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Reviews about Singapore Post

RB8********SG not delivered in 31 days

Singapore Post is just fine. Ukraine Post is very bad - no information on delivery, do not deliver to address, when approached - have difficulty to find, no separate window for receiving packages, huge line for different purposes. Ukraine Post has bad reputation even in Ukraine, vendors state clearly "we do not use Ukrainian Post". Nova Poshta or Mist Express are much better.

, posted by

UF1********SG not delivered in 73 days

I recieved a "gift" with some sunglasses,a case and a fanny pack.i didn't order any of it.i ordered an electric adult scooter that I I never recieved.i paid 119.99 for a package of crap.i have been scammed by!!!!!!

, posted by

RF7********SG not delivered in 44 days

don't understand why this package is still in China, sometimes Chinese mail employees fall asleep. I think that sometimes the packages fall off the shelves and are split under the shelves and there they wait until you find them. Post clerks should frequently clean up in stores in search of potentially lost packages

, posted by

RB7********SG not delivered in 92 days

I have not received the package, the Ali Express website is showing as delivered, but instead of delivering it to India it went to Singapore. I can't even open a dispute now. My money is stuck, be very careful while ordering from Ali Express.

, posted by

RB8********SG delivered in 14 days

Excellent Service..... Awesome Experience with "Package Radar"...... Accurate Update on time From shipping to Deliver with peace of mind.....Thanks "Package Radar" Team for Ur Great and Valuable Service

, posted by

UF1********SG not delivered in 53 days

My dear I still not received the package if u have any proof like signed documents and I'd no. Then let me know

, posted by

RB7********SG not delivered in 55 days

Worst shipping ever. Package has not been delivered and no update of whatsoever after confirmed recipient by shipping company. Total regrets.

, posted by

RB8********SG delivered in 9 days

The product came exactly like it was in the picture, came in excellent condition, safely wrapped, and is working perfectly well. Package was delivered very fast - faster than I expected!

, posted by

RB7********SG delivered in 35 days

Perfect Singapore post! CTT took nearly 30 days to deliver the package after national reception. Again, very poor performance from the Portuguese Postal Service in delivering foreign goods. Singapore Post is just perfect!

, posted by

RB7********SG delivered in 37 days

Perfect job from Singapore Post. Fast and reliable getting the parcel to Portugal, literally crossing the planet on 7 days!!! Five Stars to Singapore Post. But CTT Portugal wasted 30 days just to get the package from the airport to my house. Unjustified delay on their part. They need more manpower and faster customs! Very poor job from CTT, as usual.

, posted by

RF7********SG not delivered in 15 days

Please sir my tracking no is not sown. It's dispatched from delhi india to my location since 26/06/2019 not delivery to my location. Why reply me please.

, posted by

UQ0********SG not delivered in 58 days

This package has not arrived yet..... After 58 days it is far to long time and there are not updates ....

, posted by

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