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Among Swedish goods there are exclusive offers that you can find only in this country. Glass and crystal items from Orrefors and Kosta Boda - are the unique works of famous craftsman, original chocolate Marabou, coffee Gevalia, viking figurines with incredible detalization. You don’t have to get a visa to make yourself happy with amazing goods. You can order them online, pick delivery service and wait for your package to arrive. Fast and trackable delivery is offered by Sweden Post that will let you know where is your package at any time. It is real simple - you just type in a special tracking number in the tracking field on PackageRadar and you’ll see all the changes with your order within seconds.

Also Sweden Post allows to track packages that were not only shipped from Sweden but also by Chinese online orders. If you like shopping on AliExpress website then you can pick Sweden Post as a carrier for your order instead of Chinese transport companies. If you do so, then you will receive a Sweden Post type tracking number. It’s very handy if you live in Scandinavian country as well. It is easy to recognize Sweden Post tracking number - check out the first symbols - it should be SE that stands for Sweden, postal identification of the country. Enjoy your shopping and do not worry about tracking!

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With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.

PostNord (Sweden Post) Tracking

Two Scandinavian nations in Northern Europe operate PostNord, a global holding company for courier and delivery services. Posten AB, the name of the Swedish postal service, and Post Danmark A/S, the national post of Denmark, came together to become PostNord. The governments of Sweden and Denmark currently jointly own PostNord, with 60% and 40% of the company, respectively.

Posten AB was established in 1636 for use by the royal family, although both of the amalgamated postal services had a long history before the merger. Before the merger, however, the business had started operating as a limited partnership controlled by the government. It also acted as Sweden's national mail service.

The Nordic area is now served by PostNord, a sizable global corporation, whose activities help with logistics for residents and companies. Because both nations' governments control PostNord, it also has a wide range of other stakeholders, including the general public and both governments, who are active in supervising its functioning and ensuring that it is serving the general interests of their respective people.

You may learn how to use PostNord delivery services, track PostNord delivery services, and other crucial details about PostNord logistics solutions in this post. Here are links to DHL, TNT, and GEODIS so you may look at some of PostNord's rivals. Please be aware, though, that with PackageRadar's global monitoring, all of these postal providers and services may be followed at any time.

Does PostNord have weekend hours?

PostNord is closed on several yearly holidays, which are listed below, and is not open on weekends.

Sweden's National Day, All Saints Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter, Easter Monday, May Day, Ascension Day, Whit Sunday, and Epiphany are examples of holidays that fall under this category.

Where can I find PostNord?

For privacy concerns, PostNord can be reached by phone from Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am and 7 pm.

These are the phone numbers:

For local calls, dial +46771333310 or 0771333310. (for international calls)The hours are a little bit different for business-related concerns. Between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm, you may reach PostNord by phone at 0771333310 or +46771333310 if you're calling from a landline.

Call this customer support line to inquire about any of the PostNord services, such as express delivery, pallets, and parcels.

Instead, clients are advised to phone +46406803100 for group calls between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm, or anytime for express and courier calls using o 020969696.

The website contains a section with all the information you need to contact the business. Email addresses are provided for sending concerns.

Make sure you have all the most recent tracking data by visiting PackageRadar before contacting PostNord about your tracking. To obtain the most recent information on the location and status of your PostNord delivery, the global PackageRadar tracking system searches a sizable number of e-tailers, forwarding services, and couriers.

To ensure that you are first calling the appropriate handler who can handle your inquiry and second, that you have the most up-to-date information to help PostNord deal with your question or complaint as quickly as possible, you can find out who is handling your parcel, where it is, and what its current status is before you call.

What services is PostNord able to provide?

In addition to local and international letters, PostNord also provides domestic and international parcel delivery services.

North Post ServicesBelow is a list of several PostNord services:

  • Solutions for in-out flow firms in logistics. No matter where the supplies are coming from, this PostNord service provides logistical solutions by managing incoming and leaving goods. This system functions similarly to last-mile arrangements, whereby businesses volunteer to handle packages but may enlist the assistance of other couriers to deliver them if the packages are either from or going to a nation where PostNord is not yet established (such as Singapore or China). While PostNord may assist in finding logistical solutions, firms should use PackageRadar's all-purpose shipment tracking service to keep track of any packages that use this kind of forwarding. You may follow any registered package handled by PostNord with simply your tracking number.

  • Through this PostNord service, third-party logistics firms can utilize PostNord warehouses for their logistical needs along the way. You will need a multi-courier tracking system, like the one used by millions of people each month by PackageRadar, to efficiently monitor packages that employ third-party logistics systems like these.

  • There are several monitoring methods available on the website PackageRadar. Simply put the tracking number into the search field to monitor one shipment immediately, search many at once, or, if you're a company, utilize a tracking API or Webhook system to take package tracking to the next level. To ensure that third-party logistics are not affecting your tracking, look at the PackageRadar choices.

  • Delivery services for eCommerce packages. This PostNord service provides advice on how to obtain customized services from the logistics industry for your online business. The PostNord website contains further details about this. Make sure you have universal parcel tracking capacity, beyond simply PostNord tracking, with PackageRadar if you are utilizing PostNord for eCommerce package forwarding as either a buyer or a seller. This PostNord service offers more insight into the whole flow of shipments handled by PostNord, as well as enterprise apps and APIs.

What is PostNord's speed?

