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UPS (United Parcel Service) is an American delivery service that delivers your goods right to your doorstep. The company was founded in 1907. UPS stands for “United Parcel Service”. The company was created as a private company for courier service. Today it’s multi-billion corporation that mainly focuses on supporting e-commerce all over the world. The company takes the leading place in delivery chain regulations. UPS is famous for various version of synchronizing cargo, information and financial flows. Shipping and delivery of UPS packages are possible in more than 200 countries worldwide. The company uses leading technologies and will help to maximize your business.

Daily volume of package and cargo is 18 million packages and documents, daily tracking requests for UPS shipments is - 58.3 millions. UPS became a public company in 1999. Then the company acquired more than 40 companies including leading cargo companies, major air and ground transport companies. Also the list of these companies was topped up by companies that delivered retail orders, business services, customs clearance, financial services and international trade. UPS company is famous for a certain policy, effective management and fast service for customers. The company has a few divisions and logistic services, their own airlines UPS airlines and organization of sea delivery called UPS Supply Chain Solutions. If you want to use UPS services you can do that on the website of the corporation. Here you can find simple registration and delivery booking. Here you can also calculate shipping cost and delivery times using UPS tracking system. Website is translated in many languages, including English.

Tracking of UPS packages is also possible via PackageRadar website. After you are registered you can sign up for notifications on the location of your packages.

If you have any questions on the tracking of UPS packages you can find the corresponding to your country phone number on their official website. You can also find there customer service and company’s address.

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UPS track packages by tracking number

With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.
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UPS Tracking Package, UPS Freight, UPS Ground - 1Z tracking number

The largest package delivery firm in the world and a top international supplier of specialized transportation and logistics services, UPS (United Parcel Service) was founded in 1907. UPS offers a significant competitive edge that might help you attract repeat clients and expand your clientele.

Customers may send items of any size and form using UPS's extensive variety of delivery options. They always offer excellent UPS tracking so you can easily keep track of all of your deliveries, whether they are being sent by Ground shipping, Express, small parcels dropped off at Access Points, or pallets via Freight networks.

When you track with UPS, it's simple to discover where your cargo is. You'll be informed of the status of your shipment as it is scanned as it travels through the UPS system since they give each item a tracking number, which commonly starts with a 1Z.

Tracking UPS

You may use the Package ID, Tracking number, or Delivery Confirmation Number to follow any UPS cargo or piece of mail. If selected on suitable items, final mile tracking with delivery confirmation is available. By entering your UPS booking reference below, you may track the delivery of a UPS Shipping package.

On, you can monitor your cargo and obtain the most recent information, including the anticipated delivery date.

Tracking number for UPS

You may locate your tracking number in the following locations: Your shipment confirmation. your shipping confirmation email if you used

The sent item's outer box and the receipt provided to the sender both include the UPS tracking number. You can monitor parcels online at with a tracking number; you cannot trace a package without the tracking number.

SurePost UPS Tracking

Once UPS passes off the cargo to the USPS, who normally handles final delivery, you would no longer be able to follow the delivery because UPS SurePost is a contract-only service. Additionally, packages with UPS Ground service upgrades can show up a day or two early.

SecurePost Order Tracking

UPS SurePost is a low-cost shipping option for non-urgent, small-value home packages. From Monday through Saturday, UPS picks up the package, delivers it to the closest US Postal Service (USPS), and the USPS completes the delivery. If your cargo needs tracking and weigh less than 10 pounds, UPS SurePost is an alternative. Customers shipping from the 48 contiguous states to all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and U.S. territories, including P.O. Boxes and military APO/FPO destinations, can use this service, which typically takes 2 to 7 days.

Although this shipping combination may be among the most cost-effective choices available, there are a few drawbacks. Due to USPS's role in the mechanics of shipping, UPS ultimately cannot guarantee the time and date of delivery and has limited liability in the event of missing or damaged items. for USPS, get the UPS SurePost tracking number. Get the UPS SurePost package's USPS tracking number to follow it to your door.

How can I follow the progress of a shipment that was switched from UPS to USPS?

The new USPS tracking number is provided by UPS on the UPS tracking page, in case you missed it. There is an "Additional Information" box that displays fresh information, such as the USPS tracking number, behind the "Shipment Progress" box that shows the path taken by your shipment. It is presented in a MUCH smaller font that is simple to miss.

To receive combined tracking information from UPS and USPS at the same time for your package's entire trip, simply input your UPS SurePost tracking number into the Tracking Field above and click the Track Package button.

Does USPS deliver UPS SurePost?

Yes. A home ground service that is inexpensive is UPS SurePost. This service combines final delivery, normally handled by the U.S. Postal Service, with the regularity and dependability of the UPS Ground network.

Why was my item transferred from UPS to USPS?

Passing the final delivery to USPS results in cost savings for UPS. When USPS already travels to remote locations, there is no need to waste money sending a package car there. To share the transportation and delivery of small parcels, the USPS has agreements with both FedEx and UPS.

