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Yun Express is an asia-pacific transport company. It is not a newby to the delivery market and works worldwide. In Russia and CIS company is known due to its connection with Chinese shopping. The sellers on AliExpress, Ebay, Gearbest started using Yun Express services when Chinese Post was too overloaded. Yun Express delivers to Russia, Ukraine and Armenia as well as other countries worldwide.

Official website Yun Express is unavailable for most of us because all the information on website is in Chinese. You can use PackageRadar to track your package.

Speaking of economy shipping then tracking is only available in China, then the package receives a new unknown postal tracking number. It usually takes 20-45 days to get packages delivered but sometimes it can take around 3 month. But there is usually no problem and most buyers get their packages. Make sure you know when Buyer Protection Plan ends and open a dispute to get your money back if the package is late or lost.

Transport and logistic company Yun Express works worldwide offering different kind of services from express delivery to economy delivery and works with such companies as DHL, UPS, Chinese Post, European delivery companies, USPS.

Yun Express track packages by tracking number

With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.
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Reviews about Yun Express

YT2*************07 delivered in 19 days

Item arrived VERY quick. Unlike other package tracking sites, it was very useful getting the frequent push notifications by emails from PackageRadar. No other site provides such a push notification service.

, posted by

YT2*************51 not delivered in 86 days

Highly disappointed and will not be ordering from here again. My package has been in transit for 86 days now and now I'm being notified it's archived. Waste of money for sure. Do not order from this company. It's a scam for sure and won't be ordering from here again.

, posted by

YT2*************80 not delivered in 103 days

I m still waiting for Package YT2112621272214580 ever since May 2021 to be delivered in South Africa at Mr.Lawrence Sedumedi LD Matshego Primary Schoo 2796 Monareng Street Tlhabane 0309

, posted by

YT2*************96 delivered in 30 days

I find YunExpress the most reliable shipping partner for the China -> US or EU destination. Tracking numbers work well and packages are always delivered.

, posted by

YT2*************91 not delivered in 63 days

Absolutely ridiculous company. How are they even allowed to still be in operation? What is wrong with them! It’s NOT ok to make people wait MONTHS for their items and to not even update the tracking information OR provide a toll-free number to call?! NEVER AGAIN

, posted by

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