PostNord's delivery times are generally influenced by the destination's location. Depending on the service you have purchased, PostNord takes one to four days to deliver domestically. For nations in Europe, international shipping may take two to four days, and it may take four to seven days for the rest of the world.

The delivery time may be impacted by other variables. The packet delivery might be delayed by factors like worldwide pandemics, traffic blockages, isolated countries, or climate change.

Is PostNord a trustworthy shipping company?

PostNord is a dependable service, particularly in the key areas where it dominates, thanks to its extensive Nordic network and major investment in tracking the flow of products that it is managing. Along with collaborating with e-retailers and other couriers, it has continued to expand its offerings through eCommerce and third-party logistics solutions, demonstrating a degree of trust through those collaborative relationships.

The degree of control the postal service has over items being sent via its services is demonstrated by the fact that various PostNord services may also be customized. if you are keeping track of a PostNord shipment.

What limitations does PostNord have on the packaging?

PostNord advises all clients to ensure that shipments are handled appropriately to ensure that shipments are not damaged, even though PostNord handles all goods with care. Vehicles and airplanes used for cargo transportation use the utmost caution.

You may now use us to export and import bulkier products. With the help of reliable partners, we ship to the rest of the world in addition to the Nordic region.

What is Skicka Lätt PostNord's package delivery service?

Use the PostNord service known as Brev Skicka Lät for common shipments weighing up to 2 kilograms. t. Any package shipped using this service must have 90 cm in total length, width, and height.

Simply print your mailing label after purchasing Skicka Lätt in the website's send direct area, attach it to the package, and deliver the package to the local post office.

Occasionally, distribution of this service occurs merely two days following drop-off (not including weekends or holidays).

Which products are not allowed to be shipped by PostNord?

Depending on where you are shipping your package, different postal systems and other nations' customs may have different lists of forbidden items. To ensure that none of the things you are delivering are forbidden, you should always verify with the logistics and parcel delivery firm.

For instance, due to shortages throughout the continent in 2020, protective equipment exports were prohibited in Europe. Therefore, shipping COVID-19 preventive safety equipment with PostNord would have been included.

What is PostNord bulky mail?

A package that PostNord deems bulky has a thickness or diameter greater than 30 mm, or a short side greater than 250 mm. This does not, however, apply to goods and deliveries that are registered internationally. To avoid disappointment, please check the PostNord website before printing your package labels.

With PostNord, how can I trace a package?

A PostNord order may be easily tracked. First, a code—a PostNord tracking number—will be printed on the outside of every single PostNord package. This code makes it possible for PostNord and anybody else who needs to monitor a package to do so.

The tracking number won't contain any personally identifiable information, such as information on the sender or recipient, but it will enable anybody who uses it to track a package to learn the package's location and the delivery's status via the PostNord website.

You might be able to find out the sort of shipping, as well as its weight, size, expected delivery date, and other details, depending on where you track your package.

Although PostNord offers tracking through both its website and app, customers are urged to use a universal shipping platform to ensure that they always have the most recent information about their package.

No matter the delivery method your package is using or its size, each registered PostNord package may be completely traced using PackageRadar. PackageRadar stands for simple tracking.

Why doesn't the PostNord tracking update?

Before you may begin monitoring your PostNord deliveries, you occasionally need to wait a few hours or at least 24 hours. This is because it can take more time than normal to register or process the item. Typographical errors or the omission of a letter or number from the tracking number might also be the root of this issue. Please try again after checking the tracking number twice.

How long does it take to get a package while using PostNord?

One benefit of using PostNord delivery services is how quickly items are delivered; for Nordic nations connected to the PostNord network, shipments are often delivered within three working days. This is due to PostNord's usage of its fleet of trucks for transportation, as well as rail in some cases.

Depending on the target nation, the time varies for international delivery. Delivery of a PostNord parcel can take up to 14 days to Europe, and up to 18 days or more to the rest of the globe. Naturally, the delivery time is shorter the closer it is to Sweden or Denmark.

If your package requires urgent delivery, please verify with PostNord to ensure that it will arrive on time. PostNord provides an anticipated delivery time for each item it handles.

In Sweden, does PostNord deliver on Saturdays?

Home delivery is another option provided by PostNord, but once more, only during business hours. Depending on the distance and the kind of service chosen by the sender, packages shipped on Friday will arrive on Monday or later.

How quickly does PostNord deliver packages?

When doing residential deliveries, PostNord delivery personnel will place the package at the recipient's front door. The delivery will be taken to the closest PostNord office if no one responds.

The box will then be held at the neighborhood post office for 15 days, during which time the receiver must either get in touch with PostNord to organize another delivery (if at all feasible) or visit the post office to pick up their package.

PostNord primarily serves the Swedish and Danish areas; packages coming from or being sent to locations outside of these two countries are given to and handled by other couriers with their expertise.

Due to PostNord's ability to transport packages more quickly between its internal forwarding facilities, deliveries inside Sweden and Denmark are completed more quickly than those made to other nations. Delays might happen when a package is handled by several couriers or reaches a different country's customs.

How long does PostNord retain ready-to-be-picked-up packages?

Workers from PostNord will electronically confirm the delivery of cargo when it arrives at a warehouse or processing facility and hold it until the recipient picks it up. The receiver will get information that the package has arrived at the PostNord depot through SMS, email, or the PostNord app.

The individual who is picking up the package has 15 minutes to do so. If a package is not picked up and the sender does not contact PostNord to arrange a different delivery time, the package may be returned to the sender.