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Thailand Post was founded in 1883 when the first post office of the company was opened. In 2003 when governmental Thailand post was bought out by commercial company there were founded two companies - Thai Post Co.Ltd and CAT Telecom Public Co.Ltd that work quite effectively.

Packages sent via Thailand Post can be delivered in a few ways:

  • EMS - express, expensive delivery (5-15 days) Tracking number is included.
  • SPA - air delivery with maximum weight of 2 kg. Tracking number is provided for additional pay. Delivery times is 14-30 days.
  • IPSM - ground (sea) delivery of packages from 2 to 20 kg. Delivery times are 60-100 days. For additional pay you can get a tracking number.
  • IPA - air delivery of packages with weight more than 2 kg. Delivery times are 14-30 days. Tracking number is included.
  • SPSM - ground (sea) delivery of packages with weight up to 2 kg, the most inexpensive and the longest delivery (60-100 days). Tracking number is not included but you can pay additional fee and enable tracking of your package.

Usually it takes less to get these packages delivered which is always a plus. It all depends on the work of your local post. The reviews of Thailand Post show that delivery times are 15-45 days. You can track your package on our website.

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Thailand Post track packages by tracking number

With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.
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Thailand Post Tracking

Since 2003, Thailand Post has been a member of Thailand's communications authority. It is a state-run enterprise that provides postal services throughout the nation and has a more than 120-year history. It began as a division of telegraphs and is today a provider of national and international shipping services, including Speed Post Thailand, an EMS service that guarantees delivery inside the nation within 24 hours.

Is Thai Post trustworthy?

Office hours for Thailand Post are 8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday. Legally, it is 4:30, but if you want to be helped, don't show up right at the end. Weekends are their off days, therefore you must add them to the number of days it will take for your item to arrive. While this is true in big cities, offices in rural locations often close even earlier owing to the low demand of current clients.

Delivery times through Thailand Post are debatable. Despite the excellent Speed Post Thailand system, it requires around 3 days to deliver a package in a rural location and about 7 working days to get a national parcel without it. The service itself is dependable; the rate of package loss and damage is equivalent to that of other significant, well-known global businesses.

How can I track a Thai mail?

At Thai Post, this is a typical issue because of the hundreds of thousands of items delivered and received each week that cause any company's postal system to breakdown. In order to provide their clients more trust and control over the status of their shipments, they offer them the following system: monitoring via Thai Post.

Thai Post provides this free service so you may always know where your goods are. Each Thai Post parcel envelope contains a QR code that can be read by the phone at any time. They also have their own Thailand Post track and trace app in the play store and app store. Tracking packages sent by Thailand Post is simple.

Visit PackageRadar for another option to track your package. With PackageRadar, all you need to do to receive results is input your Thai Post tracking number on the webpage.

What overseas services does Thai Post offer?

More than 250 locations worldwide are served by Thai Post's foreign services. Depending on how quickly a service is delivered, they provide a variety of services. The list of their international services is shown below.

International Thai Post Services

Using international standard air freight, courier post offers express international delivery services.

EMS World is a tracking-enabled worldwide delivery express airmail service that is utilized for both papers and goods.

An international outbound service that facilitates cross-border eCommerce is ePacket.

Using air freight, Logispost World provides a global service for large and hefty commodities.

Little Packet is a service used for low-value, small commodities that are packaged in envelopes or small cartons.

Service for mail and printed material that has been sealed in boxes or envelopes.

Registered: a service available to people who want not to employ EMS since the item is not of a high enough value to warrant its usage.

A service that streamlines services is EMS One Price.

Cool EMS: a fast delivery service between Japan Post and Thailand Post.

Customers who desire to shop in America can use 2Ship4Me's service.

Customers who have registered will receive an address where Thailand Post will deliver the goods they ordered from the US.

International Parcel Service is a low-cost international shipping option that allows consumers to send products weighing up to 30 kg.

Thai Post's turnaround time

Although international shipping differs from nation to nation, it is typically sluggish when compared to other providers from other nations. Without Speed Post Thailand, a standard parcel may take several weeks to deliver; this is a service that can be enhanced.

But it has a very good record when it comes to parcel theft, loss, and damage. It's a fact of life that things will occasionally go misplaced in the mail. But if something similar occurs to you, you must present your Thailand Post registered mail or your Thai Post tracking number since they have an insurance scheme depending on the cost of the commodity you are delivering. Finding out the status of your package will be simpler for Thai post personnel.

How long does it take to send anything from Thailand to the UK?

Take this as a case study. Thai Post is sending this item to the UK. By air, it should take 7–10 working days, and by sea, it should take 10 weeks. It may be tracked by Thai Post so that it can be seen at all times.

These are the per-kg international Thailand Post shipping costs to the UK. If the burden is 25 kg, we calculate as follows:

24kg x 500 Baht times 1kg 950 Baht equals 12950 Baht, or $418 USD.

These charges are an estimate and only reflect the base cost of shipping; they do not take into account any extra services, such as insurance or Speed Post Thailand. Thai Post appears to be less expensive than the competition when compared to other well-known courier providers. His Achilles heel is the delivery time, though, as foreign shipments take longer than usual.

Since Thai Post is already in charge of this, delays in shipments are caused by its procedures at customs and baggage screening, but its pricing strategy hasn't changed. Thai Post is a better choice if your package is not urgent and you want to save money.

Thailand Post: Is it pricey?

Do you need to send via Thailand Post, say, to Australia? Select your method of delivery: airmail or sea. Air delivery takes 4–7 business days. The time limit for shipping by water is 7 or 8 weeks, however it may change.

You may check the tracking for Thailand Post on both of them using the app. These are the Thailand Post International per kilogram prices for sending a cargo via airmail weighing 20 kg from Thailand to Australia.

1 kilogram (750 Bhat) plus 19 kg (350 Bhat) equals 7400 Bhat, or $239.10

When compared to another courier service like FedEx, the cost of a similar cargo of the same weight is 10,000 Baht ($323.10). The Thailand Post package prices are less expensive than the competitors since the difference is about $100.

How can I get in touch with customer support at Thailand Post?

Thailand Post has a channel for communication with their customer service department so you can get information on rates, prices, changes in paperwork, exchange rates, and legal requirements. Their website has an online service system where you can manage your claims, and they also have an official account on a number of social networks where they frequently post.

Along with the previously stated Thailand Post track and trace app, this business has also been upgraded. Every day, they work to enhance the service and integrate new technology. includes more than 1,400 post offices, 21 logistical centers, and more than 24,000 direct employees countrywide. Thanks to eCommerce, many individuals now prefer to utilize eBay's services to purchase and sell both new and used goods, choosing Thai Posts as their conduit to market. Working throughout the country has aided several small businesses that depend on an affordable and effective courier service.

About Thailand Post

In line with the Communications Authority of Thailand Act of 1976, the Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT) was created as a state-owned corporation on February 25, 1977. Since its founding, the CAT has been in charge of developing the postal service and has taken over all facets of postal operations, including service provisioning previously handled by the Post and Telegraph Department. The CAT's office was first located in the Central Post Office before being relocated to Chaeng Watthana Road. The CAT had continuously improved its operating system and postal infrastructure to become one of the most successful state-owned businesses in the Kingdom, famous for her capacity and consistently providing services that met or exceeded international standards.