UPS SurePost delivery methods

In general, UPS SurePost takes one day longer than UPS Ground. A package is delivered to a customer's house by UPS on the final day of a regular ground shipment. UPS instead delivers it to the closest USPS branch using UPS SurePost. The parcel's travel is extended by one day by the fact that USPS normally delivers packages the next day.

Is UPS SurePost trustworthy?

The only difference in the initial phase of delivery is when UPS delivers the box to the USPS location that is closest to the final destination. USPS continues the delivery after that.

The combined, dependable ease of UPS and USPS delivery is offered by UPS SurePost. UPS transfers responsibility for the goods to USPS after that. This integrated model's efficacy is mostly reliant on the quality of postal service in your area.

How quickly does UPS SurePost deliver packages?

Usually 2 to 7 days. According to UPS, delivery times for items sent with SurePost might range from two to seven days. When compared to utilizing UPS' standard service, some consumers claim an average delay of roughly three days.

When will UPS SurePost deliver my package?

In general, UPS SurePost takes one day longer than UPS Ground. A package is delivered to a customer's house by UPS on the final day of a regular ground shipment. UPS instead delivers it to the closest USPS branch using UPS SurePost. The parcel's travel is extended by one day by the fact that USPS normally delivers packages the next day.

It normally takes one to five days for ground shipment. Europe, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom UPS tracking You may check the status of your package by entering your UPS tracking number. Your package's tracking is simple with UPS. With the allocated tracking number, you may check the status of your shipment on our tracking portal for up-to-date information that combines tracking statuses from several carriers and sources. Whether you are sending one box or receiving several, UPS Tracking gives you information about the whereabouts of your shipment at every stage of its route.

Postal Tracking ID for UPS

The USPS barcode at the bottom of UPS Mail Innovations and UPS SurePost labels contains the Postal Service Delivery Confirmation number, often referred to as the Package Identification Code (PIC). If your shipment is already in the USPS system, you may monitor or verify the delivery of your item by entering the PIC number on Customers of UPS Mail Innovations may monitor packages on by entering their PIC number.

Tracking for UPS SurePost is not updating

Knowing about the UPS delivery method can give you peace of mind before you become anxious and believe that your shipment has been delivered someplace or is missing. Unless otherwise specified, your parcel shall be delivered on the planned delivery date while it is still in the UPS network. Each time a tracking label is read in the UPS delivery system, information on the movement of the shipment is recorded. If the shipment is traveling across the country or between other nations or regions, there can be a delay of several days between scans.

Please refer to the table at the bottom of this page for definitions of common scans.

UPS InfoNotice Tracking

UPS notifies you that you were missed when attempting to deliver or pick up your shipment by leaving you a UPS InfoNotice. See which boxes are ticked on your UPS InfoNotice, then read on for more information on each area.

  • Package(s) will be delivered to a UPS Access Point location. You need to pick up your package(s) at this location. Your driver will leave the name and address of a UPS Access Point site close to your house. This facility will hold your shipment for seven days so you may pick it up whenever is most convenient for you. Make sure your shipment is prepared for collection at the designated location by tracking it with your UPS InfoNotice number before you pick it up. On the Tracking Detail screen, you may locate the name, address, and operating hours of the UPS Access Point. For pick-up, you'll need a valid picture ID from the government. Your last name and complete address on your ID must coincide with those on your package.
  • The following UPS delivery day, excluding UPS holidays, is when we'll try to deliver your shipment once again. UPS delivery days are Monday through Friday and Saturday in some locations.
  • UPS requires a signature in person, therefore someone must be present to take delivery and sign for your box. Follow the directions on the reverse of the UPS InfoNotice if you want the package delivered to a neighbor if you won't be home. Notice: Deliveries requiring an adult signature cannot be made to neighbors.
  • If you sign the back of this InfoNotice, UPS can leave your package(s) the next weekday if you're not home. If you don't mind us leaving your package(s), just sign the back of the UPS InfoNotice and give it to your UPS driver.
  • Your package(s) has a C.O.D. due - Unless otherwise specified, pay your driver the requisite C.O.D. sum by check to get your delivery. Track your package as directed in step 2 above to discover what options are available to you if you need more choices.
  • Your package was left at - If this box is ticked, UPS will note where they placed the shipment at your address or whether a neighbor received it instead. You can ask your driver to leave your items at a specific place or with a dependable neighbor if you are a member of UPS My Choice. Pickup attempted: We'll try to pick up your shipment up to three times. Step 8 will also be reviewed to see whether we've made one last try, but you may always arrange for another pickup or deliver your box to a local UPS drop-off station.
  • This was our last effort to deliver or pick up a delivery from your address; we're sorry to say that UPS was unsuccessful. Track your package as directed in step 2 above to view your alternatives.

What does a UPS InfoNotice number mean?

