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Yun Express is an asia-pacific transport company. It is not a newby to the delivery market and works worldwide. In Russia and CIS company is known due to its connection with Chinese shopping. The sellers on AliExpress, Ebay, Gearbest started using Yun Express services when Chinese Post was too overloaded. Yun Express delivers to Russia, Ukraine and Armenia as well as other countries worldwide.

Official website Yun Express is unavailable for most of us because all the information on website is in Chinese. You can use PackageRadar to track your package.

Speaking of economy shipping then tracking is only available in China, then the package receives a new unknown postal tracking number. It usually takes 20-45 days to get packages delivered but sometimes it can take around 3 month. But there is usually no problem and most buyers get their packages. Make sure you know when Buyer Protection Plan ends and open a dispute to get your money back if the package is late or lost.

Transport and logistic company Yun Express works worldwide offering different kind of services from express delivery to economy delivery and works with such companies as DHL, UPS, Chinese Post, European delivery companies, USPS.

Yun Express track packages by tracking number

With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.

YunExpress Tracking

YunExpress, a startup focusing on B2C logistics services for eCommerce businesses, was established in 2014. YunExpress, with its headquarters in Shenzhen, assists Chinese companies with cross-border logistics solutions by shipping packages to more than 220 nations globally.

On the PackageRadar webpage, enter your YunExpress tracking number to track your package. Copy the tracking number, then hit enter. Up to 10 YunExpress shipments may be tracked concurrently with timely results.

How can I follow my Yun Express package?

Customers who ship registered packages with Yun Express will receive a Yun Express tracking number that can be used to trace their packages. To guarantee that you have access to global tracking for your Yun Express package, enter the tracking number on the free PackageRadar website.

You should be informed that Yun Express subcontracts and outsources the management of parcels to other couriers, especially once they arrive in the destination country. As a result, the transfer may damage your capacity to trace your delivery.

With third-party Yun Express shipping tracking solutions like PackageRadar, this isn't the case. With PackageRadar, you can follow your package through many carriers from beginning to end. To take advantage of PackageRadar's one-stop tracking store, buyers and sellers alike are going there as soon as they obtain their tracking numbers.

Can I track my Amazon shipment using YunExpress?

You may begin monitoring your Amazon order with PackageRadar after it has been dispatched by YunExpress after being ordered from Amazon. To receive tracking updates for Amazon items you placed, all you would need is the YunExpress tracking number that was provided to you and input it on the PackageRadar webpage.

The best part of tracking with PackageRadar is that you can start tracking Amazon orders as well as SHEIN tracking, Shopee tracking, AliExpress tracking, eBay tracking, and many more tracking services.

What format is used for YunExpress tracking numbers?

The 18-digit YunExpress tracking number is made up of. Starting with the letters YT in the alphabet and finishing with 16 numbers.

Examples of YunExpress Tracking Numbers

Please see an example and description of the typical format of YunExpress tracking numbers below so that buyers and sellers are aware of it.



Can the YunExpress tracking number change while the shipment is being delivered?

YunExpress packages may be delivered by a variety of different couriers, therefore their tracking numbers may occasionally change. The good thing is that PackageRadar's tracking system performs all of the work for you, so you don't have to be an expert to figure out which YunExpress tracking number goes with which courier.

The worldwide auto-detection feature of PackageRadar tracking scans and recognizes several couriers using your initial tracking number. You don't need to worry if the tracking number is still the YunExpress one you received at the time of purchase or if it has changed to a different tracking number (like a DHL tracking number, once it has arrived for final delivery in Europe).

PackageRadar will always be able to get the most recent information on your package using the YunExpress tracking number you received at the time of purchase.

Where is YunExpress in action?

In 2014, YunExpress was established in Shenzhen, China. However, YunExpress now has facilities across North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, including offices and warehouses. As a result, YunExpress's activities are genuinely global, therefore it will depend on where you are situated if you need to contact them about a parcel they sent you or to learn more about their services.

However, its US and Chinese offices are two crucial locations to be aware of. Shenzhen serves as the headquarters for the Chinese branch, while West California and New Jersey are the locations for the American branch.

Who will receive my package from YunExpress for local delivery?

A logistics forwarding business called YunExpress may only handle your package for a portion of its voyages before handing it off to another local or national courier. These include, for instance, La Poste or Royal Mail in Europe, FedEx, UPS, and Fastway or Australian Post in Oceania.

