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RR1********MY not delivered in 122 days

This order was placed 09/01/2019 through eBay. Package was received in Los Angeles International Service Center on 09/18/2019. The package was due on 10/18/2019. Today is Tuesday, 01/07/2020 and the package still has not been received. This order is for much needed medication.

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LP0***********35 delivered in 20 days

Order was despatched December 17th, arrived in USA Dec 23, but then took until Jan 6 to get from New Jersey to me in WV. A total of 20 days for AliExpress is acceptable, but the more premium of small package shipping like e-packet and AliExpress Standard Shipping (as this was, I don't know why these are marked "Yanwen", which are usually free and take 25-50 days, and my actual Yanwen orders are marked "AliExpress Standard") used to take just 9-14 days total to reach me in WV. The change occurred around September 2019 & the delay is almost always once it arrives stateside, with the exception of e-packet which now sits at a waypoint (accepted by airline) for 14-21 days before suddenly moving again, hitting the US and getting delivered in just an additional 2-3 days. AliExpress Standard Shipping, what this site is calling "Yanwen", is my current favorite shipping for my AliExpress orders. Because I order beads, I place hundreds of <$10 orders and have a ton of experience with Chinese shipping and can, at least, say out of 300 orders, I've only never received 2. That's pretty good.

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LW8********CN delivered in 28 days

E-packet usually gets my AliExpress orders to me in 12-18 days & is quite reliable compared to more economy shipping like Yanwen, SunYou, China post small packet etc. This time the package sat at a waypoint in China from 11-21 until suddenly resuming activity December 15, then was delivered Dec 18. On Dec 10, the seller told me it would be considered "lost by default" if I didn't have any new tracking updates in 5 days, and I could open dispute which they would agree to and refund. When I went to do that on the 15th I saw it had inexplicably just started moving again. Once received, my glass beads were all intact, nothing broken, but the label looked faded and like info had been rubbed or scraped off in places. I think it physically fell out of sight at a shipping station and wasn't found for almost 3 weeks. I am happy with e-packet. I think everyone is working hard to make sure customers receive their international shipments for small inexpensive mail.

, posted by

LW2********CN not delivered in 15 days

says my package was delivered i never received my package i am working with post office and police and lawyer to get mynmerchandiae or my money back

, posted by

UF1********SG not delivered in 73 days

I recieved a "gift" with some sunglasses,a case and a fanny pack.i didn't order any of it.i ordered an electric adult scooter that I I never recieved.i paid 119.99 for a package of crap.i have been scammed by!!!!!!

, posted by

LN1********CN delivered in 12 days

The service that I received from EMS Carriers was awesome My package came earlier than expected and it was in perfect shape hopefully they will be handling all My orders. Thank you EMS Carriers awesome Job.

, posted by

LW8********CN delivered in 24 days

I received a 1:14 scale sand king junk buggy still sitting in box. Would like what I paid for, a team losi super rock rev. Contacting better business bureau an 𝙋𝙖𝙮𝙥𝙖𝙡, Fox News , Facebook to stop this scam from happening an more. Already happened to way to many that haven’t received anything. Thank you michael Allen cronch. Ordered through igoodos, vprime Yitaohui no . 189 FU Xiang RD Yualu

, posted by

UE7********CN not delivered in 43 days

Never got my package yall put half of my address on it. So the USPS send it back. Yall need to do a better job. Stop being a joke

, posted by

940*****************28 not delivered in 2 days

My order 9405509699937791862428 was supposed to be shipped to 255 Commercial Street Berwick Nova Scotia Canada b0p1e0, but got delivered in Erlanger KY. I don't know what is going on with this. I would greatly appreciate an answer to wtf is going on or whether or not I will receive my package

, posted by

UH4********CN not delivered in 47 days

Still having a problem with my order STILL hasn’t been delivered ridiculous I swear. My dad ordered a lighter separate and he still hasn’t even got that either. What’s going on about that ?

, posted by

RR1********TR delivered in 77 days

Was deliver at original destination, no one ever signed for it, so it got returned back. I have it now it was very fast and in great condition.

, posted by

LZ4********US delivered in 12 days

Ahother happy day from me is unbelievable fast post service got a all of us great work and let we continue own job Thank you!

, posted by

LZ3********US delivered in 12 days

Was a amazing the USPS and Estonia post Omniva get a there's very good job and the care package clear and beautifully thanks everybody!

, posted by

UI4********CN not delivered in 53 days

Package was delivered to wrong address 3 hours East on East Coast of Florida whereas I live on the West Coast. Filed claim w post office, called credit card company and filed claim with them, package just stopped tracking and making its way here. chalking it up to theft or bad business practice. Will never order from this site again.

, posted by

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