When a delivery attempt is failed, a UPS driver leaves a UPS InfoNotice. It contains details like the anticipated time of the following delivery attempt and if delivery requires a signature. UPS Express Saver Delivery in 2 to 6 business days from Europe to the US. Since this service is collected, a UPS courier will pick you up from the address of your choice.

Delivery times for UPS

Depending on the service you choose, UPS delivery hours vary, but usually, UPS delivers from Monday through Friday until 5.30 pm (excluding bank and public holidays).

Mail Innovations by UPS

A pioneer in the efficient and affordable delivery of mail to more than 200 nations and territories, UPS Mail Innovations. Our accelerated mailing services are a logical extension of UPS's cutting-edge solutions to synchronize the world of commerce because they combine the operational know-how and dependability of a century-old organization with the most recent technology advancements.

Through the use of the United States Postal Service (USPS) work sharing program, UPS can offer postal services to its customers. UPS can acquire better postal prices for consumers thanks to our operational efficiency, and UPS offers transit times that are on par with First-Class Mail.

What is UPS Surepost?

No matter how far a cargo has to travel to reach its destination, the "last mile" is the most expensive portion of the shipping process. In contrast to targeted delivery to a few business locations, deliveries are done in modest amounts to many distinct residential locations, which is inefficient and costly.

UPS developed SurePost, a consolidated delivery service that employs the U.S. Postal Service to finish each delivery to a home client, to lower those last-mile expenses. No matter how remote an address is, USPS is required to deliver to it. Amazon has long profited from this. UPS SurePost is a shipping service that depends on the U.S. Postal Service for the last leg of the package but uses UPS's ground networks to cover the majority of the distance a parcel must go. It's a less expensive choice that, per UPS, offers roughly the same level of service as regular ground shipping.

With equivalent service offers, UPS SurePost can be up to 20% less expensive than UPS residential ground service. Packages may still be tracked by shippers and customers through USPS, even throughout the last leg of their journey. Although packages come with two shipping labels, one for each service, clients can trace shipments using only one tracking number to check how smoothly they go through both services.

Additionally, UPS customers receive two benefits from SurePost. First, all of USPS's clients, including UPS SurePost shippers, receive Saturday delivery as usual. Second, because USPS distributes to every location in the country, it may be possible for your company to reach clients for that UPS does not provide basic ground shipment. This includes P.O. boxes, which UPS ground often does not deliver to.

UPS Comparing SurePost vs UPS Ground

UPS The UPS Ground network is used by SurePost. Until their last leg of the voyage, packages often follow the same route: from the shippers' locations to vehicles and warehouses, repeating as required.

At that point, the large, brown UPS trucks deliver common ground goods to end consumers. On the other hand, SurePost parcels are left at neighborhood post offices. Then, USPS vehicles deliver them to clients' residences or places of business.

Tracking for UPS Shipment Reference

By filling out the "reference" sections throughout the shipping process, you establish a shipment reference, which is an identifier. This reference might be a word that identifies that cargo, such as "10 crates" or "present for Mom," or it could be a purchase order (PO) number, customer number, firm name, Bill of Lading number, etc. Any letter and number combination up to 35 characters long may be used as a shipment reference.

A shipment reference for UPS Mail Innovations shipments is a special package ID that you designate using barcoded data for each of your mail items. This information can be up to 30 characters long, all of which must be letters of the alphabet or numbers alone without any spaces. Package IDs shouldn't be used once again for at least a year.

As packages pass through the UPS Mail Innovations network and the United States Postal Service, which completes the final delivery, these reference numbers are utilized to identify and trace them.

UPS Tracking for Freight

By PRO or BOL number, you may monitor the progress of your LTL (less than truckload) cargo. You may follow your LTL shipments with our online tracking tool. Additionally, you can utilize the tracking tool on

What is UPS Drop Box?

All UPS service levels are accepted in UPS Drop Boxes, which are self-service facilities. The roughly 40,000 UPS Drop Box locations are accessible around-the-clock, seven days a week, and provide the newest pickup windows. These locations have a wide variety of essential shipping goods. At a UPS Drop Box, a package's Declared Value may not exceed US$500.

A UPS Access Point: What Is It?

A UPS Access PointTM is a participating retail establishment, such as a market or gas station, that acts as a quick and easy UPS parcel delivery and retrieval site. Additionally, you may deliver pre-paid, labeled UPS Returns packages to any UPS Access Point location.

When the package has arrived and is prepared for pickup, you will be notified via email or SMS if you choose to have it delivered to a UPS Access Point location when you placed your order. To pick up your package, you must provide a legitimate form of picture identification.

Any parcel with a UPS prepaid label may be delivered to a specified UPS Access Point location. Your package will be securely held at the UPS Access PointTM location depending on what time of day you drop it off, and UPS will pick it up the same or the next working day.

You can trace UPS shipments as well as any parcel dispatched from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Malaysia with the PackageRarar website or app.