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Courier reviews by Jack

I sent my package on the 5th of June of 2019. It returned back to me two months later, on the 5th of August of 2019. What happened: First of all, I send it from greece to turkey. I paid extra to have a tracking number on it and guarantee that it would arrive. I remember asking the lady at the counter when it's going to be delivered. It was wednesday that day and she told me that by monday it would be there. However, two or three weeks later it was still in greece so since it was taking too long I went back to the post office I send it from, in person, to ask them what was wrong. They told me that it was "searched for bombs" because they were "worried with all the terrorist attacks". It stayed in greece for 21 days, from the 5th of june till the 26th of june. I asked them to file a report which they told me that they'll have to respond to according to the world post office organisation, within two months. I'm still waiting on that. Now, after that, it finally reached turkey. In turkey, they send it to the wrong town. I finally informed the receivers of this, I hadn't told them anything because it was a birthday gift and I wanted it to be a surprise, but at this point I had to tell them so that they could track it from there as well and see what's happening. They called the turkish post offices five times. Five times the turkish post offices reassured them that even though they accidentally send it to the wrong address, they'd now send it to them again. They did no such thing. After those five calls and reassuring, they send it back to greece (me). I went to the post office to ask them what happened. They told me that it was the turkish post offices' fault. They did not give me back my money. They told me "your money is lost" and that I should go and ask it from the turks. Now here's the deal. I did my business with the greek post office. I gave THEM the money. If there was any mistakes during the delivery and it wasn't their fault, they should still return the money that they took from their client, which is me, and then go and demand that money from the turkish post offices. When A does business with B and then B hires third party C but C does not deliver, B cannot go to A and say "we're not giving you back your money, go ask it from C". A did his business with B, not C. A doesn't care about C. A cares only about B and as far as A is concerned, B has his money and B messed up in the deal. C is B's responsibility, not A's. A should not lose money because of C's mistake nor go and demand his money from them, because C's mistake is transferred to B and now B needs to save face by reimbursing A to the fullest extend. B should not ruin their relationship with A. They should ruin their relationship with C. You can't do business with someone, not deliver on your end of the deal because of a third party's fault that they hired and then not reimburse your client. The fault wasn't mine (the client's), but the post office's. They should have returned my money and then have a go at the turkish post offices. Not me! You know the best part? The woman behind the counter looked me straight in the eye and told me something along the lines "if you want you can send it again with us". So after all this, she told me to pay them AGAIN so that they'd try to send it AGAIN. Right after they told me that my money was "lost". Here's an example: You go to a restaurant and you order a beef stake. They ask you to pay first and the price is, let's say 10 euros. You ask how long it will take and they say fifteen minutes. Then, after two hours have passed they come back and tell you that they don't have any stakes left. You already lost two hours and you're hungry and frustrated so you simply ask for your money back so that you can go to another restaurant. Their response? "We can't give you back your money. We're sorry but your money is lost." They also say that it wasn't their fault but the butcher who provides them with the meat, didn't bring them any beef stakes that day. Then, the waiter looks you dead in the eye and says "But if you want we have a very nice chicken fillet. It's only 10 euros". So, after I lost two months on a delivery that was supposed to take less than a week and after I lost approximately 8 euros (the cute little pink box I put the gift in for my friend was also damaged by the way, and that costed me I think another 2 euros if I'm not mistaken, so if we add that to the cost it goes up to 10), they didn't give me back my money and asked me if I wanted to repeat this entire process and re-pay them. I took my package and left without signing my name. The woman behind the counter threatened to call the police on me and was yelling at the security guard to close the door and block my way. I told her to do so and left. So, not only did they basically steal my money, but they also threatened to call the police on me for refusing to sign my name on top of it. That signature by the way would mean that I agree that everything went well, which was untrue, so I didn't sign it. It was the least I could do. I will never again do any business with the greek post offices (ΕΛΤΑ), or the turkish if I can avoid it. From now on, I will seek private post offices who do business with other private post offices instead of government run. They were extremely inefficient and even more rude. I'm still waiting for the police to show at my doorstep by the way. Nothing yet. They can't deliver even on their threats.

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