I had made so many requests. I did recieve a refund for about half of my items. And as for the rest of my order that never arrived and was not refunded. I got a hard lesson Learned !! No merchandise, no refunds NO MORE BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!

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