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Reviews about Singapore Post

RF7********SG not delivered in 41 days

Horrible service by Singapore Post. Package is in transit for 41 days and completely no new update on it's exact location, is that fair? I'd ask fellow customers to think twice when considering using Singapore Post.

, posted by

RF5********SG not delivered in 125 days

Awful, never use this company, I don't think it even exist in real life. Cheaters, both the with delivery and tracking number.

, posted by

RB6********SG delivered in 10 days

Quickly delivery and updates are usually available after 3 days of dispatch and did take a couple of days @ Indian Customs and I am given to understand that this is normal.

, posted by

RB6********SG not delivered in 41 days

Never got the package. 41 days ago the package was exported from the departure country. 4 hours later it arrived on the waypoint 'in transit', and after that it has disapeared. I have not any product .please help me

, posted by

RB6********SG not delivered in 52 days

Depuis plus de 52 jours maintenant que j'attends mon paquet et toujours rien reçu ! Le paiement lui parcontre à bien été prélevée sur mon compte ! C'est inadmissible ! Aucunes informations .putain

, posted by

RF5********SG delivered in 58 days

Worst delivery ever. This was like the tortoise express. It took two months instead of three weeks to get to me. The seller made things worse by taking two weeks to ship adding to these 58 days.

, posted by

RB6********SG not delivered in 54 days

Hi. I have not found any products I've bought on the online market, I do not know what's upset, Please help me

, posted by

RQ0********SG delivered in 40 days

The mailman said that he had to resend it.He brought it to my door.At least it came in mint condition.

, posted by

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