Use the global PackageRadar tracking service, which can monitor a YunExpress package handled by several carriers along its path, to follow your package from beginning to end.

YunExpress shipments have their unique tracking, much like the more than 1,200 other parcel logistics services tracked by PackageRadar, but many of them do not cover as much as PackageRadar does. The benefit of utilizing PackageRadar is that you just need to enter the original tracking code provided to you at the time of purchase. You don't need to provide any other tracking codes or information about the courier you are shipping with.

The PackageRadar tracking system can automatically determine which courier is handling your package right now, where they are handling it, and its current status only by inputting the tracking number.You may find out everything about your YunExpress package's path after entering your tracking number. Use PackageRadar for the simplest YunExpress tracking solution and genuine end-to-end multi-courier tracking to keep yourself informed.

Does YunExpress ship packages from online retailers throughout the world?

Yes. A shop known as a "e-tailer" sells products online using electronic transactions. YunExpress works closely with online retailers, particularly those that sell their products on online marketplaces and eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba.

Due to the fact that YunExpress is an official or recommended partner of several marketplaces and online stores throughout the world, your package may be handled by various logistics firms depending on the origin and destination of your order.

Therefore, using the general PackageRadar tracking tool is the best option for tracking your YunExpress cargo. You can keep track of your YunExpress anywhere in the world with the PackageRadar monitoring software. When you order a package from China, YunExpress may process it in one of its numerous warehouses that handle packages before sending it on its way via the selected mode of transportation (air, land, sea, etc, depending on the delivery option chosen by the buyer or seller).

However, a courier will probably take over parcel delivery after it reaches its target country, therefore YunExpress will no longer be handling the package directly at that time.

In this situation, YunExpress might not be able to provide the most recent tracking information on your package, and you could be asked to use the tracking facility provided by the local courier, if they have one. Use of PackageRadar's global tracking system from the start would be the best way to avoid this problem before it even arises.

With more than 1,200 couriers, including the majority, if not all, of the couriers who may take over the processing of your YunExpress deliveries, PackageRadar is a global tracking system that keeps track of packages. Decide wisely and monitor your YunExpress package end-to-end with PackageRadar, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for free, once you receive your tracking number.

What does direct line shipping by YunExpress mean?

Direct shipping is a cutting-edge method of getting products from manufacturers and suppliers to customers directly, and YunExpress makes it possible. Direct shipment lowers storage and transportation expenses but necessitates more planning and management, which is handled by YunExpress as part of the service.

Logistics firms employ direct shipment as a standard practice in sectors like textile and footwear that depend on outsourced production to assure quick shipping of goods throughout the world.

How long does it take YunExpress to deliver internationally?Your parcel's size, weight, origin, and destination all affect how quickly it will be delivered by YunExpress. However, the majority of foreign deliveries are made in less than five days. See the list below for more detailed, country-by-country delivery estimates:

FedEx, a partner of YunExpress, delivers the package in the USA. If you select standard delivery, it will typically take 7 to 15 days to send a shipment from China to the USA. Your YunExpress package will probably be sent to FedEx or another national courier after customs clearance so that it may finish the last leg of its journey.

The tracking number will often change following the handover, and you will be urged to keep checking the FedEx website to see where your YunExpress package is on its journey. However, you may follow your cargo internationally with PackageRadar by utilizing simply the original tracking number if you don't want to constantly switching websites when your package is delivered. The normal shipping option from YunExpress typically takes 7 to 12 business days for packages to arrive in Europe. Unexpected events like holidays, harsh weather, customs problems, or unique occurrences like disease outbreaks can all result in delays (e.g COVID-19).

Visit the PackageRadar website and input your YunExpress tracking number to stay up to date with your YunExpress tracking. You will be provided with all the details on your YunExpress package, including your location and status. The PackageRadar worldwide tracking tool may be used at any time of day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays, and it is completely free to use.

What are YunExpress's contact details?

Depending on whether you are situated in China or the US, you may contact YunExpress customer support using the details below for any questions regarding tracking, shipment, account information, or other issue-related problems.

Information for Contacting YunExpress China

Headquarters are located in Shenzhen at Longgang, Bantian, Bulong Road-369, and Donghaiwang. The company's phone number is 0755 893 563 29.

