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LP0***********35 delivered in 20 days

Order was despatched December 17th, arrived in USA Dec 23, but then took until Jan 6 to get from New Jersey to me in WV. A total of 20 days for AliExpress is acceptable, but the more premium of small package shipping like e-packet and AliExpress Standard Shipping (as this was, I don't know why these are marked "Yanwen", which are usually free and take 25-50 days, and my actual Yanwen orders are marked "AliExpress Standard") used to take just 9-14 days total to reach me in WV. The change occurred around September 2019 & the delay is almost always once it arrives stateside, with the exception of e-packet which now sits at a waypoint (accepted by airline) for 14-21 days before suddenly moving again, hitting the US and getting delivered in just an additional 2-3 days. AliExpress Standard Shipping, what this site is calling "Yanwen", is my current favorite shipping for my AliExpress orders. Because I order beads, I place hundreds of <$10 orders and have a ton of experience with Chinese shipping and can, at least, say out of 300 orders, I've only never received 2. That's pretty good.

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LP0***********11 not delivered in 75 days

Never delivered. They lie, not even imported in Romania, so, not reliable carrier since is lying like that

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LP0***********66 delivered in 15 days

very fast, although tha 16 inch fan had no rigid box, it was carefully handled and the fan didn't crack or wrap. It was merely packed inside a bubble box. Thank you to the delivery company.

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UE8********YP delivered in 31 days

It seems that my order hasn't arrived but it is marked as delivered. Anyone help me out? Please? I ordered some lyght pods.

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LP0***********36 delivered in 17 days

Levou 17 dias para chegar ao Brasil!Muito rápido considerando que se for contar por dias úteis darão 13 dias,realmente a entrega foi rápida e só não foi entregue antes porque o correios no Brasil,por dois dias não efetuarão a entrega na minha casa!

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LP0***********08 delivered in 14 days

Thank you so much I am enjoying my new planner although I forgot I order it because it take a long to time to get to me. Just wondering how we can shorten deliver time to the United States . But thank you for my planner

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LP0***********42 not delivered in 90 days

Am very very disappointed from AliExpress for not receiving the order i purchase for, my tracking numbers aren't working anymore, does are my tracking numbers 5P33C00536933 LP00140597869242, i order for Nike air max 270 please help me out of this thanks.

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LP0***********16 not delivered in 85 days

It's been 85 days, product number LP00134169629016 (YWB061908205PH) didn't reach me. Still the product does not seem to have arrived in the country. I need feedback until August 8th. For this I contacted the Seller, the Seller said that I need to receive information from you about the product. I hope to inform you about the product as soon as possible.

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