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China EMS Post is a national postal service of People's Republic of China. China EMS postal service delivers packages within the country as well as international packages to most countries worldwide. China EMS has more than 80 thousand post offices and more than 200 sorting facilities all over the country. China Post has more than a million of employees. The key centers of Chinese post are located in big cities and trade centers of China: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and others. Our service tracks most of the packages from AliExpress sent via China EMS. We check if there’s a new update a few times per day. After the packages if checked we send out notifications. This service is available only for registered users.

China EMS ePacket track packages by tracking number

With the use of tracking form you can quickly check the status of your package. Also if you want to get updates on your package location via your e-mail, you can register on our website.
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EU8********CN delivered in 64 days

Из Китая в Беларусь Брест пришло за 65 дней. Упаковка целая, не повреждена. Отслеживалось хорошо, очень долго экспортировалось /более 1.5 месяца/. После импорта вновь хорошо отслеживалась-- отобразилась даже сумма таможенной пошлины и почтовых сборов.

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AS7********CN delivered in 21 days

First time ordering anything from here but it was ok I got updates just couldn’t track it. Didn’t kno it would take 21 day but that’s not terrible. Package was in great condition nothing messed up at all so that’s a plus.

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LA1********CN delivered in 38 days

Отслеживание нормальное, только шёл больше месяца. С упаковкой всё в порядке, продавец всё уложил аккуратно.

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LV3********CN delivered in 26 days

Shipping method used by the seller is fast. Ordered on 9th Dec. 2021 and received today - 05/01/2022.

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AS7********CN delivered in 40 days

The package arrived in a reasonable time and down, not so fast, but arrived in excellent condition despite the upheaval the package went through, they made a mistake and for some reason brought the package to a pickup point of another neighborhood and I had to work hard to find a package location to ask to have the pickup point changed. I have no way to track the package and did not know where the package was until the last minute.

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