Information for contacting YunExpress USA

Headquarters: YunExpress USA, Inc. East New Jersey: 1100 Cranbury S. River Road; West California: 10722 S. La Cienega Boulevard; Phone: (732) 722-8110; Email: [email protected]

It should be reminded that calling main offices in America or even China is not the ideal approach if you mailed your item through YunExpress in the US. Instead, it is preferable to call specific customer support lines to resolve your issue. This is due to the fact that some offices do not process packages, therefore your package will never travel by these places on route to its final destination.

If you are wondering why your package has not yet arrived at the address provided above, for instance, the answer is likely that it has not because the address is not a parcel processing checkpoint, or your YunExpress package is being processed at a warehouse that is closer to the origin and final destination.

The easiest way to learn more about a package being transported by YunExpress is to use the global PackageRadar tracking tool to discover the most recent YunExpress tracking information on your package. When you contact YunExpress, you will be able to provide this information, which typically prompts the firm to find a quicker query answer. This will offer you the most recent information on its position and status. You only need to input your YunExpress tracking number into the PackageRadar website to accomplish this and receive the information immediately (and for free) before moving forward.

Visit the YunExpress website to contact customer service if you have any further questions that are unrelated to shipment tracking. You are recommended to get in touch with YunExpress directly through their website for the shortest response time if you need to, such as if you've misplaced your YunExpress tracking number or have a question for customer care.

About YunExpress

As a prominent direct-line logistics supplier for cross-border eCommerce merchants and e-tailers, YunExpress, also known as Yuntu in China, specializes in e-commerce shipping solutions. It was established in Shenzhen, China, in 2014.

In addition to owning and running around 10 parcel processing warehouses in China, it is one of the largest shipment forwarding logistics businesses in the country. It also has processing facilities in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, and North America. In order to deliver packages as quickly as feasible, YunExpress collaborates with reputable local and national courier services in each of these locations.

Because of its emphasis on enabling delivery solutions for e-tailers, especially in China, the firm has experienced tremendous development. By offering quick and inexpensive international parcel delivery services, the firm links eCommerce merchants with customers worldwide.

YunExpress provides end-to-end package delivery with Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) customs clearing hubs in 11 countries and several specialized e-commerce facilities. When DDP is used in conjunction with delivery services, packages are delivered more quickly and efficiently, and as part of its value offer, YunExpress takes care of the extra administration that goes along with such a service.

The shipping behemoth has, in fact, seen enormous expansion as a result of its great success, making it one of the top 10 cross-border shipping providers for B2C e-commerce globally. By raising total purchase happiness, YunExpress aids in the development of devoted customers for its clients' online shops.Currently, YunExpress says that it sends out 500,000 shipments every day, or 10,000, globally. In fact, YunExpress's expansion has coincided with its designation as a leading e-commerce website and marketplace's preferred logistics supplier.

YunExpress was suggested as the ideal shipping service provider for Amazon Marketplace in 2017 and became the official logistics partner of Wish in 2018. The corporation also adopted automatic package processing in the same year, further enhancing the effectiveness of its parcel delivery operations globally.

By 2019, Tophatter and Shopify both listed YunExpress as a preferred shipping service provider, and in some countries, official logistical ties had been established with eBay and VOVA.

YunExpress now offers a wide range of other, more specialized products for consumers, such as YunExpress USA, which focuses primarily on the North American market and works with Chinese e-tailers. In the parcel delivery sector, YunExpress is gradually establishing itself as a household name as the business seeks to ensure future expansion.

All of your tracking requirements may still be met at PackageRadar, regardless of whether a package is being transported through YunExpress, YunExpress USA, or another division of the company. This covers all instances in which a package is transferred to another courier or logistics operator. Known as a multi-courier tracking system, PackageRadar can track a package globally (and as it is transferred from courier to courier) at the same time. Multi-courier tracking: Since PackageRadar is not affiliated with any one shipping or logistics firm or courier, it checks every courier at once to maximize your tracking capacity.

Multi-tracking number detection: When shipping internationally, tracking numbers and handlers frequently change when packages transit borders. Because the PackageRadar system was created with this in mind, it can still locate your package despite the many tracking number changes it may experience along the way.

By selecting to track your YunExpress package end-to-end with PackageRadar, you can ensure that your tracking requirements are met and prevent misunderstandings that might arise when tracking numbers and handlers change.