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Reviews about Ukraine Post

RA5********UA delivered in 25 days

Overall, ordered 3 packages from Ukraine delivered via Ukrposhta and all arrived within the expected time window. They all arrived in good condition

, posted by

CK0********IN delivered in 40 days

Many thanks for package radar for delivering our parcel, as the parcel was hanging in mumbai for 15 days without any further information.

, posted by

RB7********UA delivered in 57 days

Save yourself the headache and do not purchase items from the Ukraine if you can help it. The first package was lost and never made it out of the Ukraine. So my money was refunded and I purchased the same item from another seller in the Ukraine. It took over 30 days to arrive. When I went to pick it up from the post office, the other package was taped to it. So when I signed for one, I received two. Instantly that seller wanted their money back because it arrived 60 days later. What a MESS! And tracking was not an option - I couldn't see where the package was once it left the Ukraine.

, posted by

RP0********CN delivered in 26 days

На равне с Новой Почтой, а то и лучше. последний год именно УкрПочта работает как часы, без всяких проблем.

, posted by

RA0********UA delivered in 41 days

Package was delivered as ordered in good condition .Problem was with the us postal service but they finally delivered it Thank you for your great help as always Regards Leonard Raymond

, posted by

RR0********UA not delivered in 34 days

Package number..rr010597248ua was not delivered maybe it was stolen or samething from ukrposhta to south africa

, posted by

CV8********UA not delivered in 84 days

Hi! My package wasn't delivered It was on the road for 85 days While calling customs to New York I don't get any proper information Service is horrible!!! My package was stolen People don't care at all

, posted by

CP0********UA delivered in 41 days

Package with tracking no.CP021374555UA from Ukraine to Australia was eventually delivered on 23/10/17 after being exported from Kiev on 16/9/17. The package radar gave no more information after the 16/9/17. The only way we received our package was to contact sender who followed matter up with Ukraine post.

, posted by

RG6********UA not delivered in 88 days

My parcel with tracking number RG611135875UA, was not able to track it correctly, because this postal service always show that the site was down or with technical problems. I contacted the seller that has 100% feedback on ebay, but hi was not able to track the item. All in all this service did not provide me a secure tracking information, everytime i tried to update the tracking status, the site did not provide real updated information. In conclusion and from my point of view, my parcel seems to be lost. Now who pys for someting that had a tracking number and now is unabailable ? Nelson

, posted by

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